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Chicken Soup - Requested

Sam Holland x Reader

Words: 1,406

Requested by: anonymous

“Can you do an imagine where the reader is sam’s girlfriend and he’s taking care of her when she’s sick? xx”

Hi there! Just a little story: I guess I wasn’t reading the request so well because when I was writing it, it was the other way around? Like it was Sam who was sick and the reader was taking care of him? I might post it idk? I THINK I’VE WRITTEN THIS HORRIBLY but, I hope you like it! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW. SORRY!

(Harry’s BTS vid for “Roses for Lily” fucked me up so baaaad.. They’re so cuteeee) (Sam pls take care of me)



The word was just three goddamn letters but it would take a whole lot more than three fucking letters to fully and appropriately describe the absolute discomfort you were feeling. You couldn’t smell, couldn’t taste, your entire body felt like it was being exposed to subzero conditions, and your head felt like Thor himself was taking whacks at it with his Mjolnir.

“I love death and dying.” you sighed as you hugged a pillow close to your chest

Your boyfriend and an absolute angel, Sam, was lying next to you on your bed. He’d been waiting on your hand and foot the entire day. He just shook his head at what you said and held your hand, playing with your fingers.

“Anything you need, my love?” he asked you, his deep voice was like velvet, rich and smooth. Oh, you just loved it.

“You’re so beautiful, Sam Anthony.” you told him in all seriousness

He tried his hardest not to laugh but the exaggerated lovestruck way you were looking at him was too much. Sam chuckled and kissed you on your forehead, he immediately felt your burning temperature.

“Christ, Y/N! You’re burning up, Jesus Christ, wait here.” he immediately shot out of your bed and rushed to your bathroom

“Wait, Sam, don’t leave meee.” you reached for him but your arms just met thin air

Your fever was climbing steadily, it was making you delirious. Or maybe not that delirious, at least that’s what the fishes swimming in front of you were saying. Beautiful, colourful fishes swimming in crystalline water right in front of your eyes.

“Pretty, pretty fishies.” you beamed, reaching a hand out to touch them

Sam emerged from your bathroom, a wet washcloth in his hand. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw you almost drunkenly poking thin air, dread filled his senses as he approached you.

“Love?” he called out to you apprehensively

He sat down on your bed and slowly shook your shoulder. Your glazed over eyes met his worried green ones, he gave you a tight smile. Sam was a little scared, he’d never seen you so out of it before.

“Sammy!” you squealed albeit weakly

“Hi, love. Hold still, please.” he gently placed the damp washcloth on your forehead

The cool sensation against your burning forehead made you sigh. The fishes swimming in your vision dissolved into your boyfriend’s anxious expression.

“Are you okay, Sam?” you asked him. Your initial delirium was beginning to fade, a disoriented feeling washing over you.

“Y/N, you’re the one who’s burning up here and you’re asking me if I’m okay?” he shook his head at you, placing a hand on top of the washcloth. Sam wished that the added pressure would just suck your fever away.

“I feel cold.” you mumbled weakly. The sound of your raspy voice just about broke Sam’s heart.

In the three years you two had been together, you never got sick. Three years and no sick days, you can see why Sam has grown accustomed to seeing you in perfect health. Whereas Sam, well, he occasionally had the sniffles, strep throat, that time he got the chickenpox was particularly difficult.

But you were the one who nursed him through all that, you took such good care of him (you just couldn’t control all of his scratching when he had the chickenpox so they left some scars on his face, but they blended in with his freckles). He always got better rather quickly. See, when you looked at it from that standpoint, you could confidently say that you were the one who always cared for Sam when he was sick.

Now though, you were sick and it was Sam’s job to take care of you, that was all he wanted to do really. He wanted to take care of you as well as you have cared for him.

“You know what my mum always makes for me when I have the flu, Y/N?” he tried to ignore the way his voice faltered as he watched a shiver pass through your body. Sam secured more blankets and wrapped them around you.

“Chicken soup, my love.” he continued, “It cures a multitude of ills and reaches deep into your soul.”

