The Signs as Drawings My 3 Year Old and I Drew


Puppy with a big big tail and big ears that sits and has stripes.


A zebra with stripes that cant walk on the lobster because its sharp.


This pig


This sharp lobster with eyes


Lizard with 6 tails and tiny tiny hands.


Triangle with Walkin Legs


Santa Claus with 2 handles and a wheel

Spider with dangerous legs


Shark with hurt mouth and tummy hurt.


A snake with lips on its tongue, in water with a pink neck.


Fish with 3 eyes and 2 tails and 6 people riding him.


Two tiny whales

After years and years of searching for the name of this disease, I have finally figured it out.

It was about 3 or 4 years ago when I went to Vietnam. I do not know if I posted about this, but there was this 9 year old girl who I have met. She wasnt “normal looking” like the rest of us, but rather unique. They called her “Dragon Girl”, and I will explain to you why.

From head to toe, her skin was just like a reptile–green, scaly, and would sometimes shed. her eyes were pulled back upwards, and her flesh from beneath her lids stood out. What struck me was that it’s not because she looks different, but because of how normal she is,
Iola the rest of us. Honestly, she is the most adorable girl ever.

When my family and i visited her, she took a mask in order to cover her face because she didn’t want us to be frightened. Anyway, that was just a little side note because ever since I came back to Canada, iv been searching and trying to figure out what this disease was called and how to treat it.

Today in class, there was a presentation about journalism and yaddiyaddiyada and it was pretty dreadful until it hit the last presenter. It was about diseases I mexico and the first thing that caught my attention were the words: scale-like skin. It was called something weird in mexican but to translate it,it meant “fish kid”. So I found it. A clue.

Hearing about kids full of diseases just makes me want to try even harder, because when I get somewhere in life, i promise to you, that I will help somehow and do something about it.