fish week

I need to lose weight so badly. But I ate so much today. I have to restrict and people completely dedicated to exercising and eating healthily. I’m going to be vegan for 5x a week, eat fish on the other two, and still restrict, restrict, restrict. I need to push myself to go to the gym rather than at home. It’s more intense and makes me feel thinner.


Tank progression!  Just added a nice school size of Gold White Cloud Minnows along with some Nerite snails tonight since tank was looking a bit bare with the loss of some fish the last few weeks.

Still trying to get the Java Moss to grow some more since I really want to eventually get it to carpet the bottom of the tank.  Apparently need to do something more I’m sure but I suck with aquatic plant for past experiences.

Should be getting in next weeks 15 Cherry Shrimp along with some Marino moss balls and some duckweed to see if I can really get the tank going.  Really goal is to have a really beautiful tank in the long run!

Current tank inhabitants:

  • 6 Chinese Fire Belly Newts
  • 15 Gold White Cloud Minnows
  • 3 White Cloud Minniows
  • 2 Black Nerite Snails

Tank is set up to be a set up for Fire Belly Newts, because they are a cold water amphibian that its very limited on what can be housed with them that does not stress them out nor does it have ill affect to their tankmates.

the holidays are coming up, and as someone who works in a pet store there are some things i want everyone who plans on getting animals as gifts to remember:

  • fish tanks need to be set up and running for at least one week before fish can be put it. all fish need treated water and bacteria supplements.
  • fish can only survive in a plastic bag for about an hour.
  • THE ONLY fish that can go in a bowl is a BETTA. all other fish, especially goldfish, will die/be very unhealthy in bowls.
  • goldfish are supposed to live for up to 20 years. don’t get all high and mighty for keeping one alive for a few months. they have long life spans when taken proper care of.
  • hamsters cannot live together. when they grow up, they become incredibly territorial and aggressive. they are asocial creatures that do not get along with each other.
  • guinea pigs can’t go in hamster wheels or balls. they get spinal injuries from being in a curved position and sometimes die.
  • rats and guinea pigs do better in groups/pairs.
  • hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, cats, and pretty much every single animal can’t live inside a sealed box. they will die. don’t do it.
  • puppies get destructive. they break things and make messes and are loud. they need to be trained. don’t get a puppy if you don’t want to deal with training a large animal.
  • don’t fucking take kittens and puppies away from their mothers prematurely just because they’re cute. it can affect them forever.
  • cats will scratch your furniture and knock things over. declawing cats is a physically harmful and scarring process that literally permanently mutilates their paws. don’t get a cat if you aren’t willing to be patient with them.
  • birds are LOUD. SO LOUD. and incredibly messy. and they bite.
  • most lizards can get up to two feet long. some can live for 20 years. don’t get a baby bearded dragon and expect it to stay that small forever. they reach their full size within a year.
  • pets are real and they have needs. their needs are not luxuries. don’t treat them like they don’t matter.

Voltron Positivity Week Day 5 - Your fave voltron fic

I absolutely adore @fishwrites beautiful fic Watercast and Mermaid lance fucking slays me

But seriously characters are on point and the world building it getting so good and the scene with lance singing 👌👌👌 I am SHOOK

burnt-coffeebean  asked:

Hey! I love your cats and I was thinking... What if you do a dog week, and then a bird week, and a fish week. I would be interesting to see your drawing style on other kind of animals.

Hi! I’ve actually had themed weeks before. There’s been a dog week, bird week, and dinosaur week. It has been a long time since I’ve done one though. I’ve been considering making them a more regular thing but haven’t figured out how to implement it. Monthly? Bi-Monthly? Every three months?

I dunno, what do you guys think?


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Day 45 of #365Days
& Day 3 of Rizumo Week

When your girl is making obligatory chocolates but you still get jealous xD.

//This was a second piece, I felt that the first one was not chocolate-y enough for the theme so… yeah.


11 week old Fishing cat by Ben Williams