“Sam. What the fuck?” you may have been a little out of it earlier but there was no doubt in your mind that that statement right there, was just about the weirdest fucking thing that Sam has ever said.

“Too much?” Sam asked, smiling at you while stroking your hair

You nodded, rolling your eyes. He smiled wider, seeing you act like your normal self was comforting. At least you weren’t sick enough to dismiss his weirdness. He got up from your bed and bowed gentlemanly.

“My lady, I’m off in pursuit of chicken soup. I suggest you stay in bed and keep that on your head.”

The unintended rhyme he made caused you to giggle which turned into coughing fits. He rushed over to you to rub your back.

“Take it easy, Y/N. I’ll be right back.”

With a heavy sigh, he left your room. Why couldn’t you get better already? He hated seeing you in such a vulnerable state, he just wanted to hear you laugh, not cough until your chest ached.

Sam went into your kitchen and found a can of chicken soup in your cupboard. He opened it and jiggled the glutinous substance out of its can, the plop it made as it hit the bottom of the pot made Sam wrinkle his freckled nose. He stirred it around and added a glass of water, he was satisfied once it started to actually resemble soup.

He poured the finished product into a bowl and made his way back to you.

Thankfully, as he entered your room, you weren’t trying to grasp thin air again. Instead, you were sound asleep. How he wished he didn’t have to wake you up, but you had to eat and drink your medicine after.

Sam gently placed the bowl on your bedside table, he placed a tender hand on your cheek and pressed a soft kiss on your lips. Sleeping Beauty had nothing on you, you didn’t have to wait a hundred years nor did Sam have to fight some malevolent dragon. You had your own Prince Phillip right there, no curses, no spinning wheels required.

Your eyes fluttered open and you smiled at your knight in grey sweater.

“My hero.” you whispered, taking in the sight of him

“Oh no, Y/N. Is the delirium coming back?” he asked you as he helped you lean against your headboard, propping your back up with pillows

You watched as Sam moved around your room with ease, turning the AC temperature up, gathering wayward pieces of clothing strewn on your floor. Finally, he picked up the bowl filled with piping hot chicken soup and sat next to you.

He lifted a spoonful to his beautiful lips and blew on it carefully, the sight of it made you feel all warm inside. Once the spoonful had cooled down to match Sam’s standards of appropriate soup temperature, he held it out to you.

You took a grateful sip, letting the savoury flavour linger in your mouth before swallowing, it felt like a soothing salve on your scratched up throat.

“Good?” Sam asked, noticing just a bit of colour return to your cheeks. He felt like he could give himself several congratulatory pats on the back.

“Yes. Very.”

He couldn’t help but grin, words couldn’t even describe how good Sam was feeling. “I told you chicken soup cures a multitude of ills.” he told you, holding out another spoonful to you

You took the spoon from him and put it back in the bowl. Moving closer to him, you placed your hands on both his speckled cheeks. Did he even know what a great job he was doing?

“I think you’re the cure, Sam.”

How you still managed to make him blush like a schoolboy, he will never figure out.

“It’s the chicken soup, my love.” he tried to brush off the butterflies in his stomach but the rosy tint in his cheeks could not be ignored.

“It’s you.”

“You silly girl.” Sam pressed his lips against yours, letting his warmth spread through you. The euphoria you felt as he kissed you was slowly but surely defeating any sickness you felt.

Oh, he was definitely the cure.

anonymous asked:

so you kno how fish is a staple of the japanease diet. Does fish mobs family eat it? how do fish mob and ritsu feel about this? i must kno

I think mob has no problem with eating fish at all, since hes….not entirely a fish and since fishes eat fishes all the time

I feel like the one whos gonna have a problem w/ it is ritsu bc cmon its ritsu

No Kiss List

@lapidot-anniversary-week and @jenhedgehog

prompt: first kiss

words: 3k

genre: childhood friends/enemies to sweethearts, human AU

summary: Peridot is the only person in the fourth grade that is on Lapis’s ‘no kiss list’ for a kind of underground kissing booth and Peridot is not happy about it, they grow older together and things begin to shift, Ao3

