fish tail mountain

Another view of Machhapuchhre (6997m). It’s name means Fish tail mountain, and you can see why: it’s top ridge looks like a fish. This mountain is considered holy (it is sacred to Shiva) and nobody is allowed to climb it nor has climbed it - officially, I guess. The steep drop-off to all the sides of the mountain make it quite a remarkable sight, even though it’s not the highest peak in its surroundings.

earthspirit  asked:

I've read somewhere that capricorns have been perceived as a sign of a mixture of both earth and water elements, because of the half goat/fish symbol... what do you think of that?

i guess regardless of the mutlfaceted biological engineering present in capricorn it is on the axis of cancer, a water sign, so capricorn experiences ‘wholeness’ by soaking in its watery shadow. the fish tail bottom and the mountain goat head seems like a message from the ancients pointing to the full spectrum of experience and potential in capricorn, the ability to exhaust all human potential, wade through the oceans and climb the top of the tallest mountains, true and ultimate mastery. i hope this made sense!