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16, SuperCat

Accidentally falling asleep on the couch together

When Cat called with a shaking voice and a bit of a weary, desperate tone, Kara didn’t hesitate.  She didn’t argue that she was no longer Cat’s assistant and she didn’t offer to pass the message off to Eve.

Instead, she apologized to Alex and Maggie, zipped to Cat’s penthouse to gather the requested items and landed in an alley behind the ambulance bay.

She didn’t stop at the reception desk, but instead made her way to the elevator and pressed 8.  Oncology.  The word stared at her from the elevator panel, filling her thoughts with worst-case scenarios and causing her stomach to clench unpleasantly.

She stepped off the elevator and found the nearest nurse’s station.  She was just about to ask for assistance when a familiar voice called out to her from down the hall.  


She spun and melted at the sight before her.  Cat looked positively wrung out.  Her linen pants and wrap shirt looked more comfortable than her usual attire, but it was rumpled and a bit out of place when contrasted to the dark circles that outlined Cat’s eyes and the red of her fingertips where she’d clearly been wringing them together for far longer than even she had realized.

“Miss Grant, hi.  I’ve got everything you asked for.”  She held up the duffel bag helplessly.

Cat nodded in answer and disappeared into a room.  Kara followed.

Once inside the room, Kara found herself schooling her features and slipping back into assistant mode effortlessly.  Don’t show emotion.  Help Cat.  Process later.  She flashed a reassuring smile to the curly-headed boy in the bed, who looked up from his tablet and matched her grin.

“Hi Kara.”

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Ninette Day 6 Fluff

I decided to write a soulmate au for today. I do have a different au planned for tomorrow’s au day, but this seemed appropriately fluffy. In this soulmate au, you taste whatever your soulmate eats/drinks.

“What’s for breakfast today, sweetheart?”

Marinette shook her head. “None today.”

Sabine tsked and set a bowl in front of Marinette. “That’s the third time this week. When you do find your soulmate, you really should try to talk them out of skipping breakfast so much.”

Marinette chuckled and poured some cereal for herself. “I’ll do my best, Mama.”

Nino smiled, halfway to school when he tasted the familiar cereal and milk his soulmate favored for breakfast. He regretted that he couldn’t share something with them this morning, but he’d overslept again, so he really couldn’t afford to do more than throw on some clothes and run out the door. Maybe tomorrow he’d grab something to go.

Predictably, Marinette arrived seconds before him. For someone who lived so close to school, she had a knack for running almost as late as him. She waved, and he returned the gesture while he hurried to his seat in the back of the classroom. He managed to sit seconds before their teacher turned to look at all of them, which meant he avoided another visit to the principal’s office.

“Good morning, class,” she began. “Today you’ll be working in pairs to complete a project due in one week.”

Chloe raised a hand to interrupt. “Do we choose our partners?”

“No, I’ve assigned random partners for this.”

The class let out a collective groan, and Nino was already dreading the possibility of being paired with someone who wouldn’t share the work equally.

“Alix and Max will be working together. Chloe, you’ll be with Juleka. Nino,” Nino perked up at the mention of his name, especially now that he knew he wouldn’t be working with Chloe. “You and Marinette will be partners.”

Marinette peeked back at him and smiled. He sank back in his chair, relieved. Marinette was one of the better students in class, which meant he could trust her to do a good job, and maybe, just maybe, this could end up being a good experience.

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“No one puts baby in a corner” (Peter Quill x reader)

A/N: Cinco! Part five of my Peter Quill story. If you want to jam along with this fight scene click here

Part uno, dos, tres, cuatros

Warnings: language, Groot cuteness, a lot of violence, mentions of death, other than that just the inference of sex

Originally posted by takasukis

“Wooooow,” you said over exaggeratedly. Peter and the dealer stopped talking to look at you. “You must really think we are desperate here.”

“This is a rare item. Not-“ You put a finger to his lips to shut him up.

