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Once upon a time, there was a servant of a king who ate an enchanted white snake (because of course he did). This snake gave wisdom in the form of being able to speak to and understand animals. This young servant decided to set off on his own and had many adventures, including saving the lives of fish, ants, and ravens to one day become a king in his own right. However, the most important part of this tale, is that our hero went on to inspire the band Whitesnake to write the 1982 smash hit “Here I Go Again” and the rock and roll world lived happily ever after.


In what should have been an inspirational and uplifting tale, this is the story about how a piece of straw, a lump of coal, and a solitary bean were spared from the fire and sought a better life together out there on the open road. However, the tale ends abruptly with explaing the reason why all beans have a black seam. As that is a question I’ve never asked myself, I fail to see why the Grimms felt we needed a fairy tale to explain the anatomy of a bean. And that’s all I have to say about that.


Can I be honest with you? This is probably my favorite Grimm’s fairy tale yet. A fisherman captures a talking flounder that can grant wishes (because of course he did) and decides to let him go. The fisherman didn’t even want anything in return. But when he gets home and tells his wife, she demands that he go back to the water and ask the flounder for a small cottage. And so, he does.

“Flounder, flounder in the sea,

Come, I pray you, here to me;

For my wife, good Isabel,

Has sent me here against my will.”

The flounder grants the wish, but the wife remains unsatisfied. She forces the fisherman to go back and ask for a castle. Then, she wants to be King. Then, she wants to be Pope. And last, she wants to be like God. This last request, when granted, puts the couple back in the pig stye shanty they lived in before, losing all of the extravagance they’d gained. This fairy tale has so much to say about the nature of the world, desire, and God. It actually made me think. You didn’t think I could get serious about one of these fairy tales, did you? DID YOU?! WELL I DID.


Some guy gets lucky with a fly-swatter, kills seven flies in one stroke, writes SEVEN AT ONE STROKE on his shirt for all the world to see, and suddenly he’s some big shot. Nobody even questions the claim and the Tailor gets all kinds of opportunities, rewards, and glory that no tailor has a right to. I feel like modern society should have been made more aware of this tale so we could have been ready for the likes of Kanye West. He did the exact same thing as this tailor. He just keeps telling everyone he’s great and over time we all believed him. We were warned by the Grimms. And we didn’t listen.

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Yayyy your ask box is open!!!! How has your day been mama?? Also if the 104th and vets were fairytale characters who would they be?

Hey there seedling! My day was okay, the warm weather here is really draining me, so I don’t really get anything done that takes me longer than ten minutes, which is why I keep answering asks haha I hope your day is going a bit better :) Also you mean like fairytale characters, not fairytail, right?! 

Mikasa: There’s this Turkish fairytale of a man with six daughters, she’s the daughter in the tale!
Reiner: Bluebeard
Bertholdt: The Frog Prince
Annie: Snow White
Eren: The Boy who went out to know what fear was
Jean: The prince from the princess and the pea
Marco: Hansel from Hansel and Gretel
Sasha: Gretel from Hansel and Gretel
Connie: Hendi from the golden goose
Historia: The little match girl
Armin: Sindbad the sailor
Ymir: Donkeyskin
Levi: Mother Holle
Hanji: Rumpelstiltzkin
Erwin: The boy from ‘godfather death’
Nanaba: Cinderella
Mike: Pied piper of Hamelin
Moblit: The Fisherman from “The fisherman and his wife”
Hannigram fic - Fisherman ch 3 by Louise Lux

Chapter 3 of Fishermen is up!

Fic: Fishermen
Chapter: 3 of ?
Author: Louise Lux
Relationship: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Rating: Mature


Will and Hannibal have been rescued from the water by an elderly fisherman and his wife. In their small isolated house, Will waits for Hannibal to wake up, and dreads what might happen when he does

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Hi beautiful! Which ones are your favorites paintings, Books or short poems, ways to spend the day? 💛💛💛💛

 a brief list, because I could talk about each for entire afternoons…

Olympia, Eduard Manet
The Drowing Dog, Francisco Goya
Saint George and the Dragon, Raphael
Dream of the Fishermans Wife, Hokusai
St. George & the Dragon, Briton Riviera
The Virgin, Gustav Klimt
Fayum Mummy Portraits
Portrait of Édouard Manet,Henri Fantin-Latour
Wall of Horses, Chauvet Caves
Die grossen blauen Pferde (The Large Blue Horses), Franz Marc
The First Part of the Return from Parnassus, Cy Twombly
La Gitana Tropical, Victor Manuel Garcia
Mary with the Child and Singing Angels, Sandro Botticelli
Zen Master and a Tiger, Shi K’o
Ophelia, John Everett Millias
Lady Godiva, James Collier

