fishing for notes :)

Ok I’m dying to get a pet and my contract says I’m not allowed but I’m hoping I can call my landlord on Monday and ask if it’s ok for me to get a fish.

Surely he’ll be ok with a fish! (Fingers crossed)

On that note I need to do tons of research about fish, so if you have any handy info for a newbie fish owner send it my way.

I’m considering a betta. I know they need big tanks of at least 5 gallons, a heater, a filter and no plastic plants.

I know that under no circumstances can they live with other fish but can they live with shrimp?

(I ask because a guy is selling a tank that meets all the requirements and has all the extra stuff a betta would need, but it comes with shrimps and obvs I don’t wanna put them at risk so if not I’ll have to look for a different seller.)

i feel like most of those “reblog with x information about yourself in the tags” posts are just fishing for notes but frankly i dont care because they provide me with an opportunity to do one of my favourite things which is randomly and publicly sharing facts about myself

anonymous asked:

You're artwork is so cute and quirky! 1st question: Did Sasuke keep Sakura's fish note all folded up in his wallet/on his locker wall because he thought it was sweet/romantic? 2nd: What kind of out of the ordinary gift would Sasuke give to Sakura? :3

Hi! Thanks for liking my valentines comic! /// Sorry for the late reply. 

To answer your first question he probably left it in his locker and regretted it really quickly. 

As for your second question I find Sasuke to be one of those people that aren’t very good at giving gifts but tries his best anyway lol.

The Rebound

It was supposed to be shorter (; ̄д ̄)

(Also posted on AO3)

Draco ran his finger along the rim of his empty glass absently. The edges of his vision swam as he looked up at the bartender who raised a single perfectly groomed eyebrow at him.

“Another?” she asked.

Draco closed his eyes briefly, squeezing them until they ached, “Bring me… whatever’s next on the menu.”

“Yeah, alright,” she smirked, taking his empty glass, “What did you think about the French 75 then?”

“Nice, lovely,” Draco said absently, not entirely sure he could remember precisely what the last drink had tasted like.

“One Dark n’ Stormy, comin’ up,” she said brightly.

Draco sighed he fished a few more muggle notes from his pocket and shoved it on the other side of the bar. She had been very friendly all night not that he was surprised. There weren’t many people in the bar on a tuesday evening, much less a sad drunk wizard who was likely overpaying a great deal because he honestly couldn’t be arsed to check the numbers on his flimsy paper money.

He ignored her attempts at conversation when she returned and took the tall glass of what tasted like rum and ginger beer. Draco was prepared to stumble through something approximating a conversation when someone sat beside him, ordering a rum and coke and sending her off.

Draco blinked, his brow furrowing, the voice beside him had sounded familiar. Draco turned slowly so his head wouldn’t fall off and found the other bloke watching him curiously. The other bloke that looked remarkably, disturbingly, identical to Harry Potter.

Potter tried on a hesitant smile, “What’s a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?”

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april 26 2017- - - amid all of the crazy end of the semester tests, today was a softer day. An essay on gardens, a short response, and this fish anatomy drawing for oceanography were the only things assigned. Getting ready for exams can be stressful so it’s always nice to have a little bit of fun:)