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Flashlight Friends!

It hit me today why I really liked the aesthetic of the Half-Harley Manor and all of Hiveswap in general. It gives off such a Pajama Sam feel, with all the minor details lovingly drawn into each frame that give it a “kids call the shots here” kind of vibe. And of course the cardinal law of Hiveswap is the same of a true Humongous Entertainment game; YOU GOTTA CLICK ON EVERYTHING!

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I never thought how Papydine worked in Underswap,and to be honest I never saw it,but I'm quite curious,how do you see it,or the Alter equivalent,how do you see AS!Asdyne?

Well, I see Undyrus/Asdyne similarily for both AUs. Chill, laidback sentry dude who has no idea the nerdy fishwoman is into them. They only start stepping up their game abit once they finally find out (eg. someone other than Undyne having to tell them because they too laze to take a hint) because, oh hey, turns out they’re actually into her too but never realized it because they never gave it much thought until now. 

“Needless to say, I had the last laugh.”

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hey nissi... i just read the vmin fic "reprise" that you recommend... and now i'm crying... thanks 😂😂 so do you have other vmin fics you could reccomend to me?

yeah for sure! here’s a list of my favourite vmin fics of all time, and here are a couple new ones i’ve read recently:
never shoot to miss by jiminiebabo
the one thing that’s real by syubnugget
in my veins by knth
you’re the best (i wanna know about your day) by kaythebest
a good distraction by jellyprince
i’m waiting for you (my heartbeat) by fatal
- scared of the dark by justhere
- wild ones by chihiro
roll out the map and mark it with a pin by elfiepike

here’s a link to reprise by minverse! warning for major character death

Your fave is problematic: Samson
  • Stole Meredith’s sword
  • Look, I know you’re still angry that she fired you, but that’s a little petty
  • Did you steal the stapler off her desk too?
Hamilsquad Headcanons -Breakdown

How the various members of the Hamilsquad react/help you following a major depressive episode.

HUGE TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR THE FOLLOWING: suicide attempt, self harm/self-destructive tendencies/disorders, discussions of depression, anxiety, trichotillomania (hair pulling), dermatillomania (skin picking), dermatophagia (wolf biting)

Lafayette uses them/they pronouns in these HCs. I’m not happy with Aaron’s at all but I felt bad for leaving him out so fuck it i know they suck. 

First time writing HCs so as always, let me know how badly I screwed up. 

I wanted to get something out for Mental Illness Awareness Week.

again no some of this totally isn’t based on my life i haven’t been hospitalized for suicidal ideations i don’t live with some of these disorders where would you get that idea

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I still can’t stop thinking about the time the DNR guy came to my house and the first thing he saw was me, sitting on the garage floor surrounded by dead fish with two fingers jammed into the eye sockets of a decapitated catfish head, while holding a pair of old rusty pliers covered in fish goo in the other hand as a large cloud of black flies swarmed around me