fishing in town

Some of you are saying that the citizens of Hasetsu probably think Viktor is just Yuuri’s eccentric foreign boyfriend and I cannot say how much I agree.

“What a nice young man,” says Tamura-san, who used to run the fish shop in town and now usually sits beside the register and chats with customers while her grandson rings them up. She was born before ice skating was declared an Olympic sport and has absolutely no idea who Viktor Nikiforov is. 

“Yes, we’re very glad to have Vicchan staying with us!” Hiroko says of Viktor, who’s standing behind her cradling fifteen pounds of tuna and smiling brightly at Tamura-san. 

“How good of you to follow Yuu-chan home after he graduated!” Tamura-san continues, about ten decibels louder than she needs to. Tamura-san is about 87% deaf in her old age, but nobody has the heart to tell her so. “You must love him very much!”

Viktor, who has no idea what she’s just said to him but who heard Yuuri’s name, just blindly says, “Oh yes!” and grins even brighter. 

“Have you seen Viktor Nikiforov?” demands a rabid paparazzo of some poor fisherman just trying to do his job.

“Who?” asks the fisherman, frowning at the lens of the camera. 

“He’s tall? Foreign? Silver hair?”

“You mean Katsuki-kun’s boyfriend?” says the fisherman. Katsuki-kun’s boyfriend had run by ten minutes before with his poodle in tow, European synth pop blasting so loud from his headphones that it could be heard for a full minute both before and after he ran past. The fisherman doesn’t exactly know where Katsuki-kun found that guy, but he looks at Katsuki-kun like he hung the stars, so the fisherman can’t blame him.

In the end, he tells the paparazzo to go the opposite direction of the one he just saw Katsuki-kun’s boyfriend go.

A girl from Hasetsu graduates high school the summer Yuuri returns from America and is inspired by his experiences to go to college in America as well. She arrives in her freshman year dorm room and is greeted by a poster of Viktor Nikiforov hung up by her roommate.

“Why do you have a picture of Viktor?” she asks, bewildered. Viktor is wearing a pair of black slacks and a bright pink shirt unbuttoned almost to his navel.

“Oh, you know who Viktor Nikiforov is?” her roommate asks, excitedly.

“Do YOU?” the girl asks, incredulous. Viktor is known to her as “That foreign guy that followed Yuuri back from America when he came home” and also as Viktor-Who-Puts-Jam-In-His-Tea-Like-Who-Even-Does-That. Certainly not as Viktor Nikiforov, Five-Time World Figure Skating Champion and definitely not as Viktor-Who-Deserves-To-Be-On-Someone’s-Wall.

Come October, Viktor has started introducing HIMSELF to people as Viktor I’m Yuuri’s Boyfriend. While half of Russia reads articles about Figure Skating’s Living Legend, a sleepy town in Japan wakes up every morning to Yuuri’s Boyfriend Viktor wheeling through town on his bike with Yuuri and Their Cute Dog.

Viktor loves Hasetsu.


Haley part two from Stardew Valley! She is a cutie pie! and up next is more pictures of my Penny cosplay! I wasn’t happy that I only got like two good pictures of my last shoot…maybe I’ll post more from my first shoot >.<. until then enjoy more haley>

(Edit I posted penny’s already before this) This whole cosplay is a closet cosplay and costed less than 5 USD excluding the wig and shoe. The shoes were 5 USD, and the wig was around 40 USD (real human hair is the reasoning) with added weave (real human hair)  of 20 USD.

Haley - moi
photographer - Palm-Grizzie


Modern AU: Nina Zenik

“Simple as that,” said Nina. “Did you know I’m next in line for the Fjerdan throne? They call me Princess Ilse of Engelsberg.” “There is no princess of Engelsberg,” said Matthias. “It’s a fishing town.” Nina shrugged. “If we’re going to lie to ourselves, we might as well be grand about it.”

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Hello! If you're still doing headcanons, do you mind showing us what it would be like for RFA running into MC's ex? I know a lot of people probably did this one but imagine that MC's ex was like perfect like the most perfect soulmate to have with numerous skills, perfect looks, does donations and charities him/herself. And they question why they broke up?

