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Preserving the Migration of Giants: Guyana's Arapaima
Conservation scientist Dr. Lesley de Souza is working with the people of Guyana to establish a new protected area. Their goal is to safeguard a watershed for...

The Brain Scoop:
Preserving the Migration of Giants: Guyana’s Arapaima

Dr. Lesley de Souza is a conservation scientist here at The Field Museum. Recently she’s been working in Guyana alongside the local people with the goal of creating a protected area.

One animal in particular, the arapaima, is a massive and threatened fish that uses flooded forests for breeding- but there was little known about where they go, and how they use these waterways in the rainy season. So, she decided to track them by inserting radio transmitters into the fish - and today, she and her collaborators are one step closer to establishing a natural preserve in the country. 

~*ngl I actually cried during this intervieeewwww, no shame, I love fish*~ 

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"I can start with how I went to marine science camp as a kid and end with that time I accidentally brought a flamethrower into the county courthouse" --- PLEASE EXPLAIN IM SO CONFUSED D:

So, when I was a kid, my parents worked full time, so during the summer, my sister and I were enrolled in day-camp so we’d be adequately tired when we got home, and my FAVORITE  camp was Marine Science Camp, run by MSI on the banks of redwood creek, right off the San Francisco bay.  It was AWESOME: we got to dissect squid, there was a literal shark tank, which we got to fish leopard sharks out of and Tag Them For Scientific Research, ad we’d go out on the boat once a week and do things like haul a net full of fish out, use a scoop to study benthic creatures and look at plankton under a microscope.  I realize now we were essentially doing transects, dissections and other field/lab work for a bunch of grad students but it was FUN.  

I totally wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up and would tell anyone who asked me what I was into about nematocyts and oceanic acidification until The Adult realized their mistake and fled.

At the same time, I was pursing an aggressive interest in the visual arts, which my parents heavily encouraged, becuase they are excellent parents and because it;s was a QUIET hobby unlikely to result in bodily harm, unlike my sister, who got into karate and Theater, which is a surprising dangerous combination.

But then i got to college and realized an issue with this plan: I, hands down, SUCK at chemistry.  I did okay in into becuase I’m great at taking standardized tests, and the teacher got suspended halfway through the semester for getting into a fistfight with another prof for poaching his grad student, but Organic Chemistry was a disaster.  I’ve never been good at arithmetic, and balancing chemical equations is something i need the dang molecule models for. So marine bio was a No-Go.

So I switched my major over to Art, which turned out to be kind of a disaster (the school managed to lose an entire semester of my grades because the Art Department kept really sloppy records and i ended up dropping out and resuming college elsewhere) and AMAZING, becuase I took a human figure drawing course with professor [REDACTED] who announced on the third day of class:  “SWEET THE FOOLS JUST GAVE ME TENURE.  CAN’T FIRE ME NOW, SO LEMME SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE A FLAMETHROWER”

The thing she actually taught us was how to modify a culinary butane torch to empty the canister at a much higher rate than any manufacturer anywhere recommends, which gives you and AWESOME bigass jet of blue flame, but only lasts about 30 seconds per container.  She also showed us how to make bandeliers so we could carry multiple containers, “just in case”.

In more practical lessons, we were in class when the first gov’t shutdown happened, so we didn’t have money for models, so she oped to bring in various animals for us to draw instead.  there was the usual cats and dogs, but also chickens, horses, a farm hog, a 12-foot Burmese Python and a baby deer that had been abandoned on her porch.  It was really fun, both becuase animals are amazing, and becuase they don’t hold still, so you learn to draw REAL FAST, which is a skill that’s served me well since.

A few years later, I was summoned for Jury Duty, and had to show up at the courthouse for selection.  HOWEVER, I’d put my usual bag in the wash the previous night, so I grabbed my old school backpack to take with me because I knew I had a sketchbook in there to amuse myself with.

I forgot I also had my flamethrower in there.

