“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” –"Jaws,“ 1975)
Celebrate Shark Week with this aquatic More Art Monday.

Big Fish Eat Little Fish,” 1557, Pieter van der Heyden

Fish Magic,” 1925, Paul Klee

Luminaire (Sea Chase)“,” 1969, Designed by Lloyd Atkins, Made by Steuben Glass, of Corning Glass Works

Sea Monster (Monstre sous-marin),” c. 1895, Odilon Redon

Woman’s Bag, 1930, Artist/maker unknown, Austrian

Still Life with Flowers, Shells, a Shark’s Head, and Petrifications,” 1819, Antoine Berjon

Come oh tired sailor into my sullen keep
Release the earthly shackles that hold you by your feet.
No sun will kiss your face but I will keep you warm
In a watery castle hidden from the storm.
Come oh tired sailor what treasures to behold
Beneath this watery dungeon are kingdoms made of gold
Come oh tired sailor boy no crown amongst your keep
But you will be my godly sire a kingdom you shall reap.

Further Updates in Fish Magic

The echeneis (usually identified as a remora) was a 6 inch long fish that had the power to hold ships completely still, even during the worst storms.

These guys were rumoured to be responsible for many of history’s most dramatic boat failures, including Marc Antony’s defeat at Actium.

Their powers of clinginess were so strong they were used in love potions and to magically delay legal procedures.

Watching the Fine-Bros corporation’s subscriber count plummet fills me with determination

Watch its drop live:

See the statistical damage in context

see how they pissed everyone on the internet off

see why this is such a big problem:

see how their response video still doesn’t make what they are attempting any better:

See a sassy magical cartoon fish slam them if legal issues aren’t your forte:

How this relates to Undertale:
Basically, this proves Undyne’s speech really is true, individually, we, like the monsters, are weak and easily brushed off, like a droplet of water, but with our hearts beating together, we spread and swell and crash upon you like a mighty wave, eroding your castle, determined to act as one and STRIKE YOU DOWN!

Corporations may be powerful and have money to corrupt and get their way, but with enough upset citizens, a violent uprising will succeed. Just like how Undyne will lead the monsters and overthrow Toriel if the human has killed too many monsters. Its this that major corporations need to remember, “Memento Mori”, “remember that you must die”. No matter how much money or power you are, no matter how big your corporation is, your security is not foolproof, all it takes is a group of people, someone with a gun or a knife, and its over for you. its so easy to get pictures and info on people these days, and the positions in companies, its so easy to spread, before you know it you have thousands of people that will attack you physically or economically the second they see you. Theres a lot of disgruntled people out there, and no matter how good your lawyers are, how much determination you have, how much power you think you wield….. you can still die, and in this world……you don’t have any resets or save files………

You would be amazed how many NDA’s, Copyrights, lawsuit summons, DMCA takedown notices, Contracts, Super PAC paperwork, and Lobbyist funded bills a single sharp knife can cut through.