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Le Filet-O-Fish

one day i will write something that doesn’t need a cut. today is not that day. 

college au. 

Yuuri alternates between stress sleeping and stress insomnia. No one ever knows where he’s going to be because his scheduled is so ~unpredictable~ 

EXCEPT WAIT. There are food deliveries? Every time he’s innocently sucking on his pen cap in the Science Library? and Beautiful Senior and Yuuri’s French TA Victor Nikiforov is having weird, supremely worrying hand spasms that seem vaguely aimed in Yuuri’s direction? That can’t be right. 

(Yuuri only took that class for Victor.) 

(Victor wishes he was that pen cap.)

Seemingly unrelated, someone keeps making sure there are always fresh, piping hot, vaguely-fish-like sandwiches waiting for Yuuri whenever he can drag himself out of bed to face the Existential Pit of Despair that is studying for midterms. He’s very familiar with that Pit of Despair. He lives one pit over in the Pit of Existential Discontent. The view from the Pit of Despair is much nicer. 

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some tips for when you want to do research on a potential pet:

-ABUSE ANIMAL FORUMS. stalk them, make an account, post a goddamn question thread. people will answer your questions. (fishlore for fish, backyardchickens for poultry, hamsterhideout for hamsters, etc. im sure there are rabbit and rat forums, and i know there are reptile ones)

-stalk animal youtube. please. stormyrabbits, erinsanimals, hoppinghammy, littlelottie’s hartland, steff j, taylor nicole dean,  happy tails, aquapros, solid gold aquatics, tyler rugge,  etc. the list is SO LONG. 

-ASK PEOPLE WHOVE HAD THEM. but be careful, because they may not know the correct way to keep them anyway

-never, EVER, assume you know how to take care of a new animal. even if you had them as a kid. lots of people keep pets very very wrong their whole lives and teach kids the wrong way and theyre shown being taken care of incorrectly on tv and its NORMALIZED. please, please do research. always.