fisherman hats

the girl is a tree in the forest, a tree in
the woods & she grows papayas & she
feeds a village of a hundred & two people.
and after they have picked her fruits bare,
they take her flowers & leave them to wilt
in wicker baskets & cracked vases

the girl is a mountain & she keeps the
world from spinning out of order, into
chaos, into the abyss, into nothingness,
while the city below her comes undone
at the seams, all but the wailing baby.

the girl is the moon & she keeps violent
oceans at calm & the world doesn’t flood
over & drown everything that keeps her
light a glow. and the fisherman in the
yellow hat, he & his wife are still alive.

                  but in reality,

the girl sits in the corner of the room,
silently, & slits her wrists open one by
one. and from them burst a fall of honey,
gold & tooth achingly sweet, to feed
everyone she loves.

—  in which a girl bleeds honey, by Nicole Moon

Summer is an old character I created back when I was doing my Bachelor degree.
I juste felt the desire to draw a nice lookin gal in the outside since it’s so beautiful outside with the summer here in Quebec!
Funny thing, now that I look at her, she looks so much like my girlfriend :p

Had tons of fun trying out different things in this illustration ^^ especially how to integrate lines and a basic render to deliver credibility :p
Hope you like!

Steps avaible here:

Program 3 - Star Trek

Can I get a BOTE story with Scotty x Reader where Scotty has to cheer up the reader in engineering?

AN: Although this is more cute than funny, this is part of my “Bored on the Enterprise” series. You can read more of it here

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Does Eliot just like to accessorize, or do the bracelets/bracers/necklaces/earrings/rings have any special/sentimental meanings for him?

honestly i feel like it’s both. he likes to accessorize. but some of his pieces have sentimental value. the one he wears with the fleur de lis on it was one of his  marine’s. he took it off his dead body. it was supposed to offer some sort of supernatural protection. it clearly didn’t. so eliot took it to remind himself to not get too cocky. and also just to not forget him. he wears one of his mom’s earrings sometimes. especially around the anniversary of her death. he’s got his dad’s fisherman’s hat. and a turquoise bracelet from his gramma. he does pick up stuff from like every country he visits too. but he does just shop around looking for stuff that fits his aesthetic too. not everything has sentimental value. but the pieces that do are his favorite ones. 

i remember when i went to vietnam with my mom, I was teaching her vietnamese tones and tone markings. she’s usually pretty apathetic about these kinds of things and pretends she’s not interested in foreign languages but as soon as I started tying in cantonese cognates and parallels, you could see a spark in her eyes and despite trying to remain uninterested you could tell she was listening to me. she even tried out the tones and practiced reading out some of the signs!!! I doubt she remembers any of the things I taught her tho

also, on a related note, my grandma tagged along with us to vietnam as well, so on the first day of our trip, we were trying to communicate with the taxi driver at the airport but he spoke little to no english so we’re like lol rekt what do we do AND THEN MY GRANDMA WHO HAD BEEN SITTING THERE SILENTLY FOR 10 MIN WHIPS OUT SOME DECENT SOUNDING VIETNAMESE AND THE DRIVER UNDERSTANDS and my family and I just looked at her in shock like grandma where did u learn this?? it was amazin honestly my grandma is goals omg

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Cole has the weirdest fashion sense, but it works for him. I almost choked when I saw his Clifford Blossom look...LMAO

And it turned out to not even be entirely Clifford Blossom, cause it was a Greek Fisherman’s hat, but still…TBH, his Jughead outfits are kinda cuter, I think those are his best…

”This story is an experience my mother had a few years ago and has only told me and kept between the people she experienced it with.

Her and about three of her friends went four wheeling on a trail in a large woods of some sort off in the country. They had two four wheelers and two people on each and were about halfway through when they all claimed they saw the same thing.

A bright glowing ghost hovering a few feet above them looking very, VERY angry. It was a man that looked to be a fisherman by the looks of his fisherman hat and vest, etc. I don’t remember if they sped up or what but their fight or flight must have went into flight because they kept going and once they were underneath him she said the man tried swooping down and grabbing at them. He missed and they kept going a few ways up the trail until they were brave enough to stop.

These are four mature skeptical women in their 40s mind you, all claiming they saw the same man. She said they all just looked at each other waiting for one of them to speak up and talk about what they just saw. I think they were all basically in shock and just hopped back on and kept going more ways up. This is where it gets worse.

It turns out they didn’t find out till later that this particular trail is known for bad things happening. Several people had died on this trail, one being a man who went fourwheeling and was found many feet away from the trail, crashing into a tree. He was completely sober. I don’t remember the other deaths but I know there were more victims.

This is where it gets worse for my mother and her three friends. When they were all in shock and staring at each other, they hopped back on and took off. My moms four wheeler was in front and the other one was trailing behind then with the two friends on that one. After about a minute or so they noticed her two friends trailing behind her were gone. Out of sight. She and her friend riding with her turned around to go searching for them. If she didn’t stop at a small lake they had passed, they would have died.

I don’t remember what all was said but I know that they stopped at the lake they had passed and shut off the engine to listen for their engine or any sounds from them. That’s when they heard bubbles rising to the top of this small lake. It was deep enough for them to go crashing into it and it just so happened that the four wheeler somehow got crushed on top of both of them and was holding them down underwater. My mom being the hero she was made the connection and dived in where she saw the bubbles. If she had been even a minute late they would have died.