I live in a pretty low-crime area, so the metal detectors are actually pretty far into the building- you don’t get scanned until you’re actually going into the courtroom.  So for about three hours beforehand, I was sitting in the hallway having a Nice Chat with one of the state park rangers and the CEO of the local call center.  We get called in, and as we walk through, my backpack sets off the alarm.

“Fuck.” I say abruptly remembering what would have set it off.

“Do you have anything metal in your backpack?” the security guy asks me.  I think he was expecting me to say glasses.

“I forgot that I have my flamethrower in here. I’ll just leave this outside.”  I explain, hoping I’m not about to be arrested.

“Please open your bag or leave it outs- your WHAT?”  Dude stops halfway through his routine.

“Flamethrower.  I made it in art class and will definitely be leaving it here.” I say, carefully putting my bag on the table, zipper open , and pointing at the small butane torch.  The guard looks at it, looks at me (pls note, I am small, white, feminine and conventionally attractive so YOU BET privilege was happening here), before deciding that Art People Are Dumb and waving me in after wanding me to make sure I hadn’t accidentally brought anything else in my pockets.

I was not selected for jury duty.

In other news, I still have it, and it still works.  I use it for mass-toasting creme brulee.

Saika Little Lady’s Day Festival & Basket Auction!

To celebrate the Little Lady’s Day festivities Saika has decided to host a basket auction on Monday March 13th at the Lavender Beds Ward 11 Amethyst Shallows! We’ll have different yummy festive foods, games, and the basket auction of course! Feel free to stop on by between 10pm to 1am EST ( 7pm to 10pm PST )!

As with everyone else, with stormblood promising new housing plots Saika is in much need of a larger upgrade! Our smoll cottage can only fit so many… The auction and booths will be taking actual gil for this event. Donations are also welcome and loved!

Our Festival Games

100gil Kingyo-sukui Booth ( Goldfish Scooping ) : “Each person plays individually. The basic rule is that the player scoops copperfish from a pool with a paper scooper called a "poi” and puts them into a bowl with the poi. This game requires care and speed as the poi can tear easily. The game is over when the poi is completely broken or incapable of scooping properly.“

Player will pay the booth runner then /random to see what happens, RP it out however you like!:

  • If Random is 499 and under their scoop breaks.
  • If Random is 500-799 they win a Copperfish, their scoop breaks.
  • If Random is 800-899 they win a Copperfish, their scoop DOES NOT break and can go again.
  • If Random is 900+ they win a Coral Butterfly, their scoop DOES NOT break and  can go again.

This Booth will also sell Tier 1 Aquariums while Supplies last at 10,000gil (Much cheaper than current Market Board Price) for you to put your fishies in!

100gil Chō-Han Bakuchi Booth ( Even Odd Gambling ) : "The game uses two standard dice, which are shaken in a bamboo cup or bowl by a dealer. The cup is then overturned onto the floor. Players then place their wagers on whether the sum total of numbers showing on the two dice will be "Chō” (even) or “Han” (odd). The dealer then removes the cup, displaying the dice. The winners collect their money.“

  • Player will pay the Booth Runner choose either Cho/Even or Han/Odd to place their bet on then /random.
  • The Runner will then take the first two digits of the roll and add them up before revealing the results to the Player.
  • Winners will receive an option of either box of Nutty Nutkin Cookies (Acorn Cookie) or a small box containing a Mini Rolanberry Cheesecake ( Rolanberry Cheesecake)!

100gil Cork Gun Booth :  "Each person plays individually, player is given an air shard loaded gun and a colored chalk coated cork as ammo. The rule for this game is to point and shoot at the target! Try to aim for a bullseye!”

After paying the Runner, Player will /random to see what happens!

  • If Random is 699 and under they miss.
  • If Random is 700-799 they win a booby prize box of Nutty Nutkin Cookies (Acorn Cookie)!
  • If Random is 800-899 they win a booby prize Fresh Fruit Basket (Assorted Fruit)!
  • If Random is 900+ they win a Stuffed Moogle or Chocobo!

Other Booths!