“Don’t insult me. I know what this item is worth. It is not worth going three moon systems over to steal from a high security vault like you’re suggesting to give you something you are only going to sell to some scum I will have to hunt down later. That is way more exhausting than any supplement is worth.”

“These promise power.” He seethed.

“I got plenty of power with or without.” You smiled cockily before flipping the dealer over the counter. Just like that shots sprayed the air as Peter knocked you to the floor.

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I’m In: Part 2

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here is the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky (subtle)
Word Count: 2K
Warnings: Mild depression, Reader is bisexual, panic/ almost panic attack, terrigenesis

A/N: Hope the end part makes sense

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1

“Hey, Y/N,” Sam calls from across the gym, “Put that down and come train,”

You look up from your laptop to see Sam, Steve, Natasha and Bucky nodding encouragingly at you. You’d been working for the Avengers for just over a week now, and the shock and awe was starting to subside. When you first arrived at the Tower, and met the heroes, you could hardly speak. You were so star struck. They were all so humble and they made you feel like a real part of the team.

There wasn’t much tech work for you to do at the moment, they didn’t have many missions coming up, but you insisted to continually scan for any whispers of Hydra or evil plans.

“I don’t know…” you drawl out. You had never been overly athletic, and the thought of fighting superheroes made you nervous.

“Come on,” Bucky whines, giving you a smile. Your heart races at the sight. You’d always heard about the infamous Winter Soldier and his brutality, but that was nothing like Bucky. You hadn’t gotten to talk to him much, your nerves always got the better of you.

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It’s 2:45am and I gotta wake up in like, 4 hours, but I was very motivated [flex arm emoji]

I just wanted Gabe and Jesse hanging out on Gibraltar, Gabe fishes while Jesse reads fanfic or something on his tablet, enjoying each other’s company in silence.

((I actually wanted to draw sweet sweet mcreyes kisses but the Undella Town song shuffled in and I drew this instead hnnn))

Tips for raising low metabolism

Hi everyone, here’s 5 simple ways to raise your metabolism which can aid in weight loss and reduce fatigue amongst other things (:

1. Green Tea, one cup with each meal will help you lose weight and help with digestive function. Catechin is the ingredient in Green tea responsible for this benefit.

2. While excersising push yourself to your limit of intensity for 30 second bursts every 5 minutes or so, this will make you consume more oxygen allowing your cells to work harder and burn more energy (including stored)
This also allows you to get a more efficient weight loss workout for overall a lesser length.

3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These help to regulate blood sugar and metabolism while also reducing your resistance to Leptin, a hormone that has been shown to increase the rate at which fat is burned. You can obtain this through oily fish, or for vegans/vegetarians etc then flaxseed oil or walnuts are a great source. The easiest way to meet your daily dose would be fish oil tablets.

4. Do not cut calories below your resting calory burn rate. If you cut calories too low your body slows the rate at which fat is burnt as it thinks you are lacking food in the long run so it attempts to conserve stored energy (fats).

5. Always eat organic pesticide free fruit and vegetables. The lack of toxins in organic foods means that your Thyroid is kept running at a stable and efficient rate.


Human!Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 581

Warnings: fluff.

Author’s Note: I wrote this because I can’t fucking sleep. Damn heartburn.

Originally posted by soicopathwinchester

Castiel groaned beside you on the couch, placing his fourth slice of pizza down, half eaten, onto his plate. For a newly… humanized… angel, he could eat. Next time, you were definitely ordering a large pizza.

You turned to the suddenly suffering angel. “Cas, what’s wrong?” His hand clenched his shirt just over his chest as he winced.

“I-I think I’m having a myocardial infarction.” You raised an eyebrow before rolling your eyes.

“Have you been reading my medical dictionary again?” Scooting closer to him, you inspected his face. “Now use your words. Tell me what you are feeling physically.”