The two underwater, after coming to their senses, claimed that they had no idea what happened or how they got down there. And when my mind turns to this story every now and then I am amazed at how lucky those two were. They could have easily not parked at that small lake and instead somewhere else and then listened. Even so, the bubbles of their last breaths could have been anything else. It is my belief that seeing this ghost fisherman that my mom got in some kind of survival instinct and that’s why she made such a decision. Because I know I probably wouldn’t think that two sober people would crash into a lake with perfectly fine headlights, AND somehow be crushed UNDER the four wheeler. It boggles my mind.

Some kind of evil is definitely in that forest.”

By: @toohighcantcomedown

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How many kids and what gender do you think *blank space ; choose 7 people you would like to answer for* would like to have?

Hello, love! 
Admin Spade had a blast and overdid herself a little bit, haha 
I hope you don’t mind guys, I just often imagine stuff like this and yeah  

The Quiett would have a girl; he would insist that she is always dressed in trendy $weg cute clothes good luck Spade $weg means fisherman hats haha/ haha my daughter will never wear them ugly hats bcs i’ll burn them all, you know i have a list with chothing i have to burn when i marry my fav xd Unlike her dad, The Quiett’s daughter would be very very talkative haha. She would never shut up just like her mother Spade She would often talk way too quickly for the others to understand her haha are you trying to tell me sth GC?

Beenzino would first have a girl, then a boy; they would be a really weird family. His daughter would be like his little copy - looks exactly like him, behaves like him, talks like him - Zino would be her hero! His son would be into the Q’s girl ever since young age and he would always hit on her, but she would always brush him off - she wouldn’t take him seriously until they pass their teen years.

Dok2 would have two boys hahah admin spade fulfilling my dream of me having sons ; He would play all sorts of manly sports with them, Spade said he would always play football with them while his wife me stays on the side laughing at him bcs his $weg Addidas sweatpants would fall down all the time

Jay Park would have a little princess! Dok2 and Jay would try to matchmake their children so that they can finally become real family but Dok2’s boy and Jay’s girl won’t like each other in that way haha; Jay’s girl would be bestie with Simon’s and Gray’s daughters.

We can imagine Gray with a little girl - she will be his princess, right after her mother. She would be always dressed in pink, girly clothes and she will even have a crown, haha.

Admin Spade says that Simon D would have twins - a girl and a boy why are you doing this to me one baby is painful enough you are sayin imma give birth to TWO AT ONCE?! His boy would be really into Gray’s daughter. When they grow up he would always hit on her, and that’s why Gray would be very overprotective. The two would most likely end up together lol

DinDin would probs have a little beautiful daughter. They would be the aegyo combo. They would very effectively use it against his wife; DinDin would teach his girl how to get all the boys in her feet.

Iron the trendy boy would def have a girl - she will be a real cute lil princess! They would be the $weg combo, he would also have a son who will be like his little copy. The lil boy would always be dressed in black clothes, Jordans and fisherman hats (like his daddy). His uncle Minwoo (dj snatch) would spoil him to no end! Unfortunately, his fav uncle will be no other than Suprema!

Minwoo aka DJ Snatch woudl have a son; he would dress the little boy in shirts and pants (like himself) since young age. He would be a very well manered kid; the boy would like Iron’s daughter and for this reason he wouldn’t get along very well with Iron’s son; little Hunchul would be very protective over his sister, even though she is his noona! But when they grow up, the two boys will become good friends!

Supreme Boi would have a son, too. His kid would be real wild and naughty, haha. He would also like Iron’s princess (bcs she is a daughter of her father, no one can resist her, haha) and that would be the reason why he and Minwoo’s son won’t get along at all; Iron’s daughter would be the only one who he listens to - they would be best friends, even though her lil bro doesn’t like him. When the two become teenagers the boy would probs confess his feelings, but she wouldn’t accept them, bcs she likes Minwoo’s son, haha.

Giriboy would have a little boy, who is gonna be his exact copy. He would wear big round glasses like his dad and would collect noonas like a real playa! The lil boy would play pranks on his dad together with his favourite uncle C Jamm all the time, haha!

C Jamm would have a son, too jeez spade what’s with you and all them boys His boy would do every possible sport and he would be strong and muscular like his daddy; he would be the $weg cool boy every girl wants and likes

Swings would also have a son - his boy would be very nerdy, he would have big rounded glasses and he would be a real good student. The boy would always be at the top of his class; his father would send him to the best schools! He would probably be accepted at a uni from the Ivy league but right before he goes there he would be like FU-K IT IMMA DO WHATEVER I WANT with my life i am not goING THERE; he would probs follow his dad’s path

Nochang would have a daughter jeesus thanks god one girl; she would be just as weird as her dad. She would be very thin and fragile - and beautiful like a porcelain doll. She and Swing’s son would be the same age and therefore they would be really close friends; they would be just like characters from some drama/manga - the nerdy boy and the dead gorgeous girl; The two of them would always share with each other and just like hang out together and be best buddies; everyone would probs expect them to end up together because of the chemistry between them and the strong bond but only the future can tell, haha winkwink

Olltii would probs have the cutest fluffiest baby boy ever! He would be just like his daddy - baby face with a monster truck voice. One of Olltii’s favourite things to do would be bringing his son backstage, showing him everything, making him part of his work and lifestyle; they would have a rly strong father-son relationship. The kid would be aegyo master - he would always do his uncle’s infamous “jiko jiko nii” shit

Thank you for sending this in ❤  we hope that you had as much fun while reading as we had while writing this :)
ps: I (Spade) have always wanted two sons but somehow ended with a daughter :D maybe I should do something about that *le wink wink*