I don’t know how long I’ve really been here, but last year a few months before the dye reign started, is when I joined. It’s fantastic. And so are Mark and all of his friends. I hope the newer subs have as great as experience as I’m having in this fandom, this community. Behave, you bastards. <3

Congrats to Mark. People think you’re cool, you loser. <33


Whoops, seems like Jackaboy and Wadeypoo saw through the award-winning FishCone Strategy…

Well, maybe next time Bob and Mark could try and use the WishShark Technique, that might work!

Something simple I drew in between studying, after rewatching that Prop Hunt episode :) I kept it without a lot of details and with the white outlines (that’s why I added the grey background), now they almost look like stickers :3