fishing shed

Guests could fish off Tom Sawyer Island, along the eastern dock from June 1956 – August 1956. To find the fishing area, guests would cross the river on the rafts, and follow the walkway on the right side until they reached the mill. Today, this area is right below the raised stage for Fantasmic!.

Guests borrowed fishing poles from the shed along Huckleberry Finn’s Fishing Pier. They would cast a line into the River, hoping to hook one of Disneyland’s catfish! Once a fish caught the line, guests were encouraged to bring their fish to the River Belle Terrace, where it would be cleaned and chilled until park closing (or the guest was ready to go home). This unique attraction gave guests the chance to catch their dinner in the park!

Before long, this small attraction on Tom Sawyer Island became a huge problem across the entire park. Most guests didn’t bother to bring their fish to the River Belle Terrace, and instead decided to carry them around, or abandon them altogether in trash bins or lockers. It didn’t take long for a fishy smell to sweep across the park, and Disneyland finally scrapped the fishing altogether in just a matter of weeks.

Disney did not stock the whole river with fish for guests to hook. Instead, there was a small netted pond hidden within the larger river, which housed all of the fish.

Dekoi- False Fish Pokemon

Type- Bug/Water

Ability- Shed Skin/Swift Swim (DW)

Dekoi are ravenous predators. At birth, they will swim through the wide ocean until they locate a Magikarp. Then they will force their way into the fish’s mouth, devour it from the inside out, and wear its skin to infiltrate other, larger schools of fish. Should their skin get too worn out or tattered, they will discard it and find a new one. However, they are always seen wearing Magikarp skin, even if sturdier hides are available.

Imitacean- False Fish Pokemon

Type- Bug/Water

Ability- Shed Skin/Intimidate (DW)

Evolves from Dekoi at level 25.

Imitacean mimic Gyarados for two reasons. One, they can more easily sneak into schools of Gyarados for their own safety (what would voluntarily attack a Gyarados?). Two, though they do not eat the Gyarados themselves, they do get their food from them. They will often provoke the serpents into rampaging through coastal towns. After the Gyarados have left the area, dozens of Imitacean will surface to feed upon the wreckage and unfortunate victims.

(You might recognize this general concept from my old Water/Bug starters. It works much better here, I think.)

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So you answered my ask a little while ago and asked if there was anything you hadn't addressed that I would like answered. I have 2 questions. 1. Seriously. What does Neil do for daily scale care. 2. What do the Foxes do to try and incorporate Neil into more things?

making this public because hey scale care is very important, almost as important as group activities

but no omg I love these questions. 

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