Refreshments Booth

  • 200g Tea Smoked Raptor (Smoked Raptor) - Raptor Shank that had been smoked in coerthas tea, toasted rice grains, pearl ginger slices, and maple sugar in a box next to a bed of homemade garlean garlic noodles and pickled vegetables.
  • 800g Slow Grilled Fish (Grilled Raincaller) - A variety of whole descaled and gutted clean fresh fish on bamboo skewer and lightly salted before placed next to the fire pit to slowly fry in it’s own juices.
  • 200g Shoyu Sesame Akami Tuna Kabobs (Tuna Miqa'bob) - Larger chunks of our Akami Tuna bowl mixture coated in sesame seeds then skewered onto bamboo sticks before slowly roasted next to the fire pit for a rare kabob.
  • 200g Teriyaki Shiitake Kabobs (Forest Miqa'bob) - Dragon Peppers, Shiitake Mushrooms, whole Mini Ruby Tomatos, skewered on bamboo then dipped in our teriyaki sauce and then slowly roasted next to the fire pit!
  • Zoni - A traditional eastern soup that is served during special occasions. We make our stock from dashi and kombu to give it a light savory fish flavor. Within the stock we add Young Cieldalaes Spinach, simmer Coerthasian Carrots, simmered Lotus Roots, and some of our fresh pounded mochi that we toast over the fire pit. [ This is an IC RP dish that will not need gil to take and can be asked for at any time or picked up in cups beside the booth vendors. Have your characters help themselves to some warming soup during the event! We also have an actual stack of this stuff if you wish for one just ask! ]

  • 250g Taiyaki (Pastry Fish) - A slightly sweet pancake-like batter that has been cooked in an iron fish shaped grill. Served within is your choice of a sweet anko, creamy vanilla bean mousse, smooth silky chocolate cream, or luscious custard.
  • 350g Fluffy Doman Cheesecake (Cheese Souffle) - A mini fluffy eastern version of a classic cheesecake that’s more cake than cheese. Dusted with powdered sugar and packed in a decorative small box.

  • 100g Sencha (Chamomile tea) - One of the most common forms of Green Tea, Sencha like most of our teas is steamed instead of fermenting for preservation. It is then kneaded and rolled into needle-like shapes.
  • 200g Genmaicha (Thanalan tea) - Sencha that is mixed with roasted brown rice and small amount of matcha. It has a nutty flavor and aroma thanks to the roasted brown rice and a soft greenish color thanks to the matcha.

                                             Survivors Booth

Donation Booth

Had fun? Feeling generous? Donate with Kyuu’sae at our donation booth! Remember all donations are optional and if you feel like it, you don’t have to donate–but we do ask you at least have fun or try to during the event! Enjoy yourself, relax, make new friends even!

Those who donate over 50k will have the option to receive a raffle ticket and be asked to /random for him! For what? It’s a surprise!  *NOTE: IF YOU DONATE AND GET A RAFFLE TICKET WE WILL BE ANNOUNCING THE THREE WINNERS AND THREE PRIZES AT THE VERY END OF THE EVENT. IF YOUR TICKET IS CALLED AND YOU ARE NO LONGER THERE YOU FORFEIT YOUR PRIZE.*

                                           Basket Auction

Basket auction will be held at the docks at 12:30am to 1am EST ( 9:30pm to 10pm PST ) and will be in real gil to help fund for a larger home.

Basket 1 will contain : Oriental Tea Set, Oriental Round Table, Tatami Mat, a friendly Roleplay ‘date’ with one of the following; Oyun, Chanto, Mimi, or Trishelle, and an *IC set of Dolls made to look like the Saika crew! It is a doll festival after all!

Basket 2 will contain : Oriental Tea Set, Oriental Round Table, Tatami Mat, Kadomatsu, Hard Rice Cakes.

Basket 3 will contain : Oriental Tea Set, Oriental Round Table, Tatami Mat, Hard Rice Cakes.

