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Career Astrology

Determining your possible career paths and the nature of your career is far more complex than simply looking at the sign on the Midheaven and planets in the 10th. Though these will have the strongest affect, planets aspecting the MC from different house and sign will also influence your career (the 2nd house will tell you how and what will ear. you money and the 6th describes the nature of your work environment and employees).

Here is a list of careers related to each sign and planet.



  • Army Officer
  • Butcher
  • Metal worker
  • Fire-fighter
  • Surgeon
  • Ambulance officer
  • Policeman
  • Racer
  • Test piolet
  • Sales person
  • Boss
  • Self - employed
  • Athlete
  • Boxer
  • Solider
  • Executive
  • Physical therapist
  • Mechanic
  • Gunner
  • Weapons

Nature of career: Independent/Leader/Single/Driven/Direct/Assertive/Passionate/Initiative/Aggressive/Competitive


  • Baker
  • Chef
  • Restaurants/Cafe’s
  • Landscaper
  • Gardener
  • Farmer
  • Builder
  • Estate Agent
  • Singer/Vocalist
  • Jeweller
  • Artist
  • Body Artist
  • Craft-worker
  • Musician
  • Banker
  • Governmental employee
  • Administer
  • Investment broker
  • Financer
  • Office manager
  • Shop owner
  • Wine maker
  • Horticulturalist
  • Clothing/Fashion designer
  • Beautician

Nature of career: slow to materialise/Step by step/Stubborn in changing workplace/predictable and/or reliable routine or products/Endurance/Productivity/Thoroughness/Secure/Fixed


  • Writer/Author
  • Multi-takser
  • Journalism
  • Public speaker
  • Radio show host
  • Commentator
  • Broadcasting
  • Bookseller/Publisher
  • Magazine/Newspaper/Blog writer
  • Civil engenier
  • Sales representative/Salesman
  • Advertiser
  • Travel agent
  • TV product demonstrator
  • Communication or all forms
  • Mechanic
  • Personal assistent
  • Secretary
  • Show host
  • Entertainer
  • Postman
  • Teacher
  • Public transportation driver
  • Reporter
  • Comedian
  • Artificer/scribe
  • Translator
  • Librarian

Nature of career: Lots of communication involved (through speech, writing, text ect), changes career often/career ideas, structure or products changes often/Multiple career paths/Adaptable career/Superficiality is displayed in the career/Sociable/Witty/Inquisitive  


  • Nursery Nurse
  • Nanny
  • Midwife
  • Nurse
  • Caterer
  • Chef
  • Cook
  • Home Designer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Interior Designer
  • Textile Design
  • Home wear Designer
  • Working from home
  • Family Business
  • Fisherman
  • Sailor
  • Antique Dealer
  • Museum Curator
  • Historian
  • Publican
  • Navy Officer
  • Defence Lawyer
  • Hotels/Hospitality

Nature of career: Nurturing/Women-Children-Babies is a core focus/Caring/Emotionally involved in the career/Vulnerable/Moody/Protective/Touchy/Sensitivity/Intuitive/Gentle


  • Actor
  • Leader
  • Enterainer
  • Dancer
  • Television Producer/Presenter
  • Fashion model
  • Celebrity
  • Window Dresser
  • Heating engineer
  • Judge
  • Youth Worker
  • Teacher
  • Working with gold
  • President
  • Managing Director
  • Play therapist
  • Leisure center manger
  • Cardio surgeon
  • Event Planner
  • Hairstylist
  • Radio Host

Nature of career: Get to show off/Leader/Proud/Enthusiasm/Generosity/Playfulness/Dignified/Bold


  • Health care
  • Dietitian
  • dental hygienist
  • Janitor/Maid/Cleaner
  • Pharmacist
  • Nurse
  • Nutritionist
  • Personal assistent
  • Accountant
  • Carpenter/Mechanic
  • Analytic
  • Proof Reader
  • Scientist
  • Critic
  • Librarian (along with gemini)
  • Data Processor
  • Management
  • Consultant
  • Yoga teacher
  • Doctor
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Vet
  • Secretary

