so i have this au i was working on where everything is the same except everyone’s a mermaid

just a couple things: the flowerscouts would all be betta fish, space kid is one too, the woodscouts are a piranha (edward), a viperfish (petrol), and an atlantic sharpnose shark (snake), and qm is either a fisherman or a scuba diver, or both honestly


descriptions of the signs that will make them roll their eyes

Aries: always angry

Taurus: loves food

Gemini: two-faced bitch

Cancer: crybaby

Leo: self-absorbed asshole

Virgo: control freak

Libra: slutty

Scorpio: wants sex 24/7

Sagittarius: adventurous

Capricorn: boring and emotionless

Aquarius: an alien

Pisces: fish

Myths About Betta Fish

I’m sick of the pet industry always fucking animals like the betta over so let’s get some things straight
MYTH: bettas like small spaces, they live in small rice paddies in the wild
REALITY: No they absolutely do not, sure some survive this, but it’s a cruel life to live. Rice paddies are actually quite big although shallow, the average male betta has about 3 feet of its own territory in the wild. Bettas need AT LEAST 2.5 gallons, but a 5-10 g is even better. You can get a 3 g tank from petco for like $10
MYTH: you should feed your betta whenever it is hungry
REALITY: a bettas stomach is the size of its eyeball, it is very easy to overfeed. I feed my betta 3 pellets twice a day, but lots of people feed at different times with different food so I suggest doing some research and deciding what works best for you.
MYTH: bettas are lazy
REALITY: bettas are inactive in small tanks because they’re aware that they have no space to swim and will hit walls, in larger tanks bettas are very active
MYTH: bettas can only be kept alone
REALITY: it is true that male betta fish cannot be kept with any other betta, but (depending on the bettas personality) bettas can be kept with fish that are smaller and drab looking that won’t bite your bettas tail. I keep my betta with 2 snails and 5 ghost shrimp and he rarely bothers them. Female bettas can be kept in groups of 5 which is called a sorority. Keep in mind that these options are only possible in large tanks with lots of hiding spots.
MYTH: bettas will eat live plants so you don’t have to feed them if you have plants in the tank
REALITY: bettas are CARNIVORES. They won’t eat plants, they will eat blood worms and brine shrimp which you can buy frozen. In fact feeding real prey is good along with pellets or flakes.
MYTH: bettas don’t need filtration or heat
REALITY: they need both. As far as filtration goes, strong currents don’t mix well with bettas so a sponge filter is best.
MYTH: bettas only live a couple months anyway, why should I be doing all this?
REALITY: with proper care, bettas can live 5 years.
MYTH: bettas and all other fish are dumb
REALITY: bettas are actually very smart and trainable. Mine was taught to jump out of the water on command and come when called (by wiggling fingers). Some people have taught bettas harder tricks such as going through a hoop. They can even learn when meal time is and be ready for it.
MYTH: My child will take care of the betta
REALITY: your child will lose interest within a week, YOU will be taking care of their fish. If you’re not okay with that don’t buy your kid a fish.
MYTH: I should completely change the tank each time I clean it
REALITY: you should instead do frequent partial water changes of about 40% of the water
MYTH: bettas are throw away pets
REALITY: there is no such thing as a throw away pet and if you think there is you shouldn’t own pets

Please always read care sheets before buying a pet because -newsflash- PET STORES LIE.
*drops mic*

my MHA headcanons (so far)
  • Bakugo is the only one who can actually tie his own tie, but you would never know because he doesn’t wear it. let’s be honest, a bunch of fifteen year old kids probably had their moms doing it for them, so when they move into the dorms this suddenly becomes a problem. the discovery is made when Kaminari comes to class with a nice tie and spills the beans. now, bakugo has to deal with people asking for his help (which he always does)
  • Kirishima had braces when he was little. his pointed teeth took the place of his flat baby teeth but they were kinda crooked. he didn’t have full head gear, but he did have to use rubber bands and a power coil. when he got them off, it took forever to re-learn how to speak and eat. he now has a slight fear of the dentist, worried they might tell him that he needs braces again.
  • Kaminari will charge your electronics for you, but only if you stay with him while he does. You can’t just leave your phone with him and go off somewhere. Talk with him, do homework with him. make popcorn and watch movies. some of the kids go to him without really needing a charge and hang out with him because he’s a generally cool dude
  • Shoji can play the piano. and the guitar. and the harmonica. all at the same time. it’s quite a sight to see.
  • Todoroki has a half-moon beta fish in his room that he shows an unusual amount of care for. she’s a pretty blue and silver fish, and the other kids could watch her swim all day. she inadvertently becomes the mascot of class 1-a. her name is Usagi. no one knows if the name is a reference to sailor moon or not, and they’re too afraid to ask
  • Uraraka loves scented candles. her room is a menagerie of smells - flowers, fruits, mountain air, and other such scents. sometimes it can be overwhelming, but when she leaves her door open, the entire floor smells heavenly. In winter times, uraraka lets other borrow her candles. the girls always smell so nice and the boys can’t figure out why.
  • Izuku, because he’s been to the hospital and nurse’s office so much, is starting to become a working-expert on medical treatments, both conventional and obscure. which means he kinda becomes the nurse of class 1-a when recovery girl is away on weekends and holidays. got a tummy ache? go to izuku for ginger ale. can’t sleep at night? lavender under your pillow and lots of water. sore muscles? you could try tylenol, but salty food and a hot bath will also do the trick.
Roll to Kiss

