I Spy (again), with my little eye.

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haruhisuzzumiya  asked:

Sis so I was scrolling through your blog(like always) and saw this post about fish eye being a guy? Total shocker tbh because I already saw the dead moon circus arc and I was fooled by the gayness , looks like you really do learn something new everyday

I’m guessing that you watched the dubbed american version? Because just like Zoisite, Fish Eye was voiced by a woman when he’s actually a guy.

A fabulous guy in drag actually.

BTW this is the post that our beautiful sis @haruhisuzzumiya is referring to if you wanna learn more about our beloved Fish Eye.

Familiar green and red tinted auroral emission floods the sky along the northern (top) horizon in this fish-eye panorama projection from southern Alberta.

The odd, isolated, pink and whitish arc across the south has come to be known as Steve. The name was given to the phenomenon by the Alberta Aurora Chasers Facebook group who had recorded appearances of the aurora-like feature.

Sometimes mistakenly identified as a proton aurora or proton arc, the mysterious Steve arcs seem associated with aurorae but appear closer to the equator than the auroral curtains. Widely documented by citizen scientists and recently directly explored by a Swarm mission satellite, Steve arcs have been measured as thermal emission from flowing gas rather than emission excited by energetic electrons. Even though a reverse-engineered acronym that fits the originally friendly name is Sudden Thermal Emission from Velocity Enhancement (Steve), his origin is still mysterious.

Image Credit & Copyright: Alan Dyer,, TWAN

My brain wasn’t really functioning but hey what’s new!

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