Short Poems
A Crazed Girl, William Butler Yeats
But I sleep Alone, Sappho
To the Poem, Adonis
En el café, Evaristo Carriego
“Not Honey” Hymen, H.D.
Marina of the Rocks, Odysseus Elytis
A Dream of Winter, Arthur Rimbaud
A Community of the Spirit, Rumi
In The Summer, Nizar Qabbani
Sunday Morning, Wallace Stevens
Witch Wife, Edna St. Vincent Millay
Fable of the Mermaids and the Drunks, Pablo Neruda
La Casada Infiel, Federico Garcia Lorca
Venus Anadyomene, Arthur Rimbaud
The Mermaid, William Butler Yeats
Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam, Ernest Dowson
The Pedigree of Honey, Emily Dickinson

Ways to spend a day 

Bake decadent desserts
giant strawberry merengue cake
ancient russian honey cookies
Irish Vanilla raspberry cream cake
Lavender shortcake
Prinsesstårta(Swedish Princess cake)

Read Rilke in the bath
Rilke letters 1892-1910
dried roses and lavender bath bombs
ancient bath recipes 
lavender milk bath

Make pottery 
Collect red Clay in your backyard
Making clay in your kitchen
build a potters wheel
Fire your own pottery

Watch nature documentaries
The Amazon
Wild Sri Lanka- Forest of Clouds 
The Balkans 
Arctic Kingdom 

off shoulder peasant dress
cotton shorts

find your local swimming hole (and keep it secret!)

Liontrust Mermaid AU

“all the good things. mutual pinings. kisses. sass.” - @stormwrynnedkeep

Mermaid!Khadgar and grumpy fisherman Lothar. There is no way this can end in disaster - right?

From a conversation between me and storm. Totally up for adoption (please adopt it it’s glorious I swear) 

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The signs as The Brothers Grimm stories
  • Aries: Little red riding hood
  • Taurus: Rapunzel
  • Gemini: The girl without hands
  • Cancer: Hansel and Gretel
  • Leo: The fisherman and his wife
  • Virgo: Cinderella
  • Libra: Godfather death
  • Scorpio: Snow White
  • Sagittarius: Rumpelstiltskin
  • Capricorn: The seven ravens
  • Aquarius: Sleeping beauty
  • Pisces: Puss in boots

Flounder Fishing Bowl
Like the previous post, this bowl (2.25 in. high x 6.5 in. diameter) contains elements of an old story. This one is is based on a tale called ‘The Fisherman and His Wife’ by the Brothers Grimm, with later adaptations by Pushkin, Woolf, and others. A short summary of the original story is that a poor fisherman catches a flounder claiming to be an enchanted prince and the fisherman releases the fish back into the water. Later the fisherman tells his wife the story and she suggests he go and ask the flounder for her wish of a nice house. The fish grants the wish, and the wife’s demands for wealth and power escalate. The flounder grants each of the wishes, but notes that all of the wishes have been for his wife. Does the fisherman have any wishes for himself? The fisherman says he just wants his wife to be happy. The flounder returns the couple to their original hovel by the sea and they live happily ever after. Be thoughtful about your wishes, they may come true!

List of participants + stories!!

Thanks for waiting, everybody!! I hope we didn’t take too long!

After reviewing and deliberating on everyone’s submissions, Mod Kara and I are happy to present the (mostly) complete list of everyone’s assigned fairy/folktales! All of have been assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis (save for a few cases), and we tried our very best to be fair in assigning them.

This list will also be posted here for your quick reference - for example, if you’ve forgotten what your story is, or if you’d like to change your story but need to know which ones are already taken. We’ll do our best to update this list every time a change is made, so keep an eye out!

