My ocean has a shallow bottom
The bottom holds my thoughts
Is there deeper an ocean beneath
If I believe
Hard enough
Can I cast my words
Into a wider world
And reel in bigger fish
The water ripples
Maybe my lines too brief
For a fairly heavy wish


I finished all 35 dinosaurs!

Well, most of these are dinosaurs, there are a few marine reptiles, pterosaurs, crocs, fish, sharks, synapsids, and mammals here too!

If you really like them, check out my redbubble-they’re all stickers!


Male: “ Heh😏.. Did you like my fish? It took me 4 hours to catch that goddamn fish😐 ”

Female: “ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ”

Male: “ ……………😑 ”

Male: “ Did you just hear what I said😑? ”


So today, June 23rd, I got a betta!! He has no name so far. I got him because last week I was at the pet store and I saw this beautiful iridescent green/silver double tail half moon boy! I didn’t get him because I wasn’t sure what I wanted in my 10 gallon tank yet. I came back today to look around and on my way to checkout I noticed him again, this time with stress stripes and looking pretty lethargic and colorless compared to last time. So in short, I felt awful for him and realized he wouldn’t get adopted because he was no longer very pretty. I hope he loves his filtered and heated 10 gallon tank as much as I love him! I know the stress stripes will go away and his beautiful green color will come back and I’m so excited 😊