He gasped a little as he winced again. “There is a pain in the center of my chest. It gets worse when I swallow a bite of food or take a large sip of my soda.”

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Don’t step on my toes (Peter Quill x reader)

A/N: This is the third installment of my Peter Quill story in which I continue to struggle spelling the word guardian correctly. Don’t mind that. Just read the stuff I do know how to spell.

Part uno, dos

Warnings: language, Groot cuteness, violence sometimes, other than that just some mentions of alcohol and the inference of sex

Originally posted by gamora

You sidled up to your target at the bar. It was disappointing to see he was already drunk. This would make it easier to trick him despite he was meant to be a trained assassin according to his file.

“Hey sweet thang? Are you interested in a refresher?” He gestured to your glass.

“By all means.” You swooned passing the cup to him. You made a mental note not to drink any of the contents since poisons were in his files. This seemed like an excellent candidate for the particularly unsavory men you had ready to transport him when a familiar face plopped down next to you. “No.”

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Werewolf iwachan eating too much and coming home acting like a sick puppy and oikawa comforts him

*My brain and body feel like mush, but I wanted to try to do a few more prompts, even if they are drabbles and probably not that great.*

Tooru can see it in his expression as soon as Hajime walks through the bedroom door that something is wrong with him.

It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that not so subtle arm around his stomach is probably the cause.

Hajime looks like he’s going to play it off this time as he shuffles himself towards the bathroom—eager to wash off the excess of blood and sweat from a successful hunt, Tooru’s sure. Clicks of the faucet sounds after the door closes shut before the sound of running water starts, signaling his boyfriend was in the shower.

This is where the internal debate begins.

Tooru tries to go back to his book with a clear conscious, knowing that it’s Hajime’s fault to begin with that he was probably feeling downright miserable right about now. Comforting him is only going to make a bad habit out of these kinds of overindulgences, indulges that needed to be controlled.

Tooru likes to think he doesn’t feed bad habits.

The irony, considering feeding is why this was all happening to begin with.

But that downright pitiful face of Hajime’s is also glued in Tooru’s mind and he finds himself setting down his book and scooting out from under the warm covers to head towards the kitchen, reminding himself with a shake of his head that he was such an enabler.

Tooru fills a cup with water, going into another cabinet to fish two tablets out of a small box and plopping them into the glass, watching them fizzle away before heading back to their bedroom.

Hajime’s already out and hunched over at the end of their bed, rubbing a towel over his damp hair and ears almost absentmindedly.

When Tooru shoves the glass in front of him he startles slightly, blinking up at him in confusion.

“Drink it.” He instructs, voice softer than he figures it would be. He takes to drying the rest of Hajime’s head for him as he blearily starts to chug down the glass.

Tooru takes the empty cup from him once he’s finished, murmuring a gentle, “good boy” as he curls his fingers underneath his chin for a small scratch, moving away only to set the glass on the night stand.

He laughs quietly to himself when he sees Hajime’s tail flicker excitedly at the praise.

Hajime’s still on the end when Tooru fits himself back into his side of the bed, looking at him almost eagerly as if he were awaiting some type of command. Tooru’s already well aware of what Hajime wants him to do and his sigh is practically a fond huff as he opens his arms and beckons the werewolf to him.

“C’mere you silly wolf.”

Despite his obvious upset stomach, those ears perk straight up and that tail gets to wagging even though his composed expression means to tell otherwise; being easy to read is one of the perks of having a were-boyfriend.

Hajime’s crawl is slow, probably due to his discomfort, but a few strides has him sidled up against Tooru’s side, head neatly against Tooru’s neck, nosing and scenting in that strange way werewolves did that he’d probably never understand.

It’s easy to start scratching his nails up the bare planes of his boyfriend’s back when the other had purposefully forgo wearing a shirt just so he could do so.

“You were reckless again and I almost want to tell you that you deserve a sore tummy for eating more than you could handle. Haven’t you learned by now your stomach isn’t made of lead?”

