fish with human teeth


There are so many possible AUs to pick from but I finally settled on Pirate!Genji and Mermaid!Mercy. Mercy’s tail is modeled after a lionfish, the colors and patterns I felt went better with her. I know, I know. Angelfish was staring me down, but lionfish is just as beautiful for Mercy. Trust me.

Gency Week Day 2 — AU

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taking a bath with Tommy Holland would include

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  • him not being able to take his eyes off of your beautiful body
  • splashing each other a lot
  • making bubble hairdos and beards
  • “okay, who am i now? YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”
  • his knees poking under the water
  • washing each other’s hair
  • giving each other’s massage
  • him tickling you
  • resting the back of your head in  the crook of tommy’s neck
  • falling asleep holding each other
  • scooping bubbles and blowing them at each other
  • talking until you’re both really pruney
  • “did you know that fishes with human teeth have been discovered?”
  • “no way”
  • stolen kisses
  • him ATTEMPTING to braid your hair
  • “this is too complicated”
  • but at the end,he does a pretty good french braid
  • “did you know that kissing burns a lot of calories?”
  • “really? well let’s find out”
  • kissing till you’re out of breath
  • “yeah, i kinda feel a bit skinnier”
  • slipping on your splashed water when you get out of the bathtub

Fish are weird.

The entire skeleton of a fish is decidedly strange.

But fish jaws are perhaps the weirdest

I knew fish jaws and fish teeth were odd - like there is a fish called a Pacu with astonishingly human looking teeth - and when cleaning up a large fish skeleton I was interested in what I would find in the way of jaws and teeth. 

What struck me was how dissimilar the skeleton of a fish is to its living form and how little resemblance it bears. I ended up with a tray full of flat, bristly-ended bones with no clear way they aligned next to one-another.

As a fish lives in water, the pressure and buoyancy of its habitat supports its body totally differently to the air and gravity upon land, so different structures of skeleton evolved to suit the different habitats. 

(This is probably also the reason fish flesh is much softer and nicer to eat than land animal flesh…I’d never thought of that…)

But the jaws, the jaws… 

I was at fist disappointed with the teeth of the fish I’d just cleaned up - I knew the bony circles couldn’t be its full dentition. Then, among the bones, I began to find the tiny pointed teeth. Lots of them. Every hollow circular socket held a tiny sharp pointed tooth. There are hundreds of sockets. 

There are also more than the conventional upper jaw and lower jaw. In total there are twelve different bones with tooth sockets on. 

There are also two other ‘teeth’ - just hard plates of enamel. - EDIT: I have been informed these are not in fact teeth, but inner ear bones. Fish are weird.

All in all, both fascinating and horrifying. I shall now lose a day to googling fish teeth and fish jaws to find out what exactly I have here, how it fits together, and how it all works. 

oh you have no idea how delighted i am that this fish’s teeth are still a surprise to people, oohhohohooohooo

i think it’s called a sheepshead or sth..there’s another one called a pacu (a type of piranha i think), but it only has one row of teeth. but. it’s still a fish with human-y teeth so…………..


Scishow: The Fish With Human Teeth:

A fish with eerily human-like teeth was caught in a New Jersey lake. And scientists have learned to speak Bird!

mclannen-deactivated20140528  asked:

Random question: What do you imagine the anatomy of a mermaid to be? (Webbed fingers? Gills? Fins? Variations in tails? Inner anatomy?)

I like to imagine them to be something that evolved from early hominids, but adapted for underwater life, so bone structure somewhere between humans and fish. Maybe cartilage? Definitely webbed fingers, teeth, claws, gills. lots of crazy fins, feelers, maybe even tentacles, depending on the region they lived in. There might be shark, cephalopod, and other kinds of underwater creature variations. 

I love the romantic designs where they’re just beautiful men/women with fish tails, but if I want to convince myself a creature like that survives, it’s because they’ve adapted to seep-sea life, and probably look much more alien and frightening to us. Fun to think about!