fishin' boo

Have you ever wondered why this blog isn’t about Mario?

I mean, he gets up to as much interesting-to-document shenanigans as Luigi. 

It mostly has to do with being caught stalking watching him. He’s got a sixth sense when it comes to seeing ghosts, seeing as the king keeps kidnapping him and all. 

He’s slightly resentful about it. 

Fishin’ Boo is going to be off for a bit, taking a ghost-union-mandated paid vacation.

In their place, we have a lakitu!

And with that comes something interesting. 

Mario doesn’t question if a regular lakitu with a camera is following him, because he’s experienced it before. As this is the blog’s one-year anniversary, we can see a little bit of what Mario does when he isn’t home for a change!

Ah the mailbox. The typical setting for the typical day of stalking observing Luigi.

(That is some next-level recording. Someone remind me to give that fishin’ boo of a raise.)

(Hmmm… Suddenly, I think I know whose pay I will be deducting to afford that…)

Wait, uh, where were we? Um, ah, say what you will about Bowser, but you can’t deny he knows how to raise a guy up. Seeing as he’s confident all the time, it isn’t that hard for him to spread it around.

A while back, I said that Peach is never around when Mario isn’t home, for obvious reasons. But, as I was going through some old findings Fishin’ Boo was going to delete, I realized that I was wrong.

Peach was around when Daisy was kidnapped! (And when Wario took Mario’s castle shortly after.) Of course, that was forever ago, so this footage isn’t very modern. 

They both kept an eye out for Mario. 

Luigi even kept Bowser from getting any funny ideas. 

(Ah, remind me to dig up some footage of Bowser when Mario isn’t home too. I’m sure it’s in our files somewhere.)

Plus, Peach was the one who got him into the whole letter-writing thing! 

I thought I know a lot about Luigi, but it is clear that I need to stalk research him even further.