(Okay, some background, my homebrew session is on its second arc and it’s become a running joke to have the players roll for extremely stupid actions. I had decided to give an npc a necrotic illness that basically is killing her slowly. The barbarian tiefling wanted to kiss her before she was gone, so naturally…)

Me: Roll to kiss.
Rogue (OOC): Oh, come on!
Barbarian (OOC): No, it’s fine, watch this. *she rolls a crit miss*
Me: You kiss her like a fish, like how little kids kiss eachother.
Barbarian (OOC): Okay, but shouldn’t I get advantage because she’s dying?
Me: I guess? Reroll for advantage.
*she rolls a nat 20 and everyone loses their shit*
Me: You kiss Julee and it’s probably the best kiss she’s had in her life. And you realize her last name, Silvertongue, was extremely accurate because her tongue did indeed taste of silver.
Julee: Wow, I wish I could be revived just so I could kiss ya again!
Barbarian (OOC): Did everyone clap?
Me: Yes, I know, because I was there, clapping.

Overheard in Computers Class

Kid 1: *Coming back in the classroom* The water in the water fountain tastes like fish.

Kid 2: I wish it tasted like chicken.

Kid 3: I wish it tasted like actual water.

Possible Fic Idea...?

AU where Keith and Lance work at an rescue aquarium (animal friendly, of course). Lance is like the King of animal trainers (his specialty is dolphins) and Keith is the new medic who studied chemistry/biology at a space science program, but *gasp* got kicked out. Pidge deals with technology (regulates water temp, lights, cameras), Hunk is their engineer (builds aquarium for new rescued animals, usually works with Pidge), Allura is one of the mermaids that swims with the fishes for the kids, Shiro can be the kind security guy (I haven’t decided yet, and Coran is the guy who runs the souvenir shop, wearing those ridiculous squid hats. I may write this, kinda feel inspired?? Thoughts?? Would anyone be interested in this??

sarunokoguard  asked:

Has it ever come to a point where Undyne had to piggyback run Frisk to school? Like if the weather was bad or something?

It’s happened once or twice when there was a lot of snow. Just imagine seeing something in the distance zooming towards you with terrifying speed leaving a huge tail of plowed snow flying a hundred feet in the air in its wake. And then you realize it’s one fish woman with a kid on her back shouting “WEEEEEE!!!” while she’s shouting “NGYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” and there’s a doppler effect as they rocket by and you’re suddenly buried in powdery snow and filled with a sense of awe and terror.


so storytime:

theres this kid at my school. i dont know his name or what grade hes in. i see him a few times a week. all i know is that he looks like a fish.

i know what youre going to say: “finn thats mean!!” or “finn thats bullying!! he cant help it!!” but im dead serious. if you took a picture of this kid and put it next to a picture of like,, an angler fish, theyd look the same.

the weirdest part of this is that out of all of my friends, im the only one whos ever seen him. i see him when i walk up the stairs all the time. every time i see him i’ll tell my friends “i saw fish kid again today” and theyve never seen him. not once. at this point im convinced hes a fever dream or a cryptid.

There was a show on Netflix called “Gills”. It was about a fish man who was the last adult of his kind. All the other fish-men were kids. There were a couple of super elderly fish-men named “The Collectors” as well. The Collectors assigned the job of watching over the next generation of the fish-men. He also had a dragon girlfriend named Mindy. It was really poor CGI and the theme was “Ain’t Got Rhythm” from Phineas and Ferb.