Urartian Bronze Belt with Winged & Double-Headed Hybrid Creatures, 8th-6th Century BC

This bronze belt bears the strange images of winged sphinx-like and siren-like creatures with the heads of humans, horses, lions and other creatures. Some have the tail of a fish or bird while others have a ram’s head on the tail.


Left home in the afternoon and got biscuits and gravy at the sweets shop.. & headed westward to the arboretum and Japanese gardens. There’s moss, budding flowers and cold air, everywhere ~ I’m really enjoying the intermission between winter and spring.

I will have to go back to see the gingko tree collection (my favorite leaves!) and maybe catch the winter holly berries. There were many cute juncos and robins in the mud puddles. As you can see the fish were very stunning, too!

Eventually we got back to the city center, where it is just a couple degrees warmer. Before commuting home from downtown I had warm and filling mashed potato. And even more gravy… I think had it for the first time this year.


for someone who fucking loves fish, i never draw them.

this was painting practice! and a lil pattern bc i thought it would be cute for my new header. if anyone wanted to use it as theirs, that would be cool! (just please give me credit ahh)


Enjoy your day weekend month or life. Adopt a pet don’t shop. This is not my video clip.

Don’t know about you, but I find that i enjoy these greatly.

I planned on taking a photo of the ink line-work before adding the watercolor, but apparently not, meh. Cat jumped on the table when I was halfway through the background wash, and I really out to buy new brushes …

India ink, dip pen with maru nib, and, watercolor. In moleskine watercolor sketchbook, with some artist tape for a clean border :p