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This one-eyed fish was being bullied, so the vet gave it a prosthetic eye

Kiwi, a pet fish from Missouri, lost his eye to a cataract — and was subsequently picked on by his bowlmates. “They figured out which eye was not working,” Kiwi’s owner, Julie Morgan said, “They’d go up behind him, biting his tail. He had chunks of his tail taken out.” To help the lil’ guy, Kiwi’s vet created and successfully implanted a prosthetic eye. But considering what we know about fish, was this action even necessary?

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A goldfish lover from Norfolk paid hundreds of pounds in vets’ fees when his pet became constipated.

The owner took his ailing fish to Toll Barn Veterinary Centre in North Walsham where vets told him it was constipated and an operation would cost about £300.

Vet Faye Bethell used anaesthetised water to knock out the goldfish before removing the blockages.

“At the end of the day they’re all pets and everybody does have a commitment to their pet,” Miss Bethell said.

“[The goldfish] was constipated because he had a lump blocking his bottom, rather than because of his diet or any other reason,” she said.

The operation, which took almost an hour, was performed by Miss Bethell, assisted by two veterinary nurses.

“We’ve got one nurse who bubbles anaesthetic gas through a tube that goes in through its mouth and over its gills, and then we have a second nurse to monitor with a probe to check the heart rate,” Miss Bethell said.

“Obviously, we discussed all the options [with its owner] and he made the decision to go for surgery.

Source - BBC News

Had a dream last night that ohno quit arashi to live among the fish and got surgery to become a mermaid to do so and every year on his birthday jun, aiba and sho would go visit fishno sakanashi (his mermaid alias) by boating out to the middle of the ocean and luring him with a fishing rod and a painting set instead of bait (that somehow worked under water?????)