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The King’s Flowers

It is a day full of love (not LOVE hopefully)! Enjoy this Undertale fic to whoever else reads it. It is short, thankfully.

Also, happy Valentine’s day, @vero-valzer​! Hope your day is filled with many hearts in some form, whether they be candy or souls.

Word Count: 812

AU: None

Characters: Asgore, Gaster

         The air was sweet with golden flowers. They carpeted the throne room like a blanket of sunlight on a still and cloudless morning. Each flower leaned towards the light that filtered through stained glass, suspended in sunbeams in a kaleidoscope of color. No blemish existed among the collection. This was their new home in the king’s garden where Asgore tended to them like children.

         Asgore stood tall at a round white table in the middle of the field. His silken purple cloak hung on his shoulders effortlessly and flowed around his feet. With graceful movements, he arranged a porcelain tea set for two as he hummed. The saucers and teacups were painted in silver and blue of songbird silhouettes perched on branches. A teapot to match sat in the center while a crystal bowl held a dune of sugar nearby. Once satisfied, the king poured the tea. It was a rich golden yellow as if sunshine had been captured in every drop. The same delicate fragrance rose, and sweetness filled Asgore’s lungs. The scent lingered in the back of his throat. Tilting his head back, he closed his eyes to savor the peace.

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While I love all of the star treks a lot I feel like deep space nine ruined the rest f them for me a bit. Like. So multifaceted. So many aliens. So many good deep messages that didn’t feel like fish-slapping metaphors. Will anything ever be as amazing? How can any Trek measure up?

i had a strange thought, as I was trying to sleep, that I am v fortunate none of my friends have ever left me alone in the fresh fish isle of the deli before. Bc if they had, I most definitely would have slapped someone in the face w a whole trout, and thus would have been obligated to buy the whole trout, something I would have have had no interest in buying by itself, in the first place. 

Could you fight the Cryptonloids + Gumi and Gakupo
  • Miku: Your chances of winning are probably pretty high, though since this is Miku we're talking about she could always surprise you and suddenly start beating you up, so it's about 50/50 here
  • Rin: You literally could not lose if you fought Rin. She's too sweet to hurt anyone even if you stood completely still she wouldn't lay a finger on you. There's no reward for beating Rin up at all do not fight her.
  • Len: Please beat him up he totally deserves and it even if he does get a few punches on you you could always kick him in the groin or something to end it quickly. Fight this sinner I beg you
  • Luka: You are not going to win if you fight Luka. She may look all classy and stuff but buddy those heels are going to go in your face if you bring up fighting her plus she has a giant tuna on her at all times so unless you like having giant fish slapped all over you don't even think about it.
  • Kaito: Why? would you want to fight Kaito? What did he ever do to you? I mean if you really did wanna fight him you'd probably win but still leave the ice cream man be.
  • Meiko: It really all depends weather or not she's angry because if she's not angry it's an even match but god forbid Meiko gets mad R.I.P in peace you will get sake bottles smashed over your head too many times to count.
  • Gumi: Gumi is smol and innocent you will get nothing out of fighting her other then the forever haunting thoughts that you punched this innocent child in the face.
  • Gakupo: Buddy Gakupo is a samurai and I'm almost positive you have no experience with weapons whatsoever. You are going to get your head cut off and there's nothing you can do about it. You're not going to win this fight.
Slap Jack

You couldn’t stop thinking about the case. Something wasn’t adding up but Hotch had ordered everyone to bed and in a tiny town like this it meant you’d had to double up. Most of the rooms had single beds, save for the one Hotch and Dave had drawn. You’d found that pairing pretty damn comical. Luckily for you you’d drawn straws and were paired with Reid. You hear him sigh loudly and you flop onto your back.
“Are you awake?” He asks softly.
“Yep.” You say popping the ‘p’ in annoyance. He sits up and clicks on the lamp on the table between your beds.
“Thinking about the case.”
“Yea, something isn’t adding up for me and it’s driving me bonkers.”
“Wanna play cards?” You look over at him in surprise and after a moment of consideration you nod. “Yes!” He cheers softly fishing his deck out of his bag.
“Let’s do something mindless.” You say sitting up.
“Like go fish. Or slap jack.”
“What’s slap jack?”
“You split the cards in half and you both lay one card down at a time until you see a jack and the first one to slap their hand down on the jack gets the pile underneath it. First person to win all the cards wins. If you slap on a queen or king the other person gets the pile.”
“Sounds fun.” He shuffles then starts dealing the cards.
It quickly gets out of hand. Like you should have known it would. You and Reid bicker like siblings on a good day you should have known better than to think this was going to stay a friendly game of slap jack. You’ve tackled him onto his bed and he’s squealing in laughter as you assault his sides when there’s a loud knock on your door.
“Saved by the knock Reid.” You mutter darkly with a small smile on your face. You go over to the door and open it to find a very annoyed and very sleepy Hotch and Rossi.
“What. The hell. Is going on in here?” Hotch grumbles.
“Uh, we were playing slap jack and Reid cheated.”
“I did n-” He starts to protest then he sees Hotch’s face and shuts up.
“Do you two know what time it is?”
“Noo.” You draw out the word.
“2:15.” Rossi growls.
“Oops. We’ll be quieter.” You promise and Hotch gives a soft laugh.
“If you think we’re letting the two of you bunk together now you’re nuts.” He says.
“What?” Reid says and you nod. What is he talking about? Hotch’s fingers close around your wrist and he gently tugs you out of the room and Rossi goes in.
“Why do I feel like Reid is getting the better end of this deal?” You ask as Hotch pulls you to his room.
“He’s not. Dave snores, loud.” Hotch lets go of your wrist when you enter the room. That single bed seems so daunting. He locks the door and wraps his arms around you from behind. “Nice job.” He mutters in your ear before kissing the side of your neck. You laugh softly, the team didn’t know about your relationship but you always slept better next to Hotch, when you’d drawn Reid he’d made sure that the two of you were roomed next to him and Dave.
“Stop it. Or we’re going to be busted.” You say as your breath catches in your throat. His hands are on the bare skin of your stomach and are creeping slowly up. “Aaron.” You say with a soft laugh. You grab one of those wandering hands and lead him to the bed. You tug him onto it behind you then burrow under the covers. You slide next to him sliding a leg between his in an effort to be as close to his warmth as possible. It’s cold in this room, just like it is at his house, you’ve never minded it’s always given you a reason to be as close as possible. You give him a quick kiss then rest your head on his chest. One arm thrown across him, while one of his is tucked around you. Just before you fall asleep you hear him mutter,
“I love you.”