• Candela: I started off by making a map of all the Pokémon kidnappings that have gone down in Kanto since 1996 to see if there was a pattern.
  • Candela: [points to a cork board completely filled with push pins] That led me to this.
  • Candela: There is so much crime in Kanto.
  • Candela: No one should live here.
  • Spark, into a HoloCaster: You're sure you're not gonna be spotted?
  • Willow, into his HoloCaster: Absolutely, my cover makes me invisible.
  • Willow, to a bystander: Excuse me, Ma'am. Do you have two minutes to talk about the environment?
  • [Bystander runs away]
  • Willow, into his HoloCaster: Now, no one's gonna make eye contact with me.