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Catch my two new books this weekend at @shortrunseattle!

I’ll have copies of the Dune Anthology Fish-Speakers V2 and the mini-book
Me and the Muad’Dib, as well as my older books! Visit me at P-92!

Fish-Speakers V2 is a great collection of comics and art from Dune fans all over.  It contains work from @colleenfrakes @rynryp @turtledustmedia @butterbeanbun @spencersturdevant @bobbymono @sketchphase and even more!

Me and the Muad’Dib is a small tribute to the works of Frank Herbert and Jack Chick, combined in the most sacrilegious way in honor of our holy messiah.
Here are a few previews of whats to come!
See ya’ll Saturday! 



Dune reference in Wilfred

Update on FishSpeakers Volume 2, it will not be at Jet City this year, we are going on a small hiatus so the Artists can finish up their work and make it a dynamite volume, expect a release in 2015.