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The Thing that Follows

Pre-Cursor Stories:
The Sunset Parlor
Night Terror II

The night-drenched woods were an unkind place, but to Tassandria there were as home; comforting, for the deafening quiet and unhampered solitude and the shadows strung between branch and bramble alike. Beneath the star-dotted sky of Eversong she found some measure of peace, a place apart from the city-folk she served where her senses could unravel like the skin that slipped and dripped off her musculature like flowing water and be unbound - but it was a brief and waning thing, outpaced by the anger and ache of Velayn’s disappearance. Not even the sweet release of cracking bones and snapping sinew could keep the sorrow at bay; how could the chill of midnight or the whisper of wind in the trees hold a candle to the sorrow that rocked her to her core?

To know joy is to lose it; to hold life is to know death.

Her ears burned with borrowed words, the Oracle’s vision still so keen in her memory that it felt as though mere moments had passed since she’d been caught in the weft and pulled through the Weave - days later her stomach still churned with the feeling of falling, the terror and tension of waiting for her body to break once it struck ground. Once before she’d ushered life into the world, only to end it by her own hands; another memory, still rife and roaring with regret and rage and –

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A/N: Thanks to the anon who requested this I know i was supposed to be for a short drabble ask thing but I couldn’t stop writing (which was a wow to me), so I decided that I may as well just post it as a single Imagine. Also, this is my first non Pietro one! look who’s branching out. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy

Pairing: Scarletvision

Warnings: suicidal thoughts, grief

Request: Wanda for the character and scream. I love your writing btw:)



If it wasn’t for her scream, Vision would have never found Wanda.

If it wasn’t for her scream, maybe Wanda would have gotten what she wanted.

Her brother was dead, what could this world possibly offer her now? Pietro and Wanda were born together, wasn’t it only right for them to die together as well?

So when she felt a pair of arms cradle her and begin to take her from her doomed home, a daze laced with both anger and defeat fell over Wanda.


“You saved me” Wanda said, though it sounded more like a question.

“Yes I did, Miss Maximoff. It was my honor” Vision replied

“I did not say thank you” Wanda seethed as she exited the helicarriers medical bay, leaving Vision in the room alone.


It had been two months since her brothers death and Wanda had not become any better. Besides the few missions Steve permitted her to be on, Wanda only left her room for food; and even then most days she found her meals at her door, something she was extremely thankful of.

“She needs to come out of it soon. How many times have we even seen her since she joined this team? On the field she can barely stay concentrated enough to defend herself, let alone civilians” Natasha said.

“I agree, but we can’t necessarily tell her to snap out of it” Steve replied

Since their interaction in the helicarrier, Vision had only seen Wanda once. He didn’t understand how emotion could control and defeat and individual so intensely, but he knew that he didn’t like it.

Placing some rice and fish onto a plate, Vision began his routine walk to Wanda’s room.

Wanda was going crazy, she was sure of it. She couldn’t stay in this room a moment longer, but the fear of leaving always tugged her to stay. “They wouldn’t understand” her mind reasoned. She was convinced of that. But she was past the point of caring. She needed to leave.

Putting on her coat, Wanda began her descent outside, a place she hadn’t been in what felt like years. Opening her door, she was met by a surprise. Gasping, Wanda instinctively stepped backwards.

“Oh! I’m sorry Miss Maximoff, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I was just here to give you your dinner” Vision replied

“I-um…its fine.” Wanda quietly replied

“Where are you going?”


“Oh, well in that case, may I join you? I’ve found some very nice places around the base, I’ll be glad to show you”

“No, I want to be alone. Thank you for bringing me my meal though…?’ Wanda drawled. Hoping the man, if he even could be called that, would take the hint of giving his name.

“They call be Vision” the ‘man’ replied


“It’s nice to meet you officially, Wanda”

Nodding, Wanda quickly began to walk towards the door that would lead her to her destination. After a few moments of walking, Wanda realized that she didn’t know where that was. Being in her room for weeks on end didn’t really give her the opportunity to learn the lay of the land

“Do you need help finding your way Wanda?” Vision asked

begrudgingly, Wanda nodded.