*Dolls are ICly given and made by Chanto and Oyun. OOCly they will be a custom drawn doll chibi of the Saika crew! These drawn dolls are purely IC and the drawings are simply for viewing pleasure so you know what your character is getting. You are in no way, shape or form–buying these dolls with gil for ownership. These dolls that will be show are for visual reference only and belong to the character’s said owner and drawn by me. These dolls are a gift to my fellow Saika members and staff for staying and supporting me all this time.

*Inspired by SquareEnix Events, FFXI’s festival events(remember going to to the ponds outside of town to scoop fish with your paddles?), @thaliaksembrace @gildedpony-ffxiv and @crescent-ffxiv

**Gil prices were adjusted on food to cover the crafting cost to make it with only a bit of profit. All food is HQ and cheaper than Market Board price. All items while supplies last!


Saving the rainforest is important, but so is saving the rivers and streams that run through them! Check out this video on giant rainforest fish form The Brain Scoop! 

anonymous asked:

Would a real Crookedstar be able to survive in the wild? Wouldn't a real cat find hunting difficult with a disfigured jaw?

not really, his jaw healed so the only problems he would probably have are with eating, it wouldn’t really effect his hunting skills, especially bc riverclan cats scoop fish out of the water 

shadeofazmeinya  asked:

to add more to the jackeoff sweet farmer boys (bc i love it so fucking much): after dating for a long time, they move in together/combine farms. Jack helps Geoff build a huge chicken pen, bigger than his old one. Geoff helps out picking corn and tending the fields. They adopt a dog, maybe two. just live happy lives on their farms. lazy days sitting out on their porch, cuddling close to each other, geoff reading as jack presses kisses to his hair and a big, fluffy dog is curled at their feet.

(heres what started all of this)

ring ring hello yes shade? im gonna need another 20k, times new roman single spaced essay of sweet domestic farming old men in Love please by next monday

okay but also? imagine them fishing!! 

“itll be so relaxing, jack, you’ll love it!” cue two miserable hours where geoff’s line NEVER bobs once (”you bought the wrong bait asshole!” “geoff im literally using the same bait as you” “WHY ISNT MINE WORKING THEN”), jacks line ALWAYS BREAKS (”GOD. FUCKING. DAMNIT I HATE FISHING” geoff sipping lemonade and watching his unmoving rod with the most dead inside look on his face, “what’d i tell ya? relaxing.”)

and jeremy. fucking. dooley. down the road happens by for two seconds and scoops a fish out with his bare hands (”look at the size of this thing! i think its gotta be 15 pounds, at least! how many have u guys caught?” “jeremy, if u dont leave right now im gonna punch u in the mouth.”) jack and geoff seethe for twenty whole minutes and vow never to go again

supah-novah-betch  asked:

I have finally decided! Lee on a date with his s/o at the new year's festival & while they're playing games he blushes cause holy crap theyre so damn cute?? And then they watch fireworks & Lee goes in for a kiss but they bump heads 😂

The idea was so adorable. The cutest thing ever A+ for the fluff. This took like four months but finally, the scenario is here…

As a kind of important side note: after a probably poorly done investigation about Japanese festivals, I decided to make a mash-up for the scenario. Visiting a temple is usually made in New Year, while catching fishes and fireworks are summer festival activities.

~Admin Night.

A New Year’s Date with Rock Lee

Originally posted by anima-posts

If I don’t make three hundred push-ups before they come, then I’ll have to make four hundred sit-ups after our date. Lee was nervous. Time was passing, and they haven’t appeared. They weren’t to blame: it was him who had gotten to their meeting place in Konoha’s commercial street half hour before. Still, it was hard following Tenten’s advice and not running to their encounter.

One hundred one, one hundred two. He liked them so much, and he was so happy. He and (Y/N) had been dating for two months already: Gai-sensei had been the one to give him the final push, patting his back as Lee yelled his feelings in the middle of the street. Those seconds before they answered were filled with tensed muscles and a pain in the chest. But they returned his feelings! One hundred fifty, one hundred fifty-one. Now, butterflies fluttered in his stomach, barely bothered by the raising and lowering of his body. They hadn’t had many official dates, as in the last two months both were busy with different missions. But now they were finally going out! And in New Year’s Eve!

