The credited cast of “The Five(ish) Doctors Rebootand their connection to Doctor Who. 

In case you wanted to know all the cameos. Accurate only to the best of my knowledge, which is hopefully good enough.

Also this guy keeps popping up, but I don’t know his name, I just know he runs the difficult DW pub quiz in Cardiff, which he also did at the 50th Celebration. (I won one of them, by the way, have a certificate and all.)

ETA:  I’m told the littlest girl in the car is Olive Tennant, making the other girl Alice Knight. And the mother in the car played Peter Davison’s wife in ‘At Home with the Braithwaites’. Which probably means Nick Jordan is the other guy at the DW Experience.

Christian Brassington is Georgia’s good friend and professional partner, he’s also married to Jennie Fava, who ast. directed the webcast and is David Tennant’s best friend. David actually married them (as their officiant). Olivia Darnley is Georgia’s close friend and the ex-partner of Adam James (David Tennant’s other best friend, who appeared in Planet of the Dead).  (Thanks, anon.)

Classic Doctors up to something?

Peter Davison and Colin Baker have been tweeting cryptically in the last few days in relation to a mysterious Twitter account, @dayoftheFishDr.

On November 14th, Colin Baker (@SawbonesHex) was the first to tweet:

Can’t wait for the first Tweet from @dayoftheFishDr - you will learn things to delight you in this month of November

Later that day, @dayoftheFishDr, who’s profile picture is the Sixth Doctor’s coat on a mannequin, sent the next tweet:

9 days. They are coming… #FishDr

A few minutes later, Peter Davison (@PeterDavison5) tweeted:

Who? @dayoftheFishDr #FDR #FishDr

Yesterday, Colin Baker tweeted:

#FF @dayoftheFishDr as the clock ticks down before the quest begins…

@dayoftheFishDr continued their countdown to November 23rd, and also sent out:

“Hang on. One thing. Why are we doing all this?”… #FishDr #FDR

Today, the most intriguing of all was sent out by @dayoftheFishDr:

POLICE INCIDENT LOG - April 18th 2013. Certain items reported missing from Doctor Who experience, Cardiff. #FishDr #FDR

The message was retweeted by Peter Davison. This could possibly be related to Peter Davison’s tweet from March 21st:

Incidentally I fired up my new HD video camera yesterday. Watch out world, the ‘Classics’ are coming!

On September 9th, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy were being filmed “protesting” the lack of Classic Doctors in the 50th anniversary outside of BBC TV Centre.

On October 7th, Sean Pertwee, son on Jon Pertwee, tweeted a picture for a call sheet featuring Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann all playing themselves. The tweet was deleted, but you can read more on the story here.

The situation is further complicated with Paul McGann’s surprise appearance in The Night of the Doctor, after months of denying any involvement in the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Whatever may be happening, the day of the “Fish Dr” is quickly approaching and we will surely find out soon.

So many people commenting on how in The Ultimate Time Lord, Paul looks bored or like he really doesn’t want to be there, and that his part in FishDr would be dull.

I don’t think they realise that Paul’s quite shy and mellow and composed most of the time in settings like this, he doesn’t push himself into the spotlight, and he takes time to open up. It’s actually kind of weird, being used to the enthusiasm of Eight, and meeting Paul who’s just so chill. Just because he doesn’t have the same kind of banter that Peter/Colin/Sylv have together (where they pretend to annoy the hell out of each other mostly) doesn’t mean he’s bored or boring. If he was bored or didn’t like hanging out with them, he wouldn’t be there.

And also, Peter/Colin/Sylv have all had time to establish their “characters” and how to interact in Peter’s videos, which is why they could slip into it so fluidly in this without a script (I mean, you don’t really think they would be this unhelpful if they weren’t doing it for laughs?), but Paul hasn’t really had that. His time to establish his character has yet to come.

I just… guys, your lack of faith in Paul makes me sad, basically.

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot details emerge

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, written and directed by Peter Davison, will be available on BBC Red Button tomorrow at 10:05pm. The following synopsis has been revealed for the 30 minute special:

A star studded special written and directed by Peter Davison. With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who about to film, the ‘Classic’ Doctors are keen to be involved. But do they manage it?

It isn’t much longer until we find out!