The credited cast of “The Five(ish) Doctors Rebootand their connection to Doctor Who. 

In case you wanted to know all the cameos. Accurate only to the best of my knowledge, which is hopefully good enough.

Also this guy keeps popping up, but I don’t know his name, I just know he runs the difficult DW pub quiz in Cardiff, which he also did at the 50th Celebration. (I won one of them, by the way, have a certificate and all.)

ETA:  I’m told the littlest girl in the car is Olive Tennant, making the other girl Alice Knight. And the mother in the car played Peter Davison’s wife in ‘At Home with the Braithwaites’. Which probably means Nick Jordan is the other guy at the DW Experience.

Christian Brassington is Georgia’s good friend and professional partner, he’s also married to Jennie Fava, who ast. directed the webcast and is David Tennant’s best friend. David actually married them (as their officiant). Olivia Darnley is Georgia’s close friend and the ex-partner of Adam James (David Tennant’s other best friend, who appeared in Planet of the Dead).  (Thanks, anon.)

So many people commenting on how in The Ultimate Time Lord, Paul looks bored or like he really doesn’t want to be there, and that his part in FishDr would be dull.

I don’t think they realise that Paul’s quite shy and mellow and composed most of the time in settings like this, he doesn’t push himself into the spotlight, and he takes time to open up. It’s actually kind of weird, being used to the enthusiasm of Eight, and meeting Paul who’s just so chill. Just because he doesn’t have the same kind of banter that Peter/Colin/Sylv have together (where they pretend to annoy the hell out of each other mostly) doesn’t mean he’s bored or boring. If he was bored or didn’t like hanging out with them, he wouldn’t be there.

And also, Peter/Colin/Sylv have all had time to establish their “characters” and how to interact in Peter’s videos, which is why they could slip into it so fluidly in this without a script (I mean, you don’t really think they would be this unhelpful if they weren’t doing it for laughs?), but Paul hasn’t really had that. His time to establish his character has yet to come.

I just… guys, your lack of faith in Paul makes me sad, basically.

An actual post?! or My thoughts on the 50th

I thoroughly enjoyed both televised 50th specials.  It was a wonderful mix of drama and comedy.  Anyway I’ll list some random thoughts starting with the DotD

  • Unless specifically told otherwise I’m assuming both Elizabeths were Zygons.  No way would Liz I marry.  She was trapped in a Zygon machine until they all retreated to the pictures, then she was released.  I’m going to assume that the Zygon wrote the letter…no, I can’t yet figure out why exactly.
  • I liked David Tennant’s Doc in this.  He wasn’t overly broody.
  • I liked the Rose fake-out.  I think it was an effective use of the character.
  • Capaldi cameo!!!!
  • Timelords make good antagonists; I’m looking forward to seeing them again.
  • OK, nothing that ruins looms for loom lovin’ people.  In fact the (apparent based on past info) explosion in population might even confirm them in some capacity anyway.
  • We, as a fandom, need to come to terms with our Doctor numbering system :P
  • UNIT <3
  • I loved the interaction among the Doctors.  Isn’t that the main point of a multi-doctor special?
  • Nice to see Clara as a teacher; I liked her in this overall.
  • She travels with the Doctor on her own terms…very different
  • Tom Baker was wonderful.  I loved the mystery, slightly-crazy curator. 
  • The all doctors cameos on the communication screens were nice.  I’m assuming they were adding power to whatever Matt Smith’s Doc was doing.  I really don’t care that deeply exactly what they were doing, it was nice to see them.
  • John Hurt to Chris Eccleston regeneration for the completionists among us.  Shame CE wouldn’t come in for it, but it was done fairly well.  Old age then?
  • …what sort of treaty did we make with the Zygons?

FISH Doctor

  • Peter Davison does that put upon expression so well.  I think he’s channeling a little Dangerous Davies
  • LOL at John Barrowmans “wife and kids” as well as the guy’s reactions.
  • Tom Bakers voice mail made me do a spit take!
  • Moffett dreams in regeneration sequences?!
  • OK, I didn’t think I could like Colin Baker more….
  • Sylvester McCoy is so funny when he quotes himself
  • Now I need to re-watch DOTD with the ending of this one in mind
  • I love how many people helped with this!
  • Moffett’s delete voice mail voice
  • RTD at the end
  • asleep on the bus.  
  • LOL at Ian McKellen 
  • Ok, I’ve run out of steam.  Just go watch it.  WATCH IT NOW!