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Meal Provided for Human Delegates to the Conclave

“Humans primarily consume organic materials derived from dead plants or animals. They also consume some quantity of inorganic minerals. Translator Zeiat has informed us that they enjoy food which looks like different food. In this case, we have provided some inorganic minerals in the shape of a bird’s egg, which provides a pleasant counterpoint to the feathers that are the primary animal-derived component of the dish.“

Cheer Up Post #4761 - Taiyaki & Bungeoppang Edition

Fish-shaped cakes from Japan and South Korea.

Food Masterpost

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I heard he loves fish and cake; why not a fish-shaped cake, then? Taiyaki is delicious after all. Eh–it’s cake or bread? Or neither? haha

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Hoshidan Festival: Setsuna and Shiro Parent-Child Convo

This. Conversation. Is. Hilarious. 

It’s funny how out of all the mothers Shiro can have, it seems to be as Setsuna’s son that he acts more like a prince. Well, at least he talks more like a prince. Everyone familiar with the “royal we”?

Setsuna can be a surprisingly harsh mother when it comes to punishments… Though in this case I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a punishment or a lesson. 

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Renruki week Day 1: Childhood and Happy Birthday, Renji! 

I actually went with teenhood, but that’s kind of in the childhood category…? Anyway here it is! Hope you like! :D ~ @renrukiweek ~

Also on AO3 here ;)

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August 6, 2017
- Visited Miyajima for the second time. I took a different path from my 2010 trip and stayed mainly in the central port area.
- I didn’t do much else today so I only posted the food photos from Miyajima for today (Momiji manjuu, grilled oysters, momiji-shaped fish cakes, conger eel [anago] kamameshi for lunch)
- That evening, I went to the lantern festival near the A-Bomb dome.
- I slept early to wake up early tomorrow for planning (or rather, I fell asleep early because I was tired)

Facts about Jonghyun from BNR

All facts are from Jonghyun himself from Blue Night Radio


  • His fetal nickname was “Chi Guk”
  • He tried to knit a muffle once in 6th grade
  • He didn’t believe in Santa Claus because his parents never tricked him
  • He listened to Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” a lot during trainee days
  • He claims he didn’t sleep enough during middle and high school (which caused his short height)
  • He used to go to a friend’s house daily and listen to music, especially n*sync
  • He had to cut his hair twice to comply with school rules
  • When he was 3, he lived in front of a marketplace.
  • In his first year of elementary school, he liked a girl in another class. He would run in front of her and look back to a “friend” just to look at her.
  • He used to want to be a police officer then a Korean teacher.
  • His mom took him to piano lessons when he was around 6 but he quit
  • He and his sister lived with their grandparents for some time during elementary school
  • He used to have a husky named Choro
  • His middle school band’s name was Zion because he went to a Christian school
  • His family received welfare support during his middle school years and he didn’t like getting the help
  • He was the class president in primary school


  • His grandfather is still alive but grandmother isn’t (mother’s side)
  • The biggest regret in his life was an argument with his mom
  • His sister, Seodam, works at a cosmetic company
  • His mom sold fish shaped buns and rice cakes and he would ask her for money to play at the arcade.
  • Seodam is a huge fan of Shinhwa
  • His mom and sister have many couple items
  • Both Seodam and his mother go to church
  • His mom entered university at 36
  • His mother studied women’s & child psychology; she worked as principal at a daycare center and now works as a psychosocial therapist
  • Jonghyun often sets his sister’s picture as his phone’s wallpaper
  • His mom calls him a workaholic
  • His mom can use his credit card
  • His mom doesn’t want him to get married until he’s 35
  • He called his father a “thieving guy” because he married his mother at a young age
  • His mother sing in her church choir
  • His mom had to have knee surgery but didn’t tell Jonghyun until after his concert
  • His father is over 180 cm but his mother is 150 cm tall
  • When he enrolled in music school, his father didn’t know and tried to cancel his enrollment
  • When he goes out with his older sister, she often gets mistaken for his girlfriend or younger sister
  • He lived with his grandparents (mother side) in 1st and 2nd grade.