Nature of career: Practical/Precise/Analytical/Clean and hygienic/Categorising/Service/Efficiency/Perfectionism


  • Beauty
  • Music
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Lawyer
  • Aesthetics
  • Set/Graphic Designer
  • Beautician
  • Shopping assistant
  • Art Dealer
  • Anything in the music industry
  • Model
  • Judge
  • Diplomat
  • Welfare worker
  • Management consultant
  • Mediator
  • Dating agency
  • Negotiator
  • Business dealer

Nature of career: Balance/Equality/Harmony/Seeing both side to a situation/Diplomacy/Judgment/Adaption/Working with a partner (Husband/Wife/Business partner)/Superficiality

Scorpio/Pluto (Mars)

  • Doctor
  • Scientist
  • Psychologist
  • Detective
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Surveillance Operator
  • Private Investigator
  • Pathologist
  • Hospice Worker
  • Psychiatrist
  • Research worker
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Undertaker
  • Insurance agent
  • Sex therapy
  • Medical practitioner
  • Sewage Worker
  • Archaeologist
  • Pharmacist
  • Surgeon
  • Paramedic
  • Police Officer
  • Solider
  • FBI agent
  • Sex integrated work
  • Occultist

Nature of career: Secretive/Undercover/Mysterious/Sexual/Powerful/Intense/Transformative/Control


  • Travel Guide
  • Piolet
  • Stuntman
  • Personal Trainer
  • Athlete
  • Jockey
  • Working with horses
  • Teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Tutor
  • Philosopher
  • Guru
  • Lawyer
  • Banker
  • Philanthropist
  • Travel Agent
  • Legislators
  • Gambler
  • Professor
  • Publisher

Nature of career: Adventurous/Questioning/Righteous/Idealistic/Careless/Extravagant/Exaggeration/Expansive/Optimism/Teaching


  • Bureaucracy
  • Government
  • Chief executive officer (CEO)
  • Government employee
  • Administrator
  • Politician
  • Law enforcement
  • Entrepreneur
  • Bank manager
  • Teacher
  • Chiropractor
  • Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Dentist
  • Architect
  • Surveyor  
  • Builder
  • Mathematician
  • Engineer
  • Geologist
  • Judge
  • Miner
  • Plumber
  • Gardener
  • Farmer
  • Land/property dealer

Nature of career: Authority/Discipline/Conservation/Caution/Responsibility/Duty/Patient/Hard work


  • Scientist
  • Quantum physicist
  • Systems analyst
  • Involved with technology and/or electricity
  • Electronic engineer
  • Social/Charity worker
  • Astronomer/Astrologer
  • Ecological consultant
  • Radiographer
  • Inventor
  • Reformer
  • Computer Programer
  • Electrician

Nature of career: Innovative/Unique/Eccentric/Unusual/Humanitarian/Technical/Group work


  • Psychic
  • Occult
  • Artist
  • Film maker
  • Musician
  • Dancer
  • Charity worker
  • Hospital work
  • Nurse
  • Working with liquids/gases/poisons
  • Marine/Ocean related work
  • Fishermen
  • Working near the sea/sea themed occupation
  • Rehab councillor
  • Fantasy related
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Preist
  • Healer
  • Tarot Reader
  • Sailor
  • Painter
  • Photographer
  • Illusionist

Nature of career: Beauty/Psychic/Confusion/Fantasy/Empathy/Spiritual 

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On their first month on the Stan of War II, Stan and Ford both come down with terrible colds. They insist they’re fine, even though they show up to the family’s weekly video chat sniffling and bundled up in every blanket they own. Mabel glares as the screen, hands on her hips. “Grunkle Stan? Grunkle Ford? Do we have to run away to look after you? Have you been taking care of yourselves?”

Stan laughs, while Ford blows his nose so loudly it only comes across as static. “We’re fine, sweetie. It just takes a while to get used to boat living. Can’t say this is quite how I imagined things starting out.”