Interesting one! Hope you like what we came up with. ;) 


  • The fish bun truck was in town and Zen decided to grab some
  • A young man was standing by a nearby booth for some charity organization
  • Thinking he might be a potential party guest, he went to strike up a conversation
  • The man talks about the organization he recently took ownership of that helps several orphanages raise funds
  • The name sounded familiar and Zen realized it was the place you volunteered at before the RFA
  • He asked the man if he knew you
  • Turns out he dated you years ago
  • When he asks Zen how he knows you, well…this is awkward
  • He’s not jealous, but….Zen doesn’t extend an invitation to the next RFA party
  • When he sees you next time, he mentions it
  • He’s confused because the guy seemed nice and successful
  • He thought something went very wrong, and was ready to get protective
  • You explained that nothing went wrong, but you grew distant cuz of work so it was a mutual break up
  • Zen takes note and makes sure he always has time in his schedule for you


  • You both were playing a round of LOLOL and one of the player’s names sounded familiar
  • You realized from the profile was from your ex
  • You laugh and tell Yoosung casually before logging off to cook some dinner
  • He’s curious, so he starts chatting with the guy
  • He’s surprised to find the guy is really nice
  • He doesn’t mention you, but asks a bit about the guy
  • Turns out the guy graduated college early and was settled into a good job
  • He just played games occasionally for fun
  • After Yoosung was done chatting with him, he told you what happened
  • He asked why you would’ve left someone who seemed so capable and well matched to you
  • You explained that your ex’s mom didn’t like you since she didn’t think you were well-off
  • Your ex broke it off to please his mother
  • Yoosung felt so bad, he pulled you into a hug
  • “Just to let you know…my mom really likes you.”
  • You smile, wondering how you got so lucky


  • A customer came to the cafe and ordered coffee
  • Nothing was off about it, but Jaehee recognized it from the picture of your ex that you showed her before
  • You didn’t say much more about him, so Jaehee always respected your privacy
  • You never talked about him poorly and it seemed like he was an amazing person
  • She always wondered what happened
  • But when you asked to be excused from your shift early as soon as you saw him, she went into overprotective friend mode
  • He came to the counter to pay and asked, “Sorry, does someone by the name of MC work here?”
  • Jaehee replied, “Why do you ask?”
  • Apparently, your ex wanted to contact you again
  • He explained to Jaehee that you had dated a few years ago, but he broke it off because he needed space and to find himself
  • He wanted to get in touch with you again, but your old number didn’t work
  • Jaehee off-handedly dismissed him saying you didn’t work there
  • Later, she doesn’t say anything about it, but just makes your favorite dish and brings home chocolate


  • He had recently hired a few new employees
  • He was making some rounds to meet them and talk to them a little bit
  • He didn’t know when he had hired him, but you recognized one of the names as your ex
  • When he came face-to-face with him, he thought he was going to be arrogant or rude
  • It was quite the opposite
  • Your ex was skilled and very kind–similar to you
  • Jumin wanted to be mean to him, but really couldn’t because the guy was so nice
  • He asks you at home why things had been broken off
  • You said your ex was a workaholic that always put work above her when it came down to it
  • After awhile, you lost the spark
  • Jumin understood, but became slightly self-conscious of his own work habits
  • You reassured him that he never made you feel anything but loved
  • Still, he took your past relationship to heart and always made sure his work came second


  • Work has been stressful, so he wants to start customizing another one of his cars
  • He knows a parts vendor in town that he’s bought from before so he goes for a visit
  • The co-owner comes by to check out the car model and make
  • He sees one of Seven’s keychains which holds a picture of you two together
  • He chuckles and says that you’re his ex
  • Seven remember you mentioning him before…but didn’t realize it was this guy
  • There’s some awkward silence before your ex asks how you’re doing
  • As Seven’s leaving, your ex tells him to say hi to you
  • Seven knew the co-owner before, so he knew how kind he was and successful and normal for someone so young
  • He wonders why you even left him in the first place
  • When he asks you what happened, you explain that you and your ex never connected really
  • He was a good guy, but he was too serious for you after awhile
  • You say that relationship changed you, and it’s why you saw life differently
  • He smiled when you say you’re so thankful for him as he and you click so well 

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I was fishing (I don’t even know how to fish) at a very foggy, gloomy pier. The kind you see on A Series of Unfortunate Events or in a Batman movie. When I caught something, I started to reel that fucker in. Turns out I caught the almighty Cthulhu himself. I was scared at first but then noticed how he looked. He looked liked some shitty fanart version of Cthulhu and I said the very first thing that came to my mind, “You look tacky” like a goddamn fool. Cthulhu then became very emotionally unstable and started attacking the little fishing town I was at and made it rain bags of marshmallows.