Hiccup turns to see the Night Fury, crouched on a rock like a stealthy panther. It descends, approaching him… ready to pounce.

dear george miller

please tell me about life at the citadel after max leaves. what happens to furiosa? how does she decide to distribute water and food to the people? what does she do with the remaining sick war boys, who depended on enslaved captives like max for blood transfusions? furiosa wouldn’t allow that to continue. what kind of structure was in place for the training and indoctrination of war boys/war pups in the first place? the leaders of gastown and the bullet farm are also dead. how will she deal with the power vacuums there? it’s clear that she’s well-known and maybe even somewhat beloved by the people who live around the citadel, but will she use the nature of immortan joe’s cult to entrench her own power and position herself as their new savior? that doesn’t seem very furiosa-like to me. honestly, i don’t even think she would want to be the Leader; her journey was about atoning for the violence of her past, not learning how to lead. so would she just appoint herself the defender and champion of positive change while someone else takes command? furiosa was willing to kill a random man out in the desert because she saw him as a potential threat; how will she deal with people who push back against the positive change she fought so hard for (say, any remaining imperators, or people from gas town/the bullet farm?) even though the fight is over, i don’t think furiosa can stop being a warrior - she is compassionate, yes; but she is also ruthless and fierce, the most lethal warrior in the citadel. it is her mother who named her ‘the furious woman.’ fury is a part of who she is. ideally, furiosa helps create a society where she can stop being a warrior, but a seamless transition from immortan joe to furiosa seems unlikely, given the cult of violence joe actively propagated. how will she and the other women dismantle that cult? 

final thoughts: please put furiosa in ‘the wasteland.’ i love her. please give max a dog. i think he would like that. thanks. 

best, a fan