fish slapping

the wide window but every time aunt Josephine is afraid of something Olaf performs “it’s the count” but every time he says “count” Daniel handler says “fish heads, roly poly fish heads” but every time he says “fish” Klaus gets slapped

The signs as shit my brother has said.
  • Aries: Adults use spoons instead of hands.
  • Taurus: Don't look at your hotdog while its in the microwave or it gives you cancer.
  • Gemini: *punching his wall* I PLAY VIDEO GAMES TO RELAX.
  • Cancer: I would rather kick MY OWN ASS than watch you try to read My Immortal again.
  • Leo: *At family dinner* (wake me up) WAKE ME UP INSIDE.
  • Virgo: my room is cleaner, therefore mom loves me more.
  • Libra: *playing GTA* MOM, MOM I KILLED A MAN TODAY.
  • Scorpio: I can and will set you on fire with a sandwich.
  • Sagittarius: did you see that one episode of family feud where snoop dog said pie in the horse?
  • Capricorn: *punches self in the face* *curls up on the ground* government...
  • Aquarius: one day you're going to meet an alien and instead of dating it like you think you will, it's going to incinerate you for fuel.
  • Pisces: fuck you I'm the fish and I will slap a bitch like one.
Big Bang reaction - When their child says they like another member more then them

I hope you like it anon! Sorry if these suck. None of these gifs are mine

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Ji Yong:

He’d be heartbroken and a little betrayed. His precious daughter had her heart stolen by none other than the heartthrob of Japan, Kang Daesung HAPPY BIRTHDAY SORRY IM LATE. Honestly, it really hurt his ego, but it’s not like his daughter can help it. She’s four and loves to tease him. Plus Daesung was always there whenever she wanted to play. Ji Yong wouldn’t have it though. First, he would sever all connections between him and his daughter:

“Sorry sweetheart, Daesung can’t come over for your tea party.”

“But mommy said that he would play,”

“I guess mommy lied”

Next, he would go after Daesung and make sure he knows who’s the leader and who’s daughter he was messing with. Lastly came you telling him off, saying that he’s attacking the members and that his daughter will love him no matter what and Daesung is just a phase.

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Choi Seunghyun:

He’d take this to heart. Seunghyun won’t return from this without his pride being horribly bruised. How could the maknae take his spot in his daughter’s eyes? Seunghyun would tease his daughter about it nonstop:

“Daddy, can we go to the carnival?”

“Why don’t you take your favorite member?”

Seunghyun would also make sure that Seungri knew to back off of his daughter. Using every tactic he knew how to use. Once he was satisfied and became his daughters’ favorite, he was as happy as can be.

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Young Bae:

He’d be fully hurt, and his savage side would come out. He’d be pouting to you for a good few minutes after his son said that G Dragon was the best musician in the world. He didn’t stop pouting until you said something. Then he would say something along the lines of:

“At least I have a band for him to love.”

“At least he loves me more than my friends,”

And then again comes the pouting, that would only go away if you apologized sweetly and cuddled with him. After the pouting phase came to the phase of ignoring Ji Yong. Which left Ji Yong confused as to why he was ignoring him until he texted you asking to explain why his best friend hasn’t talked to him all day. When he found out he had a laughing fit, which made Young Bae frown again. Ji Yong got off with a warning and he couldn’t hang out with his son unless he was in the room with them.

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When his daughter said that T.O.P was his favorite his heart broke in half. Although Daesung was different from the boys and instead of whining just to you, he would exaggerate his reaction to his daughter. It would make her giggle saying that she loves him:

“I love you too princess! So I’m your favorite Big Bang member?”

“Sorry Daddy”

He would pout again and sit in the corner by himself until his daughter went to him and sat on his lap, wanting his attention. He would pout at her until she started doing little bits and jokes to make him smile.

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Lee Seunghyun:

His pride would be severely damaged and it would take a lot of love from you to make him feel better, sexual or not up to you *winks*. He fake cried to make his son laugh when he said that his favorite is Tae Yang instead of his dad. When his son was gone though he started to he playfully pouty, but you knew that his ego was actually hurt. 

“I’m fine jagiya”

“Mmhmm, like that time we went to the Carribean and a fish bitch slapped you with its tail”

“(Y/N)! We promised to never mention that!”

After a little comforting from you, he felt better. When he saw the members he was upset at Youngbae, saying that he won’t allow his son being swayed by Youngbae hyung’s dancing and odd hairstyles. Which would result in some teasing, but the end of the day, he knew that his son will aways love him.

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