fishing cat kitten

this is your yearly reminder that animals are not toys. they are a huge commitment. even small pets like hamsters and fish can be expensive and require a lot of work. if you’re planning to get someone a pet as a gift this holiday season, please only do so if you’re 100% sure that they are willing and able to take responsibility for the well-being of a living thing, potentially for years or even decades.


11 week old Fishing cat by Ben Williams

ID #88353

Name: Jordan
Age: 17
Country: United Kingdom

Hi, I absolutely love animals and have 9 right now and I’m planning on getting more, I have a dog, 3 cats (2 of which are kittens) a hamster and 4 fish. I’m absolutely mad about them and could talk about them for hours, I am a Alevel student studying biology, psychology and sociology, which is pretty interesting as biology is one of my loves. I love to learn and I’m trying to learn more languages as i only know one (English). I love music and mostly listen to heavy metal, EDM, and house music but I want to discover more bands and artists. Oh and movies, I watch them all the time and WELLL you could say I’m a geek ( i love everything marvel, dc and starwars). I like playing games and I’m currently playing league and legends ( I’m not very good though)

I’m okay to talk to, I’m not going to tell lies I’m pretty shy to begin with but i love making new friends and find it interesting to find out what they loves and check out suggestions that they have, I really wanted a penpal so I have someone to talk to ( i know it sounds pretty sad but I usually keep to myself) and to share ideas with.

Preferences: I would prefer 16+ and someone who has similar hobbies, I’d prefer to talk through tumblr or kik as i’m on there more often than email but had written letters would be cute as well maybe.