Stalls and lights stretched behind him, filling the village’s commercial street. The day was very cold, it was snowing, and the ground already had the characteristic white carpet of winter months. Nevertheless, everything made the ambient more romantic. Two hundred, Two hundred one, two hundred two. And he was ready to start the New Year with them. Lee was going to show them all his abilities in every game in the festival, he was going to win all the prizes, they would eat all their favorite foods and then they would run to the temple, tying wishes to the shrine.

And Lee knew what he was going to ask for. He wanted the youthful fire of their romance to never fade.

Two hundred ninety-nine, three hundred. Lee incorporated himself and concentrated again in his impatience. He wondered what they would wear, they looked amazingly beautiful in their green coat. Some snowflakes melted against his forehead. How much should he wait? He was ready to run in the direction of their house when he caught a glimpse of their form walking towards him. Now he had waited enough. No more. Lee wanted to hug them so much!


He ran so fast that they only managed to see a green blur before Lee trapped them in his arms.  Lee was always like that. They loved it. (Y/N) returned the hug, with little less passion than him, while throwing a giggle. His energy always seemed to permeate them.

“Lee, did you wait too long?”

They were warm, they felt so nice against him, and they were so cute and they were so soft. Lee’s cheeks suddenly became hot. The butterflies in his stomach suddenly became excited, and he left the embrace in the same speed he started it.

There was so much to be done! If Rock Lee could wish something, it was this night to be larger and larger to spend eternal minutes at their side.

“It doesn’t matter now, let’s go! We have to enjoy our ardent spring!” Lee shouted, taking their hand and running to the commercial street.

He wanted to bring them to so many places. First, they were going to eat some mochi, and then they had to attend to most of the festival’s games, so he could win all the prizes and give them many stuffed animals. Ah! their hand felt so nice; his fingers interlaced with theirs… They also had to visit the shrine, and ring the bells and write little notes and wish each other a youthful New Year.

People resembled colored fuzzy spots. The mochi stall was at the end of the commercial street: Lee loved visiting it in winter, and he hoped they did, too. It was the perfect start:  they will eat daifuku and their mouths would get sticky, the bean paste would be marvelous. More and more fuzzy spots engulfed them, most of Konoha went to the festival to celebrate the New Year. And then, Lee saw it: there was an enormous line in the stall. That was nothing! The line would disappear in seconds.

(Y/N), who had happily obliged to Lee’s plans, stopped him before he formed in the line.

“Lee, maybe we should go to the games first?”

“But sweets are the best way to start our youthful night!”

He punched the air, raising their hand with his. Nothing could stop the power of youth! The sticky mouths and sweet beans would make the stars shine brighter!

“But Lee…”

He was so stubborn, once an idea had crossed his mind, it was almost impossible to change it.

“Let’s do it,” he shouted.

However, the more he looked at them, the more his conviction trembled.  They cheeks were flushed as the cold pricked their skin, a timid smile lifted their cheeks as they tried to persuade him. They were so cute, so beautiful, and he was taking their hand. Why was he so lucky? His face felt hot and a smile, glued to his cheeks, refused to leave his face.

“Then let’s bathe ourselves in the youth of festival games!”

Lee didn’t hear them giggling, too busy running again with their hand in his. He was going to get (Y/N) a beautiful goldfish, the fastest of them all. And then, they would remember him every time they looked at the fish!

The tank’s fluorescent white light seemed to harshen the cold weather. Little orange forms moved steadily around the water. A pair of shinobi in front of them were trying to catch a fish with the paper scoop. (Y/N) stayed still, simply admiring the colors. Lee’s cheeks continued red. And although he tried, his eyes always returned to their beautiful smile and the gleam in their eyes as they concentrated. They were so beautiful. Did he really deserve such an amazing person?

“Do you think it is too cold for the fish?”

