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i still have doubts about whether will is actually in love with hannibal ;(

Well nonny you have come to the right place. Because I have no such doubts. I am overwhelmed on a daily basis by just how much Will Graham loves Hannibal Lecter. It’s late and I’m exhausted and I really should be doing this during daylight hours, so please excuse the rambling and caps lock and incoherence. Also, I’m putting most of this below a cut because I have no chill and it’s way too long and gif-heavy for me to inflict upon unsuspecting dashes.

Anyway, come with me nonny on a magical journey back to mid-season 2. Will is all fresh outta prison with his sassy brows and slick new haircut and he is just dead set on Reckoning. He is going to catch that mother fucker and it is going to be GLORIOUS.

There’s only one problem

Will can’t actually bring himself to hate Hannibal. 

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A fish out of water - not necessarily a bad thing

I was thinking about how the fish/fishing metaphor fits in the classic water theme related to Cas. In fact Cas has been associated to fishing even back in season 5 when, after using the angel banishing sigil on himself, he found himself on a shrimping boat, upsetting the sailors (I googled “shrimping boat” to see what one looks like compared to normal fishing boats, and for some reason one of the first results was the urbandictionary entry for shrimp boating. I wonder if google tailors those results to my browsing history or anyone gets that link so up in the results when googling shrimping boat. Anyway.)

Cas is often associated to riversides and in general places where ground meets water: he’s on the shoreline when he gets told not to step on the fish, he gets into the water in 7x01 and gets found by Daphne on the ground next to the river, he is found by Dean and Benny close to the river in Purgatory, he talks with the rogue angels at the beginning of season 10 near a river… and of course there’s the whole thing of Destiel and docks. Better meta writers than me have written about the connection between Cas and water, including sinks and washing (I don’t know if anyone has written something specifically on Cas and bathrooms, from the times he appears to Dean while Dean is washing his teeth or face to his use of showers and toilets when he’s human, etc). The general gist of it is that it represents Cas being in some middle ground between angelness and humanity, both in the sense of his identity and his relationship with the angels and Dean.

If humanity comes from the fish that went out of the water and settled on ground, we could say that the water represents non-humanity (angelness in Cas’ case) while the ground represents humanity. His stepping inside the water in 7x01 represents leaving Dean; he’s keeping away from Dean when he’s by the river in Purgatory, then he gets away from the river when he goes with Dean; the episode in which Dean finds out that Cas is possessed by Lucifer is about a submarine, which is something that doesn’t go on land, and so on.

So it’s interesting to see a fishing imagery applied to Cas… on solid ground. Ramiel, the demon who likes to fish, pierces him with the lance in a way that visually recalls spearfishing, yet it happens on a road. In fact, Cas gets temporarily saved by Mary driving a van against Ramiel, which emphasizes further that everything is taking place on very solid ground.

Basically, just like the fish left the sea and settled on ground and evolved into humanity, Cas is farther away from water (non-humanity/angelness) than ever. He’s stably on ground (humanity). And while he’s still a fish (an angel), he’s on ground now, i.e. human in all the way that count. He loves his human family and his human family love him, he feels emotions like a human (he said it himself that angels and demons feel emotions differently than humans, but both he and Crowley have been feeling emotions like humans for quite a while now…) and he understands humanity (urinating standing for being human since Cas was a human himself).

Just like the primordial fish became humanity by stepping out of the water, Cas is becoming human by metaphorically distancing himself from the water. So he’s literally a fish out of water, but it’s not a bad thing. From the angels’ point of view, well, it is a very bad thing. But Cas has embraced it.

Now, if you ignore the angels who are dicks anyway, there’s one person left that needs to convince himself that Cas becoming human is a good thing - Dean. He feels guilty because he thinks he’s broken Cas; when Cas says they have changed him and he loves them, Dean is pained because he perceives that as something bad he’s done to Cas. (The angels – they don’t care. I think maybe they just don’t have the equipment to care. Seems like when they try, it just… breaks them apart.)


I bought watercolours today and decided to try them out! Bill is my first victim ♥

And we continue with some “a Brush Fixed With Love” aftermath. Soon after the events of that comic, Logan’s dad, Salomon, decided to take Logan for a little fishing trip in Port Mackerel. Little did Logan know that despite hiding his crush easily from his friends, his sharp eyed fisher dad caught the signs immediately. Salomon gives his son some advice the best way he knows. Fishing metaphors.

Episode 35.  It’s time for the puppet show!


Something about this feels a bit less whimsical than usual.

We recap last night’s revelations and establish that Utena still doesn’t remember them.   It’s nagging at her now, though.  Something about Anthy’s face seems newly familiar.

Thankfully, Akio’s spidey sense tells him that character development is happening and he bursts in to break it up just in the nick of time. 

(The subbers have rigged this entry in the Akio Unsubtlety Sweepstakes by translating “borrow” as “steal”, just to make sure we all get the joke.)

There’s kind of a greatest hits feeling about this segment - we get an encore of the Anthy’s face hardening as they walk away routine, although she’s less scary in this iteration and more 200% Done.

How many times has she seen this happen?

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…a second chance, a ray of light and a way home.

Fic Fishing

When I started reading fanfiction I was a deep sea fisherman. I sailed to far off journals, blogs and archives trawling through all the fic I could find. Schools of drabbles, delightful pods of oneshots, whales of epics that I followed for days just to hear them sing. True, there were some downsides, storms of limited downloads that kept me from the fic, jellyfish and seaweed disguised as fic to swamp me, unexpected kinks like sharks that tried to maul me and not a coast guard to post warnings in site.

