fishing for compliments

So here’s the thing...

To all none-musicians/performers out there, here’s a thing that I feel a lot of you misunderstand about us: if you make us compliments after a performance and we react annoyed and dispute whatever you said, that’s not because we are fishing for compliments or want you to tell us how great we were again (there are those people too ofc). We simply really didn’t find our performance as good as you thought it was. And when we reject your compliments, that’s not because we don’t appreciate it, but because there was this one part we practiced again and again and at the performance we failed it, or there was that one note we always hit wrong and it was wrong at the concert too. People from the outside may not notice that and feel like it’s nothing. But for us it can be a real down taker and make us screw the whole performance in our mind because we were so focused on it. 

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4 New Words We Need Because of the Internet

#3. “Quint”

Named after Quint – Robert Shaw’s character in Jaws who went hunting for a shark but was instead sharked to death – to be quinted means to have one’s attempts at fishing for compliments brought to a brutal end. It can range from others bluntly refusing to play your praise-hunger games, to more advanced quinting, where a bunch of people discuss everything about your picture/post except the one thing you wanted to hear, until you’re thiiiis close to yell-typing “GOD DAMMIT, JUST TELL ME I’M PRETTY/SMART!”

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i actively despise ppl who say they don’t like it when ppl fish for compliments or act a certain way to get attention bc like just stfu some people are insecure and want to feel loved by the ppl around them dyou not think that the problem actually lies in the fact they have to act like that to be complimented and feel loved like wtf happened here why are ppl having to make such an effort just to get a damn compliment why have we got to the point where we just don’t compliment ppl on a regular basis it’s not hard to throw people around you a few compliments every day or w/e why isn’t this a thing why do we all suck so much at showin the ppl in our lives that we think theyre great