From time to time his grip on their hand tightened. How much time did he have to wait? He wanted to show his abilities! Their hand still carried that electrifying feeling. He wanted to make them happy, he wanted it so much.

“Look at that one, Lee, isn’t it beautiful.  Their stomach looks like a heart.”

They signaled a slightly smaller goldfish with a black mark: the scales shone with every movement. It did look like a heart. If they wanted it, Rock Lee had to comply. He had to show them the fire in his heart. And although it wasn’t the fastest or biggest fish, Lee resolved to catch it.

“Alright (Y/N), I’ll get it for you.”

Lee felt a new electricity running through his veins. Finally, he had a chance. He was going to get the fish! He was going to get it! Maybe they could name it after him. Would that be too much? He would be so happy if they did. Were there green jumpsuits to decorate fish bowls?

When the two ninjas left the stall, he immediately grabbed the poi, giving the seller enough ryo to buy one scoop. With one it should be enough! He had to get the fish on the first try! Lee concentrated in the black heart, and then, he threw his hand into the water. The animal was almost there, the instrument under his body, trapping the fish against it and the surface. But then, the paper tore up.

Lee only managed to yelp. Then, there were more ryo in the hand of the salesman and another scoop in his.

“Look at me (Y/N)! This time I’ll make it!”

Lee almost lost all his concentration when they leaned next to him, their clothes grazing his hand. They were so cute and so warm and so perfect! But he had to get the fish! It will be the testament of his love, and they would have it in a crystal bowl full of colored rocks.

He localized his target and took a deep breath.

He’ll catch it, he’ll catch it, he’ll catch it, he’ll catch it, he caught it.

The fish fell in the transparent bag with a splash.

“Lee! That was amazing!” They squealed, making little jumps.

“Gaahh, (Y/N)! Did you see that! I caught your fish.”

He yelled, making the other fish in the tank swim more frantically. Lee was also jumping. He had caught it! He had your fish! It was the power of love! When you leaned near to him, you had helped him!

“Of course you caught it! You are the best!”

He blushed. The best. They thought he was the best!

The owner of the stall handed them the plastic bag after tying a green ribbon on top. Some instructions about the care of the animal were given, but he wasn’t paying attention. His hands were trembling, his stomach was full of butterflies, and he had enough energy to run twenty times around Konoha. Next stop: Kunai-throwing stall!

“Lee, let me get you something this time!”

“But (Y/N), I’m supposed to be the one the get you things, don’t you want that big bear?”

Lee pointed to the plush animal. It was the biggest and the most difficult to get. However, Lee was ready to show them his aim.

“Don’t be stubborn, come on! Let me get you the bear.”

And Lee couldn’t replicate because they were looking so breathtakingly perfect, and their hand was still interlaced with his —by now, he was sure that hand had always been warming his.

“Then, let’s get each other the perfect gift!

They laughed and nodded. One point, two points, three points, one point. For a second, he thought it was a competition, but he didn’t care, Lee would be happy to lose against them. And he did.

They handed him a big brown bear; against it, the pink dolphin he had won seemed tiny. A cold breeze ran through his feet. People had slowly left all the stalls and headed to the temple. What time was it? But they were so many games they hadn’t visited yet! Lee glanced at them. With the pink plush in their hands, they were looking at the sky. Following their gaze, Lee discovered a clean patch and stars gleaming against the night.

“Aren’t they beautiful, Lee?” They asked, their voice merely mist in the cold air.

Something happened in his throat. While he tried to free the air locked in it, his voice formed in his vocal chords. A shout fast and strangled.

“You are more beautiful, (Y/N)!”

No! Had she heard him? Was it too desperate? But she looked so cute when she blushed… Maybe he should run twenty times around Konoha, he had that energy right now, it was lurching in his stomach.

They shook their head and took his hand. There wasn’t time for stupors.

“Let’s go, the fireworks are about to start!”