  • He has bad eyesight without glasses/contacts
  • He doesn’t have a religion
  • He can only doggy paddle/can’t swim
  • He can’t draw
  • He never had a cat
  • He loses a lot of things
  • He is camera shy
  • He always tells Roo goodnight
  • He wears glasses at home
  • He wants to make a children’s album someday
  • His bedroom is mostly black
  • When the members all lived in a dorm, Jonghyun was in charge of getting them all together to eat and play
  • He has Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression, usually in winter months)
  • He has bad handwriting
  • He is sensitive to smell


  • Food made with bones like pork bone stew
  • Dogs—especially ones with short legs like a corgi or dachshund
  • Carp bread
  • Candles
  • His career
  • Rain
  • Tea
  • Bunk beds
  • Mangoes


  • Puzzles
  • Heat/summer
  • Comparisons
  • Christmas
  • Being on tv programs

(English translations:  cosmicsticks, thatcoolcatmeow)


Happy 100 fics!

Or, actually, when I looked at AO3 the other day I saw 107, so I guess I’m a little late, but hey. I’m also obviously not cut out to be a professional cake decorator–all that sloppy frosting mess is me. Much of the sprinkle-design was provided by the 19yr old who looked at my efforts and declared them insufficient.

Oh, and that’s the Translator Zeiat Peeps Ghost from my dried-up store of diorama peeps. This fish, the translator can eat. (How, after all, can you tell the difference between a fish, a cake, and a fish-shaped cake?)

(For the curious or the ambitious among you, this was a 9x13 inch rectangle cake, that I cut into an eye shape and used the cut off corners to make fins.)

Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic (Touken/Tousaki): Usagisland

Ao3 | FFN | under the cut (2084 words)


  • Written for Touken Week! Prompt: Keychain.
  • This one is meant as an insert (between parts 7 and 8) into my previous post-TG AU fic, “Backburner.” (Whoops, guess that wasn’t a oneshot after all.)
  • Hope you enjoy!


“Oh,” Sasaki says, pointing.

“What?” Did something fall out? She scans the ground, but he shakes his head.

“No, I was just surprised that you…have so many keychains. They’re all…rabbits?”

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[TRANS] Hallyu Pier September Issue: Interview (EXCUSE ME) - Accelerating the 6 Members After a Year Debut in Japan

Thoughts on the important time you spent with fans on the four continent tour. 

Last year in February their single [NO MERCY] was ranked second on Oricon Weekly Chart, and in March you began a pacific tour that revolved around four continents and captivated fans from all over the world. It has been two years since your Korean debut in 2012, but it does not seem like they’re going to take a break. 

In the last interview we did, Himchan said, “After we finish I want to be able to leave something behind, make it meaningful concert.” Now that their three month long Pacific Tour has come to an end, what did you experience?

Youngjae: It has got to be the time we spend with our fans, we have met throughout the tour, is probably the most important I think. It makes me want to go on tour again soon. From what I experienced on this tour was great, but I want to have an even greater tour next time. 

Yongguk: We went to countries and cities like Europe, Australia, and America’s Chicago and Los Angeles. Some of the countries and cities we visited were the places we toured for the first time and every country we visited was amazing! 

Zelo: Every country has a completely different atmosphere compared to each other. In America when we preformed a little bit outside of the big city, there were still so many people who cheered us on and showed up to our concert. I was so happy. 

Your last tour was the Japan tour. The final was held in Chiba at Makuhari Messe which held 8500 fans who really brought the heat. 

Jongup: I think more and more fans have started to encourage us and are wanting to enjoy this with us. 

Youngjae: During the last show, I went down into the audience, and I got caught by one of the fans…. (laughs) I was so happy that without thinking, I just started laughing but so many fans gathered around I was worried that they would get hurt. Fortunately no one did got hurt, but that was something that was memorable to me. 

Himchan: I’m not sure if I was lonely or sad because the fans were sad, but when the tour ended my chest felt heavy. 

Zelo: Compared to our last Japan tour, there were a lot more types of people, including people from different age groups and a lot more families. I was very surprised.

B.A.P speaks a lot about the countries they visited, but besides the stories about being on tour, we heard you went shopping on your free time. 

Daehyun: What we all like to do and have fun while doing it, is probably shopping (laughs). We also went sightseeing and took lots of pictures of course, but when we had time we mostly went shopping.

Yongguk: We also went to a shop that we really wanted to visit right? But there were also times we went to landmarks or just relaxed at a coffee shop and just watch the people around us.