“Lets go then” Vision smiled


It had been four months since her brothers death and Wanda was beginning to feel like she could finally breathe. There wasn’t a day she didn’t think about Pietro, but her thoughts were now more fond than of sorrow when she thought of her twin.

Since that day in the hallway, Wanda and Vision had formed a great bond. Wanda’s complexity and Vision’s calmness had drawn them both together perfectly.

Wanda wasn’t anywhere near better, but at least she was getting there.

Without Pietro, Vision was quickly taking on the roles her bother used to play. Nothing could ever compare or replace her brother, his imprint on her was much too large to fill and she intended to keep it that way. But Vision had quickly become her person to laugh with, her person to talk with, and most importantly her friend.

As time passed by, Wanda began to think of the day half her soul died, and half got saved. She remembered the daze, the pain, andthe crippling question as to why. She always thought that Vision almost owed her an apology for not letting her die. But time had passed, and slowly Wanda was beginning to see the bigger picture. Some days she still wishes that she could’ve gone with Pietro, but through time she began to understand why her living wasn’t such a bad thing. Her brother died in the service in saving lives, and everyday Wanda got to do the same. It felt fitting, that she was living out her brothers final wish, making the impact that both twins for years has aspired to have. She was honoring her brothers memory, while making new ones for her own. If Vision hadn’t of saved her, not only would have her life been lost, but the thousands of others that she had saved since that day. The world was bigger than anything she could have previously imagined, and she was glad to be apart of it.

Tentatively, Wanda knocked on the bedroom door. After a few moments, it opened to reveal Vision.

“Wanda” he smiled at her, opening his door further to invite her in.

Wanda smiled back and entered the room.

“It’s 3:00 in the morning, are you alright?” he asked

“I’m fine. I just needed to tell you something”


“I’d like to thank you” Wanda said quietly

“Thank me for what exactly?” Vision replied

“I hated that you did it for the longest time, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and well, um..thank you for saving my life” Wanda said, eyes never leaving Visions. “I’m beginning to understand things better now,I suppose. I miss Pietro more than words can say, but my world does not end because he is gone. I get to carry the torch for both of us if you will. and I-I…well, thank you. Thank you for your friendship as well” she continued quietly, she found it extremely awkward to talk about things like this.

Vision face quickly turned from surprise to a warm smile. He had expected never to hear a thank you, not that he much cared or even wanted one. He just wanted Wanda to be okay, at first as his team member and now as his friend, and he was joyed to hear that she was overcoming the grief that had been consuming her. Human emotions could be horrible, as Wanda had shown him. But they also could be beautiful and empowering, as she had also showed him.

After a few moments, Vision again grinned at his friend .

“My honor” he replied  

A Place to Grow

After nightmares plague his sleep, Ford awakens and decides to go to his favorite place in Gravity Falls while the Sun rises. To his surprise, he’s not there alone.

Special thanks to krisonastar for the prompt/idea and song recommendation to write to by puppycrunch. This fic wouldn’t have been written without you guys. Thanks a ton! :D

A Place to Grow

  Ford jolted awake, heart racing. He adjusted his glasses and glanced about, hoping that the shadows from his nightmare hadn’t followed him into reality. Thankfully, everything was just as it’d been before he’d been claimed by sleep, though the smell of burnt skin still clogged his nose.

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Vision, which consists of an optical system, receptors and image-processing capacity, has existed for at least 520 Myr. Except for the optical system, as in the calcified lenses of trilobite and ostracod arthropods, other parts of the visual system are not usually preserved in the fossil record, because the soft tissue of the eye and the brain decay rapidly after death, such as within 64 days and 11 days, respectively.

A fish eye from a primitive time when Earth was but one single continent has yielded evidence of color vision dating back at least 300 million years.  Analyzing the fossilized remains of a fish called Acanthodes bridgei that lived long before the dinosaurs, scientists discovered light-sensing “rod” and “cone” eye cells — the oldest ever found. being  the first discovery of vertebrate retinal fossils. The remains had been preserved under a thin coating of phosphate, analysis of the tissue provides the first record of mineralised rods and cones in a fossil. YAY!!!