fishing buoys

It’s Safe Boating Week! If you’re boating, fishing, or diving in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary or other sanctuaries, mooring buoys provide an alternative to anchoring that won’t damage the reef. 

In the photo above, a member of the Florida Keys Buoy Team maintains one of the sanctuary’s more than 490 mooring buoys. Learn more about the Buoy Team’s work:


dubiousculturalartifact’s post made me curious, and I decided to look up the actual Sharkey’s.  (Simultaneously laughing and sad about that name given the loan shark thing.)  It’s about as nautical as you would expect.  They kept the buoys and fishing apparatus and the ring buoy, which as obsessionisaperfume noted forums a halo behind Cas at one point.

Also I feel obliged to note that Claire is drinking soda and not water.  At that point their relationship is strictly instrumental.  She just wanted to escape the child prison, and Cas simultaneously feels guilty and (I think) is looking to fill the road trip buddy-shaped void in his life that Hannah left behind.