“Funnily enough,” sniffs Ford, “Being cold and wet all the time is not an ideal situation for one’s immune system. But never mind about that, we’ve made some fascinating discoveries …”

When the call is over, Mabel purses her lips. Cold all the time, huh? She knows that her Grunkles won’t take care of themselves, so it’s up to her to keep them warm. The sweaters that Mabel knits for herself are mostly acrylic, because it’s cheap and sparkly, but she saves up to buy heavy wool yarn, even though it’s rough on her fingers at first. She learns how to knit double-layered fisherman’s mittens, the kind that can keep a man’s hands warm even when he’s drenched with sea water, making sure to modify the pattern so Ford will have room for his extra fingers. She sends them thick socks with reinforced heels and a stern note telling them to let her know when they need replacements. 

Stan and Ford are no good at remembering to dress warm on principle, but they wear everything Mabel sends them. She beams when she sees her knitwear in their photos.

“Are you warmer now?” she asks during one video call, still sounding slightly worried.

Stan looks down at the Icelandic-style sweater he’s wearing, at the enormous mittens lying next to him, at the heavy socks covering his toes, and at Mabel’s concerned, loving face on the computer screen. He smiles.

“Warm as toast, pumpkin.”

honoumi for @bumbleybumsie!! thanks for being patient!

i’ve always thought of honoumi as a really old-fashioned couple because of their family history and stuff (the recent umi event made it even more apparent to me), so i thought i would draw them in a retro manga style!! i could see them growing up together in some old port town in the 60s :’’’o

Outside the sky was dark and the sea was deep and unforgiving, but inside the tiny boat were light and warmth and sparkles and laughter so loud that the whole cabin rang with it.

My favorite part from Chap 12 of Fisherman’s Knot by @scribefindegil!! This scene had me smiling so much. ^w^ So of course I had to draw it. I missed drawing these two. ;w;
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Summary: There’s nothing Tim loves more than watching the fisherman spend his days working on the ocean, but there’s no way they could ever meet. That would just end in disaster. No human could ever love him. They fear his kind.

It was fascinating to watch. Every day he came down to the beach ladened with nets and poles and supplies Tim didn’t know the name of. He would put them all in the old boat that didn’t look like it should even be able to stay afloat, then shove it into the sea. For the rest of the day, he would work. Throwing nets out and pulling them back in hours later-sometimes full of fish so his arms strained with effort and sometimes displeasingly devoid of fish. It was a routine Time knew far too well.

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We talk a lot on The Salt about the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in nuts, olive oil, fish, fruits and vegetables. Scientists believe it’s one of the world’s healthiest patterns of eating, and can protect against a lot of chronic diseases.

In the Arctic, the typical meal looks very different. There, a traditional plate would have some fatty marine animal like seal or whale and not much else – fruits and vegetables are hard to come by in the harsh climate.

And yet despite the fact that the high-fat Arctic diet may sound like a heart attack waiting to happen, these people tend to have low rates of heart disease and diabetes.

Researchers thought maybe it was the omega-3 fatty acids in the meat and blubber that might be protective. But a new study on Inuit in Greenland suggests that Arctic peoples evolved certain genetic adaptations that allow them to consume much higher amounts of fat than most other people around the world, according a team of researchers reporting Thursday in the journal Science.

The Secret To The Inuit High-Fat Diet May Be Good Genes

Credits: Malik Mifeldt/Science and Uriel Sinai/Getty Images, 

V: Rebirth

Once Poseidon left Amphitrite in the bar, he bid his children farewell, hoping Triton understood his needs and would take care of his mother and siblings while Poseidon sought to cleanse his soul of all bad things he had lived and had made him be the god he was.

As he joined forces with Hades, he made it possible to drink from Lethe and dive into the river of rebirth, returning to the world of living anew. The fates graced him with such a gift with the promise of a just life, honorable choices and devotion to his realm.

A birth mark would follow him throughout his life, a red, tattoo like, image of a trident on his arm. At the age of 21, he would find his way back to his family. The Fates would make sure of that.

A new man he was, no memory of his past or of his faults, Poseidon was now Kauai, a Hawaii born male from a family of fisherman, and it was in the sea he found his peace. The male dove from his boat in the middle of the ocean and enjoyed the feel of the water on his warm, sun kissed skin.