fisherman's house


fisherman’s houses at riverside by kazu saito

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Instead of bronies imagine Aizawa as some sort of sailor, fisherman, or light house keeper, and mic as a merman/siren who is always singing and being loud, and Aizawa finally "Oh my gosh, will you let me sleep for once?! This has been going on all week." And merman hizasho just "OH HOHO! so you were listening?"

Im not a big mermaid au fan but i drew u a little comic

i hope you can understand my handwritting :-)

If Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital isn’t on your list of places to ring in the New Year, it should be!

We start the evening by going to a bonfire. 10 bonfires (4 big and 6 smaller ones) are lit around Reykjavik at 8:30pm. The tradition of the bonfires dates back to the Middle Ages when fisherman would clean the house to ready it for the new year. They would burn all the old things in a massive bonfire. The tradition has carried on, but now-a-days Icelanders just gather around the bonfires to sing and symbolically burn the old.  By that time, fireworks lit up the sky almost constantly and from 11:30pm on, the fireworks just gain intensity until a massive barrage erupts  at midnight  Bars and pubs stay open until 5am and there are house parties all over the city. 


Monet at Poissy (27)
The church of Varengeville is just one more of Monet’s favourite subjects in his 1882 painting campaign. He painted it several times from a distance on top of the cliffs, from across the Gorge des Moutiers. Here are three views from the beach.
The future of the church is precarious. Due to the constant erosion of the cliffs, the church is slowly nearing the edge and we may expect that it will once disappear, just like Monet’s ‘Fisherman’s House’ did in 1950.

Claude Monet, Les falaises et l'église à Varengeville (The Cliffs and the Church at Varengeville), 1882. Oil on canvas, 60 x 81cm. Private collection
Claude Monet, Église de Varengeville, effet du matin (The Church at Varengeville, Morning Effect), 1882. Oil on canvas, 60 x 73 cm. Private collection
Claude Monet, Eglise de Varengeville, effet matinal (The Church at Varengeville, Morning Effect), 1882. Oil on canvas, 60 x 73 cm. Private collection