fisher plant


I got a few Widelux rolls back from my Detroit trip a few weeks ago. Detroit is such and epic place and I had a mega tight crew of boyz out there. The trip was a really good blend of skating and just being a tourist. Oh, and lots of urban spelunking.

most of the weird old traditions of Whitestone are actually probably to control the leylines/keep shut the weak point between planes, but nobody remembers that anymore. (they’re going to get a crash course soon, though, I bet.) lotta stuff at solstices/equinoxes

  • like two extra hours of crack-of-dawn prayers to Pelor at Winter’s Crest, for sure (not actually exclusive to Whitestone - pretty normal throughout Exandria, considering he’s the sun god and it’s midwinter)
  • DEFINITELY something for the first seeds planted every year, at the Spring Equinox. blessing the fields. also at dawn, probably. (If there’s anything Percy dislikes more than waking up before dawn to go sit in a freezing-cold church for three hours without respite, it’s waking up before dawn to troop down to the fields to muck around in the dirt. But everyone in the family has to do it - actually, everybody in the city probably does it? but obviously the de Rolos go first, one at a time starting with the head of the family (the priest of Pelor hands them the first seed), and after that maybe it’s some significant figures in the city - various priests, for sure - and then it’s a free-for-all, just organized enough to keep the crops still more or less in rows.)
    • (cough fisher kings cough Plant Growth spell cough)
  • BELTANE (this one may not be actually doing much mystically/magically; it’s just fun. jumping over fires, going into the bushes for…hunting berries…(until Cassandra gets married, Percy and Vex will have to open it, being the foremost couple in the city)
  • Midsummer, once the snows are done, is when the ruling Lord or Lady - or a suitable substitute from the family - goes around and opens all the ongoing quarries. Someone carves out the rock that last year got marked with the de Rolo crest and formally passes it over, then the lord/lady uses a very minor version of Stone Shape to carve a new crest onto a new random patch of stone; this particular piece will not be hewn until next Midsummer.
    • if ur ritual doesn’t simultaneously bind god, rulers, and magic stone of the land AND serve as a reminder of feudal status quo and who exactly owns everything around here, u’r not doing as well as u could
    • (Cassandra trying to teach herself the spell based on what she’s heard and the like one year she tagged along with her father for this? my heart hurts. Percy reminds her that de Rolos have, actually, just used carving tools before.)
  • Autumn Equinox is obviously a harvest festival, with the peasantry still working in the fields all day while the aristocracy have the Grey Hunt to find suitable meat, that the whole city shares in a massive feast in the evening. Everyone gives thanks to Pelor and gets very drunk. Possibly also tax day (a different sort of harvest.)