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Hey, could you recommend me some of your favorite songs?? Could be any artist, I'm just fairly new into kpop. Thank you in advance! ♡

Friendly reminder that those are my favorites among their songs, don’t judge me.


Taemin Goodbye; SexualityDrip Drop

ASTRO Should’ve Held On ;Because It’s You ; Innocent/First Love ;Dreams Come True

Jay ParkMommaeYacht ; All I Wanna Do ; Me Like YuhAquaman

ROMEO Without UStay With MeFocus On Me

B1A4 A Glass Of WaterTried To Walk

CROSS GENE - Black Or WhiteMy Love

SEVENTEEN Don’t Wanna Cry ; Very Nice ; Mansae ; Highlight ; Check-In ; Un Chaeng Il Chi ; My I 

UP10TION Runner ; Catch Me! ; Attention ; Stand Up 

HALO -  여기여기 ; Fever

Be.A Magical

 A.C.E Cactus

HISTORY - QueenMight Just DiePsycho

24K - Still 24KOnly YouSuper FlyBingo

AlphaBAT 딴따라 ; Get Your Luv 

B.A.P Wake Me UpSkydiveOne ShotCarnivalFire FlameKingdom


Block B Jackpot ; HerYesterdayNalinAZero For ConductBe The Light

BLANC7 Hello

Monsta X BeautifulHeroNewtonRoller CoasterTrespassAll InStuckWhite Love ; AmenNeed U;  That’s Cheating;  Ready Or Not;  5:14;  Miss You ;  I’ll Be There;  All I Do

BEAST Beautiful Night

EXO Monster ; The Eve ; Ko Ko Bop ; Lotto ; Ka-CHING!

BIGSTAR Full Moon Shine

HOTSHOT Jelly ; I’m A Hotshot ; Watch Out ; Take A Shot

iKON Bling Bling ; B-Day ; Dumb & Dumber ; My Type

Day6 How Can I Say ; Dance Dance ; Congratulations ; I Wait ; I Smile

BIGBANGFantastic Baby ;Sober;LoserLast DanceBang Bang BangFxxk It

GOT7Never Ever ; Just Right ; A ; Dreamin’ ; Paradise ; Tic Tic Tok ; Go Higher ; My Home

JJ Project Tomorrow, Today ; Coming Home

MADTOWN OMGTNew WorldYolo ; Get Out Of My Way

CNBLUE You’re So Fine

G-Dragon Crooked ; Crayon ; Middle Fingers-Up ; Window ; Bullshit

BTS Run ; Boy In Luv ; Blood, Sweat & Tears ; Save Me ; Spring Day ; Fun Boys ; 21st Century Girls ; Ma City ; Hold Me Tight ; Crow-Tit/Silver Spoon ; Butterfly ; House Of Cards

K.A.R.D Oh Na NaDon’t RecallHola Hola

PENTAGON - Gorilla; Critical BeautyCan You Feel It

Triple H 365 Fresh ; Sunflower

LuizyRecipe ; Baby Ride

SF9 Easy LoveRoar ; Fanfare ; Watch Out

SHINee Tell Me What To Do ;Lucifer (Sorry, not sorry); View

N.Flying AwesomeThe Real

NCT127 - Cherry Bomb; Fire Truck; Whiplash; 0 Mile; Summer 127

MASC - Strange; Tina

JJCC - Where You At; Freedom; Fire

Yugyeom - You Know

Wanna One - Never; Energetic

VIXX - Shangri-La; Voodoo Doll; Dynamite

SNUPER - Back:Hug; The Star Of Stars

SPEED - Don’t Tease Me

SUPER JUNIOR - Sorry Sorry

Taeyang - 1AM; Eyes, Nose, Lips; Stay With Me

TEEN TOP - Love Is; Rocking; Call Me

ToppDogg - The Beat; Topdog; Follow Me; Rainy Day; Open The Door; All Eyez On Me

WINNER - Really Really; Island; Fool

UNIQ - Eoeo

VICTON - Eyez Eyez, Unbelievable, What Time Is It Now?; I’m Fine

the wide window but every time aunt Josephine is afraid of something Olaf performs “it’s the count” but every time he says “count” Daniel handler says “fish heads, roly poly fish heads” but every time he says “fish” Klaus gets slapped

Big Bang reaction - When their child says they like another member more then them

I hope you like it anon! Sorry if these suck. None of these gifs are mine

~ Brooklyn

Ji Yong:

He’d be heartbroken and a little betrayed. His precious daughter had her heart stolen by none other than the heartthrob of Japan, Kang Daesung HAPPY BIRTHDAY SORRY IM LATE. Honestly, it really hurt his ego, but it’s not like his daughter can help it. She’s four and loves to tease him. Plus Daesung was always there whenever she wanted to play. Ji Yong wouldn’t have it though. First, he would sever all connections between him and his daughter:

“Sorry sweetheart, Daesung can’t come over for your tea party.”

