Snake + Tron Lightcycles + Cats = Snacatsan adorable action game for one to four players in which players attempt to eat as much as possible without colliding into themselves, walls or other players.

Your aim is to eat and get as big as possible, whilst doing your utmost to sabotage other players by burping fish bones at them or cutting them off with your elongated body.

Snacats is best when played with others, but you can also play in single player and try to earn a spot on the global leaderboard.  The charming pixel art animation and catchy music are excellent throughout, and the fun twist on the classic game of Snake is a blast, particularly in multiplayer!

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rwby volume 3
  • episode 1:cool action, "my bff!!!" "no" "yes!", blake drooling over fish, nora burping
  • episode 9:ruby finds out the people she thought were friends have been playing her the whole time, pyrrha hallucinates and dismembers possibly the most innocent character in the series, an impending grimm invasion puts the kingdom and millions of lives at stake