Hajime simply moans against his neck and scoots a little closer, throwing a leg over Tooru’s.

He kitten licks his throat—and apology of sorts.  

Tooru puffs out sigh, “What am I supposed to do with you?”

His boyfriend nuzzles into his neck further, “Keep scratching, please?”

The fact that he says it with such a soft, almost venerable voice makes him sigh again.

“Fine, but I’m having a talk with your pack mates in the morning. They are keeping their leader next time if he decides to overeat again.”

Tooru’s soft kiss against the wolf’s head tells otherwise.

Natural Born Assassins: Part 4

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Thriller/Crime/Assassin AU

Rating: M

Warning: Violence, drug abuse, lewd sexual acts. Brief flashback of sexual assault.

POV: 3rd person

Word Count: 4.2k

Mood Music: The Academy

Part 1 |*| Part 2 |*| Part 3 |*| Part 4


The car screeched to a halt in front of the mansion as the group scrambled out. Jimin and Jungkook ran around helping Yoongi with Y/N out the car. Jin barked orders to the staff as they all ran in. He undid his tie as he ran off to his bedroom.

“Get her to the bathroom now!”

Yoongi flew up the stairs with her in his arms, trying to not to fall. Jimin and Jungkook were about to follow him until Hoseok pulled them aside. “Come help me get the room ready. Jin is going to need a lot of help. He and Yoongi can take care of it for now.”

They nodded and went upstairs towards the room. Yoongi placed her on the tiled floor of the shower turning on the water jets to bring down her body temperature. He splashed the water against her face quickly. “Come on Y/N. Open your eyes. Work with me.”

No response. She laid motionless against the wall. He growled making the pressure stronger, soaking his clothes in the process. “Stop messing around. Open your goddamn eyes!”

Jin walked in with his medical bag and knelt beside him. “Still no movement?”

He shook his head. Jin pulled out a large syringe and filled it with liquid. “At least you got up here and knew to get her in the water. Good move.”

Yoongi pointed to the syringe. “What is that?”

“Fluids, she’s dehydrated. Hold her for me.”

Yoongi place Y/N on the floor of the bathroom. Jin pulled down her dress and disinfected the area on her hand before inserting the tube and IV. Jin wiped his brow. “The guys should be done setting up her room and the rest of my supplies will be here shortly. I needed more medicine that could neutralize the drugs.”

The agent picked up Y/N with care and followed Jin into the bedroom, now set up with monitors. Once she was in bed, they attached the appropriate devices to her and made sure her IV was functioning. Hoseok brought in the medicine to Jin with a sigh. “Here you go.”

“Thanks,” he replied adding it to her tube. “This should neutralize the drugs in her system. Jimin and Jungkook entered the room, noticing Yoongi sitting on the side of the bed. “How is Noona?”

“Stable for now,” he answered quietly.

“I contacted Namjoon-hyung. He’s up to date on the matter.”

Yoongi grunted. “We’ll leak some story to the tabloids about her. That will keep suspicions down for now. For now, keep doing what you’re doing.”

“I think this is the most I’ve ever heard you speak.”

Jungkook’s eyes enlarged as he watched Y/N sit up in the bed with some effort. “Y-Y/N!” He ran over to her wrapping his arms around her. She groaned making Yoongi smack his head. “Be careful!”

The young agent yelped as he pulled away rubbing the back of his head. “Ow. I’m sorry. I’m just happy she’s awake.”

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Fish Food Friday: Spirulina

Name: Spirulina Arthrospira
Brand: any
Price: varies, although not cheap
Type: Tablet or powder
Shelf life: ~6 months
Ingredients: 100% Spirulina Arthrospira

Introduction: Spirulina is a fantastic supplement for your fish (and even yourself!) found in arguably small amounts in a lot of fish food. I personally buy 100% pure spirulina tablets and use those alongside my regular feeding regimen because the fish love them.

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