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Pacific Northwest Gothic

It is eight am. Everyone has coffee, toddlers and pets included. I don't even like coffee, you think as you wait in line for your morning cup.

Gran shuffles downstairs in her ratty silk kimono and pointedly mentions that the yard is full of weeds. You look outside. Sure enough, the lawn is wildly overgrown with dandelions. You just mowed yesterday.

Blockbuster went out of business years ago, you think as you enter the video store. The kid behind the counter has headphones on and is violently headbanging. He does not acknowledge when you come in, nor respond when you try to interact. When you walk over to see what he is listening to, you see that his headphones are not plugged in. Suddenly there is a loud rustle from the back of the store. You leave immediately. 

Another Starbucks has opened downtown. And another. Where are they all coming from?

Ever since the fishing sheds were torn down, dockworkers have complained of a malevolent presence at the wharf. Many have claimed their ropes and equipment are being moved at night, and that they feel like they are being watched. The port denied these claims, even going so far to call the fears “unfounded maritime superstitions”—until the bloated bodies of fisherman began to wash ashore.

Everything looks gray today. The sky. The water. The pavement. The houses. The people. It’s happening again, isn’t it? 

A topless woman stumbles down the middle of the street. Her hair is long and snarled and her eyes are vacant. “Did you see that?” You whisper to the person beside you after she passes. They did not.

At twilight, if you listen very closely, you can hear the sustain of Kurt Cobain’s guitar faintly in the distance.

The mountains snarl and claw at the sky, their jagged peaks swept white with the dust of an ancient wind. They are painful to look at directly. You duck your head and avoid looking at the horizon. You learned your lesson last time.

The trains from up north always arrive decorated with beautiful new artwork; sprawling urban murals, elaborate surrealist landscapes, and hyper-realistic portraits that glow softly in the shadows. People come from all over to see the trains from up north come in. No one asks about the shrieking cargo inside. 


Sorry i havent updated in a bit. I have been a bit down, i lost the beautiful pearsei and it broke me. They showed signs of whitespot and within 48hours were gone. I treated them and tried my hardest to help them, but whatever it was was nasty and fast!

I have still got to pull down their tank/canister/etc and do a full clean to make sure whatever it was does not happen again

I had a huge chat to a fellow fish keeper, as i was really considering dropping a heap of tanks, it really done me in a bit to lose the pearsei, heartbroken really.

Anyway my friend has helped me get my groove back to a point, after all the work and money put into the fish shed, it would be a waste not to use it as the shed was intended.

Tank updates

The marine tank has been pulled down and all contents sold. I was fighting with evaporation from the sump, losing around 20litres every 3-4 days, this was resulting in fluctuating salt levels, this was unfair to the fish and corals. So until the shed is finished the once marine tank is going back to freshwater. The tank will be going back to marine later, but the sump will be modified to have lids to limit the water loss

I have some inhabitants in mind for the above tank once i get it fully changed over. I have started the scape and it just needs some final adjustments and i can share some pics of it

The tank that is getting a full pull down and clean will stay empty for few days id say, it still makes me upset everytime i look at it, eventually i will clone the canister and get it running again, as to the inhabitant/s, well i have no firm plans at this stage.

So that is where i am currently at, i will try to get some updated fish pics up soon, and a pic of the marine once completed.

Stay safe all

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Five things you’d find in my bag:
If I had one it would be:

Phone, house keys, car keys, wallet and spare contact lenses

Five things in my bedroom:

Phone charger, alarm clock, a book, my bed, calendar

Five things I want to do in life:

Visit Washington State and New England, own a garden shed, go fishing, become competent at playing the guitar, find peace of mind

Five things that make me happy:

my family (when they arent taking me for granted), photography, my few friends, music, playing the guitar

Five things I’m currently into:

Gardening, Spotify, scented candles, having time alone, Angry Birds

Five things on my to do list:

To stop worrying about what others think, to try and put my own happiness first for a change, to stop relying on alcohol to get me through my anxiety, to stop thinking so negatively, get a new tattoo

I tag:whoever wants to do it.

tiny!octopus!castiel part 1

The exotic pet store was falling apart. The sign was barely still painted on the building, and the windows were so filthy that their state made Dean flinch. But there was something in the store, glowing weakly, like a light, it made Dean pause, and then before he could stop himself he was walking into the store. The bell chimed, but as far as Dean could tell, there wasn’t anyone inside to greet him, so he made his way up to the tank that was up against the far wall. His eyes were trained on a little glowing thing at the bottom of the tank, its light seeming weak and flickering. 

