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I was scrollig throught our blog and noticed the post about fish oil and how people did not believe that you drink it. Is it that unusual? Like i am from Finland and here we drink it (or take fish oil tablets) from a young age :D hehe go nordic countries :DD

Yes, go Norden! It’s probably because we don’t get enough sunlight exposure and therefore not enough vitamin D.

@zwiebelprinz and a bunch of Undynes! Hopefully it looks good(hope you like!) :v

Fish Food Friday: Spirulina

Name: Spirulina Arthrospira
Brand: any
Price: varies, although not cheap
Type: Tablet or powder
Shelf life: ~6 months
Ingredients: 100% Spirulina Arthrospira

Introduction: Spirulina is a fantastic supplement for your fish (and even yourself!) found in arguably small amounts in a lot of fish food. I personally buy 100% pure spirulina tablets and use those alongside my regular feeding regimen because the fish love them.

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After finding out that the fish oil tablets I was taking have lemon in it (and lemon is something I shouldn’t be having), my mom not only messaged me to say she’s so frustrated for me she could scream, but that she’s going to stay here through the weekend. She’s at The Lumineers concert with my step-dad tonight, and she called me during a song so I could listen. Don’t know what song it was, since I don’t listen to them, so I’ll have to ask her which one it was.

She has a weird way of showing she cares about me, but hey, I’ll take it.

I decided to try my hand at this again.
I think I didn’t do too badly. I’m mostly a traditional artist so I feel like a fish out of water with my tablet.
Here I drew bone daddy Elias because omfg the manga itself is everything.

I love fantasy and romance. This manga takes the cake and don’t get me started on the fanfics. Lord help my soul.


Ganmonah nodded eagerly, fishing in his robes and pulling out a metal tablet on which he began rapidly inscribing details of her memories, the stylus tip flying across the surface. The young archdemon finished chuckling, smiling at her mother. As enigmatic as ever, Mother. Ah, they used to annoy me…but I suppose age has given me the same humor now. 

Has your body really survived so long? Nyctyph inquired from where he had been silently watching the proceedings. Mother’s looks like it’s been through the harshest fields of Valhalla and back.

Yes, you should see for yourself. The years have not been kind to it without my sister’s repairs, Nala confirmed, gesturing for the small group to follow her further into the lab.