Gradually I lost my taste for the expedition, staying closer to home, sticking to the rec sites in the shallows. When the supermarket of AO3 opened its doors to me it was great! All the fic I could want with neat ingredient, nutrition and allergy labels! A store directory to search for exactly what I need! But my trawling skills got a little rusty and I had no patience to search through the seaweed any more which did seem to get washed down the aisles occasionally.

These days I hang around the Tumblr fishmarket, buying bits and pieces from those who still fish, nipping over to the supermarket when I have a craving for something specific, listening to tales from fishermen even older than me (Back in their day you needed to fight off pirates, subscribe to zines and walk over frozen seas to find the fic) and generally have a much more fun time than when I was only going to the supermarket by myself.

“Will Graham was not a suitable substitute for therapy.”

The fact that Hannibal, unprompted, compares his relationship with Will to his therapy sessions with Bedelia is very revealing imo. It makes sense when you consider that until Will showed up, Bedelia was the most important person in Hannibal’s life.

She was the closest thing Hannibal had to a perceived equal and confidant he could be something adjacent to truthful with (he had leverage over her after she killed Zachary Quinto & she had the power of a psychiatrist over a patient, hence a relatively safe balance where Hannibal could reveal glimpses through his person suit to a trustworthy guide), and he was emotionally dependent on her because of that relationship. We see this in the blatant Franklyn parallels (”I am a source of stability and clarity, Franklyn, I’m not your friend.” // “You are my patient and my colleague, not my friend.”), we see it when she mentions his refusal to accept her referral to another psychiatrist, and we really, really see it when she walks out the door in Sakizuke.

Right after Bedelia says “please don’t come to my home again,” he says, unprompted, “I’m resuming Will Graham’s therapy.” Like, his desperation for someone to talk to is so tangible it’s almost comedic. When Bedelia walks out, she leaves a huge hole in his life that he needs to fill.

When Will returns to Hannibal’s life he doesn’t just replace Bedelia, he obliterates her. He sees and knows Hannibal far better than she ever has, he encourages Hannibal to talk freely with him in a way he’s never done with anyone (at least, no one who hasn’t been subsequently killed like Abel and Tobias), and he offers a much, much greater emotional connection.

In fact I’d go so far as to say that the moment that really doomed Hannibal and made it clear that he was not going to be able to extricate himself from Will was Su-Zakana’s “Don’t lie to me.” It strips Hannibal of his person suit defense. Being seen and known makes him incredibly vulnerable because it’s what he craves, and Will uses that to gain his absolute trust and manipulate him.

In season 2, Will may technically be a patient, but he is a patient who is fully aware of Hannibal and Hannibal’s intentions, and, as the show likes to remind us, persuasion works best when the subject is unaware. Now Will is the manipulator and persuador with hidden intentions and Hannibal is the unaware subject, caught in a scheme. The show even offers a nice ice fishing metaphor to explain it and show that this is all intentional on Will’s part.

Will is deliberately coaxing Hannibal into emotional dependency because he is very aware of how desperate Hannibal is to have a friend who genuinely sees and understands him. “You’re as alone as I am, and we’re both alone without each other.” Hannibal has tried to alienate Will, but Will has successfully alienated Hannibal from Jack and, by Tome-Wan, Alana as well, while regaining their trust himself. And their patient/therapist conversations are now charged with truth on Hannibal’s side too - the lure of being able to reveal more of himself than he had even to Bedelia is irresistable to him.

Like, by the end of Tome-Wan, Will’s plan has devolved from manipulating Hannibal into doing something nefarious to Mason so he can arrest him, to letting that fall by the wayside in favour of straight up just telling Hannibal to confess to Jack, and it’s poised to work before Freddie’s hairspray ruins everything. Hannibal’s trust in Will is absolute.

Hannibal’s feeling of betrayal in Mizumono is very similar to Will’s in Savoureux imo - both manipulated and used by someone they truly trusted, believed in, and relied upon. Will is obviously justified because he’s trying to stop a cannibal serial killer while Hannibal was doing villain shit, but yk, the general circumstances are pretty similar, encephalitis and degrees of villainy vs noble intent notwithstanding.

So in Antipasto when Hannibal tells Bedelia that Will “was not a suitable substitute for therapy,“ what he’s saying is that Will usurped Bedelia’s role in his life of confidant and emotional support, of seer and knower, and he was incredibly unsuitable because he did it with devastating effectiveness, leaving Hannibal no other support to fall back on or defense from the emotional onslaught of being known and seen.

In a way, by taking Bedelia’s place, Will was granted some of the power Bedelia was granted as Hannibal’s therapist, despite not having the credentials. Will is the one with the upper hand in season 2, with secrets and hidden motives and the intent and power to manipulate as he allows and encourages Hannibal to bare his soul - which Hannibal bitterly acknowledges after the bloodbath.

(s/o to this post for also saying awesome things about a similar topic and making me say screw it i’ll just post this thing that’s been sititng in my drafts now too and make it a will + bedelia day in the meta tag)

Can i just say how much I love talking about (and thinking about) my wife????? Can I also say as much as I loved saying girlfriend/fiancee… its so amazing??? To say Wife??????(But not nearly as amazing as my fish is JS. cwutididthar) Metaphorically its like having your acne clear and the days always be the perfect temperature (but lbr mine is in for the long haul and this is Fresno where nice weather is a myth so….) Anyway tl;dr I love my fishwife ok

What was Siuan thinking of? She will probably give me one of those sayings about boats and fish, when I can ask her.

- Moiraine, The Shadow Rising, Chapter 21

And a big shout out to Moiraine for being the first person I have come across whilst reading this series to acknowledge the fact that Siuan has a problem not talking about fish

While I love all of the star treks a lot I feel like deep space nine ruined the rest f them for me a bit. Like. So multifaceted. So many aliens. So many good deep messages that didn’t feel like fish-slapping metaphors. Will anything ever be as amazing? How can any Trek measure up?