Dean tapped the glass and the creature at the bottom flinched, and then there was a thick black film filling the tank, which clouded Dean’s vision on what was inside. “Ugh-hey!” he called to whomever ran the falling apart place. As far as he could tell, this little thing in the tank was the only animal left. “Um…excuse me? Is anyone here?" 

There was only silence, and Dean began to wonder if this place really was completely abandoned. A loud crash made him flinch and turn around, and then he was face to face with a bearded man, his hair sticking up in all manners of ways. He looked nervous and wild, as if he were ready to flee. 

"Um hi,” Dean said. “Um…what…what’s in there?” He pointed to the tank which was still filmy and black. 

“…it’s-” The man shook his head. “Take it, it’s yours." 

Dean stammered and tried to call the man back but he was disappearing in the back and Dean turned to look at the tank, which was an understatement. It wasn’t really a tank, more of a bowl. A little fish bowl, and the water was dirty. He really shouldn’t have picked it up off of the shelf, but soon Dean found himself precariously carrying a mystery bowl out of the rundown store, and off towards his apartment which was a ten minute walk away. He tried in vain to see what was in the water, but Dean figured he wouldn’t know until he got home and could put the creature in a different container. 

He had an old fish tank in the garage that he could probably use. Feeling better and confident, Dean picked up the pace, but still slow enough so he didn’t slosh the animal too much. Sam was going to make fun of him for taking a fish home, but at least his fish wouldn’t shed all over the carpet like Sam’s stupid puppy did. His pet was by far much cooler than Bones. 

When Dean came to his front door, he had to do a slow finagle to get his keys out, and pray to God that he didn’t drop them or the fish on accident, but somehow he managed to get inside and then he was carrying the bowl over to the counter in the kitchen. "There you go,” he said to the creature. “I’ll be back.”

Honestly he had no idea why he was apologizing to a sea creature, but he was already heading to the garage to pick up the fish tank. It was a five gallon thing, with an air pump and filter. It wasn’t even that old; he had gotten it for his birthday one year. That had been the year he had wanted to get a turtle, but he had never bothered to do so. The tank was still in its box, so Dean carted the box back to the kitchen and began to set it up with all of its instructions. Thirty minutes later, he had a working tank, with a few rocks, and a small little castle at the bottom. 

It was time to find out what type of animal was in his mystery bowl. The water was finally clearing up a bit and Dean blinked when he saw little tentacles sticking out of a chest at the bottom of his bowl. Black tentacles, with gray under coloring. 

“Tentacles?” he asked, his head tilting. “What kind of fish has-" 

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Dekoi- False Fish Pokemon

Type- Bug/Water

Ability- Shed Skin/Swift Swim (DW)

Dekoi are ravenous predators. At birth, they will swim through the wide ocean until they locate a Magikarp. Then they will force their way into the fish’s mouth, devour it from the inside out, and wear its skin to infiltrate other, larger schools of fish. Should their skin get too worn out or tattered, they will discard it and find a new one. However, they are always seen wearing Magikarp skin, even if sturdier hides are available.

Imitacean- False Fish Pokemon

Type- Bug/Water

Ability- Shed Skin/Intimidate (DW)

Evolves from Dekoi at level 25.

Imitacean mimic Gyarados for two reasons. One, they can more easily sneak into schools of Gyarados for their own safety (what would voluntarily attack a Gyarados?). Two, though they do not eat the Gyarados themselves, they do get their food from them. They will often provoke the serpents into rampaging through coastal towns. After the Gyarados have left the area, dozens of Imitacean will surface to feed upon the wreckage and unfortunate victims.

(You might recognize this general concept from my old Water/Bug starters. It works much better here, I think.)

