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Melissa Harris-Perry’s open letter to Justice Clarence Thomas.

“So lets be clear. Its not a legacy of affirmative action. Devaluing the accomplishments of black people is not a legacy of affirmative action. It’s a legacy of racism that continues to confound and challenge our nation, to change it we need more than months or even years. we need generations to break down barriers that divide us. and do you know one of the important places where that work begins? in college classrooms, diverse classrooms, the kind of classrooms that affirmative action has created. and here’s something i learned in my career as a college professor. the measure of merit isn’t the test you take to get into school. it’s what you learn after you’ve been admitted and what you do with that knowledge once you’ve left. just look at your african-american classmates from yale law school in the early 1970s. you remember them, the ones tainted by affirmative action. four are now federal judges. one became a college president. there are partners at the countries top law firms and two professors of law, including harvard law’s first tenure black woman lany greiner. and yes, even the supreme courts second black supreme court justice. their  accomplishment and yours are the real legacy of affirmative action. contrary to what you believe, yale’s admission policy was not a failure. it was an undeniable success.

sincerely, melissa.

emphasis added. But wow. Just wow.