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Dolphins in False Bay, South Africa

A Pet store PSA

Don’t put your hands in cages!

Dont put your hands in cages!

Dont let your kids put their hands in the cages!

This also applies to aquariums, and In one case I saved someone from losing a finger

Here’s how it happened:

It all started with this little guy

(In this picture he was pissed off because I gave him two mussels, but I gave the remaining ones to other fish)

Hes a porcupine puffer, a notoriously food oriented saltwater fish.

Our tanks have black wooden ‘flaps’ that the employees can lift up to get inside the tanks. This keeps customers from reaching into them, and also keeps jumping fish Inside the tanks. 

Enter stage left- sorority girl and dudebro boyfriend. 

I walk back to the tanks to ask if they need anything, and lo and behold, sorority girl had lifted up the flap and is starting to reach into the tank towards a puffer that is snapping at the glass and swimming back and forth so quickly that water is splashing out of the tank and onto the floor.

So naturally I yell “STOP, DONT TOUCH THAT”  and she retracts her hand. And I quickly explain that puffers, and especially 12 inch basketball sized puffers have incredibly strong jaws and sharp teeth, and he can easily mangle, break, or eat a finger thinking it was food. 

Then I have to listen to her boyfriend yell at me for fifteen minutes about how we shouldn’t have dangerous animals and he would have sued if his girlfriend was hurt. 

And I just calmly walk him over to the sign (posted five feet away) that says “do not touch tanks or tap on glass. An Employee would be happy to assist you!”, before telling him that In all of the years I have worked in pet stores I have never had a child attempt to open a tank, much less someone who was supposed to be an adult. 


beautifuldestinations A school of fish artfully avoids danger off the coast of the Maldives. As the flattest country on the planet, the Maldives is incredibly vulnerable to rising sea levels — as it stands now, waters are projected to rise 1.5 feet per year by 2100, putting the Maldives 77 percent. To help combat rising seas, the government in the Maldives is encouraging more people to travel to the islands to procure capital through tourism so they can work to build a smarter, more sustainable archipelago. (🎥: @seefromthesky📍: Maldives)


A small Japanese puffer fish is the creator of one of the most spectacular animal-made structures. To impress the female puffer fish, the male labors 24 hours a day for a week to create a pattern in the sand. If the female finds his work satisfactory, she allows him to fertilize her eggs. She then lays them in the middle of the circle, leaving the male to guard the eggs alone.

Life Story (2014)


have you ever thought about death?

I think one of the biggest mistakes Christians make while reading the Bible is forgetting that none of the characters, except Jesus, knew how things were going to end. So we read about Noah and immediately picture the rainbow. We focus on the fact that Jonah got puked out of the whale while forgetting that he didn’t know what was coming. We think of the disciples and the miracles they saw, like the feeding of thousands of people with just a little bread and fish, and forget they didn’t know that story would turn out awesome.
It did though, didn’t it?
—  Let’s All Be Brave

the one who made it out - a playlist highlighting the talents of women of color in musical theatre

aquarius - hair // america - west side story // waiting for life - once on this island // breathe - in the heights // i speak six languages - the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // prologue / little shop of horrors - little shop of horrors // that’s rich - newsies // we ain’t no cheerleaders - bring it on // eleven days - here lies love // helpless - hamilton // satisfied - hamilton // 911! emergency - bare: a pop opera // we’re okay - rent // the dark i know well - spring awakening // learn your lessons well - godspell // simple joys - pippin // the witch - big fish // i wonder where our love has gone - lady day at emerson’s bare and grill // sal tlay ka siti - the book of mormon // something wonderful - the king and i // i loves you, porgy - porgy and bess // it won’t be long now - in the heights // out tonight - rent // letterbomb - american idiot // the party goes with you - 35mm: a musical exhibition // i got four kids - caroline or change // where you are - kiss of the spider woman // by my side - godspell // your daddy’s son - ragtime // colored woman - memphis //



That was rather impressive

hm not to be the buzzkill here but i feel like banana fish’s popularity has increased because of that kiss and while that’s ok it’s out of context and it needs to be said that

1) this is a tragic story with multiple trigger warnings that you should look up!

2) this ain’t yuri on ice. these shows have absolutely nothing in common. yoi is an original anime by mappa while banana fish is based on akimi yoshida’s manga (1985-1994). mappa is just adapting the story here

3) if you’re a fujoshi don’t even bother. this is not a yaoi anime. it focuses on the characters’ feelings (which are romantic too) and struggles but there’s no overt romantic or sexual content at all. they aren’t a couple. if you’re here to fangirl over BL or some shit… don’t do that

[Ow Shapeshifter AU] - “Sewing the pieces up”
Hanzo never sew anything in his whole life but Morrison appreciate the effort!

Story (past):
After they met each other, Morrison tries to put Hanzo back on track and literally make him saw the pieces of his life together. He gave him a lot of simples tasks to keep him occupied and far away from his guilt and bad thoughts… and that’s how they managed to build the whole yurt together and make a lot of rugs and carpets to trade for salt with the Blizzard Clan!
Hanzo is doing his best but he’s awful at sewing.
Later on, when Tracer joins in the Clan, she… uhm, also did her best.