“But mommy said that he would play,”

“I guess mommy lied”

Next, he would go after Daesung and make sure he knows who’s the leader and who’s daughter he was messing with. Lastly came you telling him off, saying that he’s attacking the members and that his daughter will love him no matter what and Daesung is just a phase.

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Choi Seunghyun:

He’d take this to heart. Seunghyun won’t return from this without his pride being horribly bruised. How could the maknae take his spot in his daughter’s eyes? Seunghyun would tease his daughter about it nonstop:

“Daddy, can we go to the carnival?”

“Why don’t you take your favorite member?”

Seunghyun would also make sure that Seungri knew to back off of his daughter. Using every tactic he knew how to use. Once he was satisfied and became his daughters’ favorite, he was as happy as can be.

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Young Bae:

He’d be fully hurt, and his savage side would come out. He’d be pouting to you for a good few minutes after his son said that G Dragon was the best musician in the world. He didn’t stop pouting until you said something. Then he would say something along the lines of:

“At least I have a band for him to love.”

“At least he loves me more than my friends,”

And then again comes the pouting, that would only go away if you apologized sweetly and cuddled with him. After the pouting phase came to the phase of ignoring Ji Yong. Which left Ji Yong confused as to why he was ignoring him until he texted you asking to explain why his best friend hasn’t talked to him all day. When he found out he had a laughing fit, which made Young Bae frown again. Ji Yong got off with a warning and he couldn’t hang out with his son unless he was in the room with them.

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When his daughter said that T.O.P was his favorite his heart broke in half. Although Daesung was different from the boys and instead of whining just to you, he would exaggerate his reaction to his daughter. It would make her giggle saying that she loves him:

“I love you too princess! So I’m your favorite Big Bang member?”

“Sorry Daddy”

He would pout again and sit in the corner by himself until his daughter went to him and sat on his lap, wanting his attention. He would pout at her until she started doing little bits and jokes to make him smile.

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Lee Seunghyun:

His pride would be severely damaged and it would take a lot of love from you to make him feel better, sexual or not up to you *winks*. He fake cried to make his son laugh when he said that his favorite is Tae Yang instead of his dad. When his son was gone though he started to he playfully pouty, but you knew that his ego was actually hurt. 

“I’m fine jagiya”

“Mmhmm, like that time we went to the Carribean and a fish bitch slapped you with its tail”

“(Y/N)! We promised to never mention that!”

After a little comforting from you, he felt better. When he saw the members he was upset at Youngbae, saying that he won’t allow his son being swayed by Youngbae hyung’s dancing and odd hairstyles. Which would result in some teasing, but the end of the day, he knew that his son will aways love him.

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~Just Sleep~ (SMFDR X Reader)

A/N: @eyeofstainedglass said they hated Thomas thanks to Warning so here’s this to redeem him (a lil’ bit short i am the sorry it feels more like a drabble tbh)

T/W: Insomnia, loneliness at night, if you don’t know what insomnia’s like here you go

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Insomnia was a bitch.

You remembered the girls back in high school, all chatting and giggling to each other while talking about how they ‘Only got four hours of sleep last night’ and were ‘Literally dying, Shannon’.

You tried your hardest not to punch them.

You hated how they sounded like they were gloating, bragging almost; like the less sleep you got, the more effort you put into going to school, thereby deeming them a national hero for dragging themselves out of bed after only four hours.

You were lucky to sleep four hours over the course of a week.

Your sleeping habits had been awful since middle school, but nobody seemed to understand. On the nights when you couldn’t sleep, you would pace the room, either tugging at your hair or crying or doing homework three weeks in advance because you just couldn’t take the loneliness.

