Leo Fitz + Monkey requested by bellapaige88

Free and Nice iPhone game: Fish Fury

Birds catch & eat fish as we all know. This time fish take revenge, fish catch & eat birds. How? Flick the fish in Fish Fury, let it fly on air and catch all flying birds.

The goal is simple, catch all birds, eat them, ram them or slice them, don’t let them pass to the other side. Fun & Challenging.

Check this out!


External image


Made entirely by me! :D

Finally he’s done! Been working on this toothless plush for nearly a year, if not a bit longer. Just finished installing his claws and ear nubs earlier today, all else has been finished for about a month now. Im so happy to finally be able to show you all my giant toothless completed! By giant i mean he is about 95 inches from the tip of his tail to the tip of his nose. Guess what, you can see him in person! I’ll be bringing him to Anthrocon 2014, he’ll be at my table c 20 Icy Paw productions. :D 

Did i mention this was my first time making a plush entirely on my own, pattern and all. ^w^

Photos taken by me on my roof.

He has some pretty cool features too, here are a few:

Fish and eel props

2 different prosthetic tails (original, and new from the 2nd movie)

Resin claws, sculpted by me and casted in resin by my friend Poprockgrey

Head form has expanding foam for rigidity also lightweight

Magnet in his tongue so he can hold the props without dropping them 

Not for sale :P