Jongup: Oh, and we played basketball. In America we played with the locals that lived there and it was really fun (laughs) 

After a long overseas tour B.A.P has taken another step further into their career, with a new single [EXCUSE ME] to be released on Sept. 3rd (Wed.). This song is the new Japanese ver taken from their 3rd major hit Korean album BADMAN. 

Himchan: We wanted to make more songs that were originally Korean into Japanese so that our Japanese fans would be also be able to enjoy and sing along. This song is an upbeat fun song so lets get hyped up together! 

Yongguk: I think that this song brings out a lot of our colors, it is a very lively hip-hop song. During our tour, when we played this song it was very popular with our fans, so we thought it would also be a great title track with this Japanese album. Also in this album, [COFFEE SHOP], different from our strong powerful songs, it is a bit more jazzy. [ZERO] another hip-hop song included in our album, is very different from our song [EXCUSE ME], giving off a more mischievous vibe. 

Daehyun: Because it’s summer, I want people to listen to [EXCUSE ME]. I recommend this for summer, it is well suited and it gets you pumped up!

They’ve had their Japanese debut on October last year. Since then, even if it’s long or short, how do you guys feel about the time span since October is coming soon?

Daehyun: For this upcoming October, I think it was a time that made me realize the time is drawing really near. Furthermore, the most precious moment to me was meeting all the fans.

Zelo: I actually wish the duration of the concert tour was longer. There are still a lot of countries that we have yet to visit. I loved to see all the fans from many different countries and understanding their cultures. I absolutely love the Japanese cultures. For this upcoming October, I would like to practice more on my Japanese.

Himchan: During the time when we had the release party event (for No Mercy), I saw a huge Gundam statue – I was really surprised (laugh). It was so surprising that I had to list them as one of my most memorable memories.

Bang Yongguk: Croissant Takoyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake)! It was so delicious that I had to bring it home.

Himchan: Speaking of food, the most memorable one was the Monja-yaki (Osaka’s Pan Fried Batter with Various Ingredients) (laugh).

Jongup: Aahhh Ox Tongue… Since I have a lot of muscles, I now feel empty… tongue of cattle… all pages (laugh).

Zelo: During the release party event (for No Mercy), I saw a lot of people dressing up (cosplay) as me during [No Mercy] and [Warrior] era. Since debut, I’ve always enjoyed seeing cosplayers come to the events. I’ll always look forward to it (laugh).

Himchan: They even copied Zelo’s hairstyle. Every time we change into new hairstyles, Zelo’s cosplayer’s always seem to copy his overall look.

This upcoming October, we’ll be celebrating our 1st anniversary of Japanese debut. Another anniversary for us to celebrate! During this one year, I’ve learned so much especially through events, and I’ve also seen growth of each members.

Youngjae: In this one year, I’d love to hold a special event where we could celebrate together with the fans. After that, I want to go shopping (laugh).

Himchan: For our one year anniversary, not for work but privately, I really want to visit Japan with the members. There are so many places I’d love to visit (laugh). The only time when I had a free time was doing some shopping. So, I want to visit places and eat lots of delicious food!

Bang Yongguk: For me, as expected, in this one year celebration, I want to spend a whole day with the fans.

Youngjae: I think I’m the only one who thought about this. I really want to make couple ring (laugh), or wearing pajamas is also good (laugh). Or we could design a top like those Hallyu K-pop group where we could spend a day to design them one by one. However, B.A.P’s schedule is really packed, so our private time is really short. I don’t think it’s possible. It would be nice if we could have a full day to spend time with just the fans.

Daehyun: Beaches, or do water activity. I really want to go there. I want to find a nearby homestay and play water activities. We have no time, even if it’s near, we still can’t go…

Bang Yongguk: I want to fry something if we’re staying at a homestay. It’s been a while so I have to be really careful.

This September will be the release of our new single [EXCUSE ME]. For our one year anniversary event, this year we are going to plan something special. Also, we have a message to share.

Daehyun: To all Japanese fans, please give a lot of support for our new single, the Japanese version of [EXCUSE ME]. Please look forward to it!

Zelo: I really want to meet you guys soon. From now onwards, I will work even harder to show our best side. Please take good care of me.

Youngjae: For this upcoming event on September, I want to show a lot of performance while you guys are standing near us. Let’s laugh together, let’s enjoy the time together!

Jongup: (in Japanese) I love you! (laugh)

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