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On July 22, 1990, in a life that had been filled with astonishing lows, Jeffrey Dahmer had hit his absolute lowest.  He’d just been fired from his job and was due to be evicted from his apartment by the end of the week.  Over the past several weeks, he’d been killing at a frenetic pace, eschewing all caution and restraint and giving himself over completely to the perverse sexual urges that were eating away at him.  Propelled by these same forces, Dahmer decided to go hunting one last time.  He encountered Tracy Edwards surrounded by friends at the Grand Avenue Mall and proposed that each of them keep him company for $100.  Dahmer instructed the other men to find some girls and meet him and Edwards at the Ambassador Hotel.

With Edwards to himself, Dahmer took him to his actual residence at the Oxford Apartments.  Edwards was immediately repelled by the foul odor inside the apartment.  Dahmer explained the smell was due to a sewage problem, and Edwards accepted this answer.  Dahmer offered him a drink and they both sat down on the sofa to wait for the friends who would never arrive.  Edwards started to become restless.  Perhaps sensing this, Dahmer directed his attention to his fish tank.  While Edwards was distracted by the fish, Dahmer suddenly slapped one handcuff around his wrist and shoved a knife into his armpit.  In a tone that was at once icy and commanding, he told Edwards to do exactly what he said, or he would kill him.  “Let me take some nude pictures of you, then I’ll let you go,” he promised.

First, however, Dahmer forced Edwards into the bedroom, where Edwards could see pictures of nude men in various stages of decomposition over the walls and a darkened bloodstain on the bed.  The Exorcist III was playing on a small TV screen across from the bed, and Dahmer told Edwards to sit down on the bed and watch the movie with him for a while.  At the movie progressed, Dahmer underwent a series of increasingly bizarre mood swings.  At one moment, he would be hostile and aggressive, attempting to handcuff Edwards’ other wrist and snarling that Edwards would never leave, he would stay with him forever.  At the next, he would be lonely and mired in self-pity, whimpering about his hardships.  Getting an idea, Edwards told Dahmer during one of his aggressive periods that he didn’t need to handle him so roughly; he could trust him.  Dahmer shifted back into his depressive mode, complaining that he was all alone in the world.  “No one cares about me, you know,” he lamented.  “I do.  I’m your friend,” Edwards assured him.  During another aggressive mood, Dahmer forced Edwards to lie with his back against the bed.  Pointing the knife at Edwards’ groin, Dahmer laid his head across his chest, appearing to listen to his heart.  He then told Edwards that he was going to cut out his heart and eat it.

Racking his brain for a means of escape, Edwards told Dahmer that he had to go the restroom.  Dahmer escorted him to the bathroom, holding onto him firmly as he relieved himself.  In an attempt to appease his captor after he finished, Edwards unbuttoned his shirt.  Slipping into a half-dreamy state, Dahmer told him that he was beautiful.  Edwards suggested that they go back to the living room where it was cooler.  Dahmer hazily agreed.  The two men sat back down on the sofa, where Dahmer appeared to fall into some sort of trance, rocking back and forth and humming softly to himself.  He did not seem to register his surroundings.  Edwards seized his chance to run.  Turning, he punched Dahmer in the nose and scrambled for the door.  Just as he thrust it open, he felt Dahmer grab his arm and plead for him not to leave.  Edwards wrenched himself away and darted down the hall.  

HTTYDArtAugust event: 10th - 12th August - “Campfire″


It was the gang’s favorite pastime. And although they had the open fire in the clubhouse, it just wasn’t the same as gathering around a bonfire outside under the stars, roasting supper on sticks and using logs or the grass as seats. These were rare occasions, happening only when they felt at ease enough to relax. And it had been months since such a time had occurred.

But with the Grimborns gone, and the Edge secure and safe from the volcanoes wrath (sometime’s Hiccup wondered if they were ever truly safe) they couldn’t help but feel the need for a celebration. And what better way then to enjoy the cool night by a warm fire?

But, thanks to the unwelcome volcano eruption, they did have to fly out to a sea stack where the air wasn’t so thick the fire would suffocate. Once locating an empty and clear stack, they landed and set up camp, fire pit in the middle.

The twins created a sweet paste that eventually hardened into lumps, but tasted good when placed over the fire (Hiccup had been curious to know what was in them, but thought better of asking), while the dragons easily ducked down the rocks and brought up mouth-full’s of fresh fish.

By the time the stars began to shine, everyone had their tents set up and were seating themselves around the glowing fire. Each dragon was curled around their rider, all happy, content, and relaxed. The most they’d been in a long while.

