fisher stripe


Making a Pointer Brand barn chore jacket fit OK

I don’t really care for these jackets for any reason other than they look good on people online.  In real life they fit like a tent, are unlined, have loose threads all over the place, etc…  I’m all for supporting the USA made products, but these are a bit out of hand on price in my opinion.  I have a 38" chest and bought a size medium way back when and the thing needed some work before I’d wear it in public. 

Here’s the list of things I did to get this coat fitting in what I consider to be a reasonable fashion:

  1. I darted the back which took it in about three inches in total
  2. I took it in along the sides which removed about another 1.5" of bagginess
  3. I took in the sleeves about 5/8" so that they met up with the cuffs evenly.  Then tapered up to the armpit.  I didn’t take it in at the armpit at all. 

The top of the coat fits my shoulders fine, it was just that it hung off of me like a potato sack otherwise.  This isn’t good if you plan on working on moving machinery, riding a motorcycle, or don’t want to look like an escaped convict in public.  I took a photo to show that the coat still has enough room at the shoulders so you can lift your arms and have free movement without the coat rising up like a fitted suit jacket.  That said, I think the coat fits me pretty well now and it took me all of five minutes to sit down and sew on it.  I left all of the original fabric in the coat.  It’s just hidden on the interior now.  

Some of my musteloid skulls, including animals from families Mustelidae (mustelids), Mephitidae (skunks), and Procyonidae (raccoons). 

Skulls are, clockwise from upper left: wolverine, raccoon (female), American badger, North American river otter (younger animal), North American river otter (older animal), ermine, fisher, striped skunk, and raccoon (male).