fishie whatevers


I hope no one asks me what happened in this episode besides hair.  I don’t remember, man.  I liked it when hair.

eevee sprite rating

green - Kitten hissing at me because the first time he saw a man. very angery. 4/10

red/blue - all feelings of past anger have left him. i do not like his slightly smug expression, but he uses it to hide his insecurities so i understand. 5/10

yellow - amazing! very bright and happy! excited for his new adventure! 10/10

gold - seems a bit more timid, good new color scheme 6/10

silver - very cute and playful! a very good sprite! 8/10

crystal - flipped but still playful! the ear twitches add personality! another very good sprite! 9/10

r/s/e - very excited, maybe even too excited? nonetheless a very happy new pal, he stomps his foot and tries to get your attention 9/10

fr/lg - i don’t like how bright red the mouth is but the expression is very clear. he’s very happy to see you and sorry for making a ruckus 7/10

d/p - he has a very good stretch. very nostalgic for me. our favorite happy boy. 8/10

platinum - oh? he’s seen something mighty peculiar. this sprite very inquisitive, very good emotions, i like it alot. 9/10

hg/ss - his past feelings have come back to haunt him, what did he see to react this way?? but still a very good sprite, very powerful 8/10

b/w - my favorite!! doing very nice eevee things! still love the ear twitches!! very happy to be here! 12/10

x/y - despite being new and improved, this sprite is kinda boring, the ears are not as twitchy, but very good tail wag. still very cute, he’s just out having a good day. 6/10

so there was this post I saw from Instagram and it may or may not be very accurate or true but I remember that it stated that SM was going to release Kai and Krystal’s relationship in June-July before their comeback. Then, SM made some kind of deal with Dispatch/media and they released it just yesterday. So my question, is that if this is all true, then why did SM make the deal in the first place?

A deal is two-sided. One person gets a benefit and the other as well. There was that same-sex couple just last month that nobody knew who the media outlet was. Why would SM make a deal with Dispatch to release Kaistal’s relationship one month-ish after that same-sex couple hit?

That could possibly mean that Dispatch could be the media outlet that’s holding the information and article on that same-sex couple. And if SM was the one making the deal, then surely that couple came from SM.

SM, if the same-sex couple truly did come from their company, wanted to hide that relationship, what better way to do it than make a deal with the media outlet holding that gay couple’s info by letting them hit it big with a new trending couple? That trending couple being Kaistal. A trade for a trade.

Dispatch gets to release information (originally set for summer) early and gets money and all the benefits, while SM gets to hide their same-sex couple.

Not sure if the couple was truly set to debut in Summer, but really who knows at this point? We all know how SM gets their way no matter what. They’re willing to sacrifice their artists’ personal lives for the sake of maintaining their image.

I do completely support Kaistal and I hope they find happiness despite their news being released so suddenly like that. But, if that same-sex couple article doesn’t come out, it’s most likely that SM used Kaistal to cover it up somehow.

The attention is being drawn from that same-sex couple to Kaistal. That might be what SM wanted.

Edit: links to the post mentioned above