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So you answered my ask a little while ago and asked if there was anything you hadn't addressed that I would like answered. I have 2 questions. 1. Seriously. What does Neil do for daily scale care. 2. What do the Foxes do to try and incorporate Neil into more things?

making this public because hey scale care is very important, almost as important as group activities

but no omg I love these questions. 

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Guests could fish off Tom Sawyer Island, along the eastern dock from June 1956 – August 1956. To find the fishing area, guests would cross the river on the rafts, and follow the walkway on the right side until they reached the mill. Today, this area is right below the raised stage for Fantasmic!.

Guests borrowed fishing poles from the shed along Huckleberry Finn’s Fishing Pier. They would cast a line into the River, hoping to hook one of Disneyland’s catfish! Once a fish caught the line, guests were encouraged to bring their fish to the River Belle Terrace, where it would be cleaned and chilled until park closing (or the guest was ready to go home). This unique attraction gave guests the chance to catch their dinner in the park!

Before long, this small attraction on Tom Sawyer Island became a huge problem across the entire park. Most guests didn’t bother to bring their fish to the River Belle Terrace, and instead decided to carry them around, or abandon them altogether in trash bins or lockers. It didn’t take long for a fishy smell to sweep across the park, and Disneyland finally scrapped the fishing altogether in just a matter of weeks.

Disney did not stock the whole river with fish for guests to hook. Instead, there was a small netted pond hidden within the larger river, which housed all of the fish.

9 Headcanons: Joly

1. His cane is bedazzled, covered in colourful tape and stickers, has definitely at more than one point in time been sufficient to trip Bossuet over.

2. He loves animals but from afar, he likes to see pictures of cats and dogs where they can’t slobber all over him. He especially likes lizards and fish because they don’t shed fur all over the place and don’t make his allergies act up etc.

3. He has a gap in his two front teeth. it is adorable.

4. Very very terrible doctor’s handwriting. only musichetta can read it. (no one knows how she came to possess this superpower)

5. When he’s excited about something he beams and also bounces. being near Joly is the best possible thing for bad days because it is literally impossible to feel morose when you’re around him. He really helps Grantaire on bad days.

6. He is shy but also loves to meet new people, which sounds like a contradiction but it’s not. This means he blushes quite a lot when meeting new friends, and always likes to have one of his friends nearby, just as a safety net.

7. Joly’s flat is always impeccable. He doesn’t like carpet because it’s harder to clean, and he never leaves his dishes out to be washed later, later becoming never. (he’s a great flatmate)

8. Joly doesn’t like kisses that much, but whenever he’s near any of his friends, he will always reach out for a point of contact- touch their arm, rest his head on their shoulder, curl his hand into their jumper or whatever. This started just as an anchoring thing for when he got an anxiety attack, and then he started doing it to ward them off, and now it’s just so natural that he does it whenever someone is within arm’s reach.

9. He is the reason Éponine now wears one of those diabetes identifier bracelets. He always sees Gavroche gets fed. He bandages Bossuet up (more often than he would like, let’s be clear). He texts Grantaire every night to make sure he’s fine. If he sees you shiver, he’ll have turned up the thermostat, whipped four blankets around your shoulders and got a cup of tea in your hands before you have time to say “what the heck?” He is the mother hen of the group that’s what I’m saying.

(my 9 headcanons series)

Bahorel // Feuilly // Courfeyrac // Cosette // Joly // Marius // Jehan // Floréal

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GregxPearl for BROTP! FIXING CARS, GOING FISHING, BUILDING SHEDS, CRYING BECAUSE IT'S HEALTHY TO CRY FOR BROS, raising your hybrid child in a completely platonic manner because Pearl is a lesbian, JUST BEING BROS

yes! I hope after this episode we get a lot of incidental scenes of them being friends. Like we did before, of course, but more! Like, I want them to go to sappy romantic movies together (because they’re both sappy romantics) and when people ask if they’re a couple, they just laugh and are like “no, don’t be ridiculous”

I also like the idea of, like, if Greg ever wanted to start dating again (which, imo, he might not ever and that’s cool), Pearl becomes kind of like his wingman. Like she doesn’t really know much about humans but she tries to help him with all that. I think that would be very cute