Without further ado, here is the list, in no particular order (to find your story, press Ctrl + F and key in your Tumblr URL):

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Grimm’s Fairy Tales
illustration:Kay Nielsen

Snowdrop:スノードロップ (白雪姫)
Hansel and Gretel:ヘンゼルとグレーテル
Frog Bride:カエルの花嫁
Fisherman and his Wife:漁師とおかみさん
Rosebud:ローズバッド姫 (眠れる森の美女)
Goose Girl:ガチョウ番の女
Six Swans:六羽の白鳥
Juniper Tree:ネズの木の話
Two Brothers:ふたり兄弟
Valiant Little Tailor:勇ましいちびの仕立て屋

Penta: the Handless Princess

Most everyone knows that the commonly-reproduced versions of fairy tales are a far cry from their horrific origins. Cinderella’s stepsisters cut off their heels to fit in their shoes, Rumplestiltzkin tore himself in half when he was found out, the little mermaid commits suicide. But some are just too messed up to even approach re-telling, and such is the case of the first fairytale Rejected Princess: Penta of the Chopped-off Hands.

Penta grew up as royalty, sister to the king. When the king’s wife died, he spent some time looking for a new wife, but could not find anyone equally beautiful – except for Penta. So he decided, you know what, screw it, I’m the king, and I’m gonna marry my own sister.

Penta set about trying to dissuade the king from this course of action. She asked what attracted him to her so much, and he answered, “your hands.” So she ordered her servant to chop off her hands and bring them to her brother, the king, on a platter.

The king was not amused. In return, he stuffed her in a trunk and tossed it in the ocean. 

She floated around for a while, somehow not dying of blood loss, until she was found by a kindly fisherman. But the fisherman’s wife, Nuccia, was having none of it, and promptly tossed Penta back in the ocean.

This time, Penta washed up on the shore of the Green Earth king’s lands, where she quickly became the queen’s servant – somehow expertly tending the queen’s hair with her feet. The queen died soon thereafter (seemingly unrelated to Penta foot-wielding scissors near her face), and said, “hey Green Earth King, you should marry Penta, she’s pretty cool.” So he did, thus fulfilling Penta’s bizarrely recurrent destiny as a backup wife.

Soon thereafter, the Green Earth King went sailing, and while he was out, Penta had a kid, presumably his. His servants sent word to him on a boat, but somehow it was intercepted by the fisherman’s wife, Nuccia. For reasons unknown, she changed the note to say that Penta had given birth to a dog. The king was apparently cool with this, and wrote a letter back saying, “hey, shit happens. Tell her it’s cool.” And again, Nuccia changed the letter, this time to say, “a dog?! Jesus! You know what, you should just kill Penta. Kill her! I ain’t havin’ no dog-baby!”

The Green Earth King’s counselors were more than a bit suspicious of the letter, but, wanting to obey, banished Penta (and child) instead of straight-out killing her. She wandered off, and ended up hanging out with a sorceror, who was impressed by how shitty her life story was. The sorceror decided to have a pity party competition, and invited people all the world around to come to his castle and tell stories about who has the crappiest life.

Well, Penta’s brother, still on his woe-is-me kick, shows up and tells his story. The Green Earth King shows up and tells about how he lost his one true love due to some interfering shrew of a fisherman’s wife (whom, it should be mentioned, the king had by this time ordered to be covered in wax and set on fire).

The sorceror realized who the two were, and reunited them with Penta. The story ends with the sorceror magically regrowing her hands, and leaves off the part where she no doubt started strangling her brother in full view of everyone.

Now, surprisingly, this sort of fairytale – women with chopped-off hands – is so common that it actually has its own classification (Aarne-Thompson type 706B). Other variants include:

- Her father trying to marry her instead of her brother (gross)

- Her brother chopping off the girl’s hands because he thought she’d murdered his baby (when in reality the brother’s insanely jealous wife had done so - after breaking all their furniture, killing his horse, and blaming it all on the now-handless sister)

- Her stepmother chopping off her hands and gouging out her eyes (also in this one, she was born alongside a talking snake)

…it goes on. I could seriously do an entire calendar of amputee fairytale girls. 

Art notes:

  • Because it’s an Italian fairytale, the dog in the boat is an Italian greyhound.
  • The ship is a Polacca, a type of merchant vessel popular with the Venetians in the 1700s (when this fairytale was recorded).
  • The chest is based off an actual 18th century Italian chest I found online, not that you can really tell – it was a pretty ordinary-looking chest.