“Remember our first campfire gathering? Like- with all of us?” Snotlout spoke, drawing his fish away from the fire and prodding it with his fingers. 

Fishlegs nodded with a small smile, “We were so young- fourteen and fifteen, right? Back during Dragon Training.”

Astrid frowned, “I’m glad it changed…” she melted even more against Hiccup’s side, remembering those days when she’d sat as far away from him as possible, keeping her eyes downcast and remaining silent. She blushed at the thought, also remembering how proud she’d been. It was still a bad trait she struggled with, although everyone told her she had improved. Hiccup sensed her embarrassment, his hand gently resting on her arm moving small circles over her skin in comfort.

“This is like a tribute.” Tuff said, pushing himself to stand and frantically blowing out his gooey, and unknown, treat. “Anniversary in a way! Which means we need a theme song.”

Ruff nodded her head emphatically, “Right on, brother! Something like, ‘dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnn’ and then,” she too got to her feet, hand on her chest and other waving in the air dramatically, “’dunnnnnnnn, dunnnnnnnn, dunnnnnn, dun dun! Dun dun dun dunnnnn dun dun dun!’ I think it would be really epic with some bagpipes, aye Tuff?”

“Theme song?” Snotlout scoffed. “Why would we ever need a theme song? Who’s going to be playing it?”

“Whoever is the best multitasker.” Tuffnut sat back down, stuffing the food into his mouth, “Who here can fly a Dragon, fight bad guys, and play bagpipes at the same time?”

Hiccup blinked, “Theme forgotten, Tuffnut. The person with the bagpipes would be killed instantly.”

“Orrrrrrrr be the most protected! Everyone likes good dramatic music during a fight! I mean, what is a fight without dramatic music?”

Snotlout promptly began coughing on a fish bone, which Hookfang slapped out of him with his tail. Fishlegs began speaking about what they’d have to do when they returned to Berk, which started up the conversation again, although Hiccup remained silent for the most part, speaking only when spoken to or when a question aroused.

“Everything okay?” Astrid said quietly, concern evident in her voice. “You’ve been quiet all evening.”

“Just… tired.” Hiccup smiled, relaxed and comfortable lying against Toothless’s side with Astrid cuddled next to him. In honesty, he was just enjoying the evening. Enjoying the freedom. Enjoying the calm excitement of it all. 

“It has been a long day.” Astrid agreed. “I suppose we’re heading to Berk tomorrow?”

“Just until the smoke clears up.”

She hummed, and Hiccup nuzzled his nose into her hair, enjoying this moment for as long as it lasted. Upon returning to Berk, he knew he wouldn’t have the opportunity to spend as much time with her- comfortably at least. And not nearly this relaxed. 

“Awww look who’s getting all comfy-comfy.” Ruff cooed dreamily. “They look like Tuffnut and Chicken.”

Said chicken squawked agreement.

“Only they kiss, and we don’t.” Tuff argued, picking up Chicken and petting her feathers lovingly. 

“We’re not kissing.” Hiccup mumbled tiredly. “Just relaxing.”

“Looked like you wanted to eat her hair.”

He blushed red, while Astrid let out muffled laughter in failed attempts of hiding her mirth. 

“Well this just got more interesting.” Snotlout smirked and crossed his legs, “Dinner and a show.”

Hiccup wanted to disappear- melt into the ground or something. Now he understood why Astrid didn’t want to tell them so soon… He was still so insecure and their teasing was starting to wear thin.

“Just ignore us.” Astrid said breezily. “Or we’ll give you something that’ll make you all uncomfortable.”

Fishlegs coughed awkwardly, while the twins hooted in encouragement. Snotlout blushed just as red as Hiccup and looked away. “You two are disgusting. If you want to eat each other’s face, go do it behind a tent or something.”

Hiccup grinned and Astrid chortled, even Toothless gurgling in amusement. 

“What will your Dad think, huh?” Fishlegs started, face betraying his hope for a switch in conversation.

Hiccup sighed and slumped, “Eh, loud I think. It won’t be a secret the moment he knows.”

“Sounds about right.” Snotlout laughed. “I can not wait.”

Writing this while half asleep from taking an ibuprofen for my stupid braces. But I hope this wasn’t too crappy, I feel horrible for not writing much of anything lately. I’m trying to pick up the pace again. :)