Now, it was them who dragged him while running. Rock Lee let them lead him while loving the warmth of their hand. They walked up a hill, the center of Konoha becoming smaller and smaller every second. Now, he didn’t feel the cold wind. His cheeks burnt the air around him. Tomorrow he was going to climb Konoha’s biggest mountain, with just one hand. Yes. He was going to become better and stronger for (Y/N), they were just too perfect for him.

“A race to the top of the hill!” He yelled, already quickening up his pace. Lee almost lamented the loss of their warmth. But he was so happy… Electricity was filling his veins and he didn’t do something, if he didn’t run, he was going to explode. His cheeks hurt from keeping a smile.

He won. They followed while complaining about how he was so tricky. Some pants and his hand was again united with theirs. His blood felt hot, running fast in his arteries. Lee looked up, the stars were now closer to them. The fireworks would start at midnight.

“So… are we going to sit?” They asked, a certain mischievousness to their tone.

Lee felt a tug whilst they sat on the grass. It should be cold. He sat. It was cold.

He unbuttoned his jacket and offered it. (Y/N) shouldn’t be cold, they could get sick, and Lee didn’t want them to get sick. What was he going to do then? He’ll have to travel to strange lands in the search of a cure.

“No! Lee you are going to get cold!”

“Don’t worry for me (Y/N)-san, the burning fire of youth is always keeping me warm!”

“Lee, please?”

The jacket was passed from one side to the other. They were sighing and saying something under their breath.

“No, (Y/N)-san, you have to stay warm!”

They were going to retort when an explosion stopped their voice. Small lights of different colors fell in the firmament. The jacket fell to the floor. When the last particle of color disappeared, another explosion threw new lights into the sky. Unknowingly, they and Lee were holding hands. Colors were born and fell from the sky and made strange structures against the stars.

“Thank you for today, Lee. I loved it so much…” They said, turning their head to stare at him.

They looked beautiful as the colors of the fireworks reflected on their face. Lee wasn’t smiling anymore. He felt adoration, like he was in front of something sacred. And he couldn’t do anything but lean in. The continuous hammering of the fireworks was engulfed by the pounding of his heart. He leaned in and he leaned in and he leaned in. They could feel his breathing on their cheek. And they leaned in and they leaned in and they leaned in. Vapor formed between their lips. They closed their eyes and then… and then their foreheads crashed.

For a second, two pairs of eyes looked at each other with terror. Then, there was laugh.

The fireworks had ended. Any visit to the temple was forgotten. Laugh tickled their throats, happiness brought tears to their eyes. 

This New Year they were going to be together.


Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch29
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and fall in love, and become a couple. You and Saren finally reached an understanding with those brothers from Seoul, but you also need to tie the loose ends with the other pair of brothers from Seoul.

P | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33A | 33B | 34 | 35 | 36 | E

Standing side-by-side, Saren and Hongbin drink milk tea. He guzzles his eagerly, while she turns the plastic cup over and over in her hands and barely takes a sip. She gazes up at him, her chest tightening at the sunny smile he gives her, but she knows it’s better for her to tell him now, rather than let the matter fester and hurt him even more. “Bin… there’s something I need to tell you.”

Before she can say anything, Hyuk stalks towards them, shouting: “Saren-noona! You’re returning to Seoul, aren’t you?”

“Noona?!” Hongbin blinks.

She hesitates, distracted by Hyuk’s sudden appearance. “I mean, maybe one day, but truth is, I–”

“You don’t have to explain yourself,” Hyuk insists, making to put a hand on her shoulder but thinking better of it, and shoving his hand in his jeans pocket instead.  "Hyung and I knew from the beginning that you weren’t from here. You belonged somewhere else…“ In a lower voice, he murmurs, "with someone else…”

“If that’s the issue, maybe I can follow you!” Hongbin suggests. “I’m originally from Seoul, you know.”

Saren dents the milk tea cup in her clenched hands. “I know Bin, but that’s not–”

“Hyung, you can’t. Who’ll look after this place?” Hyuk points out. “The town itself depends on you, remember.”

“You’re right,” Hongbin concedes, looking crestfallen.

“Bin, leaving or not, it’s not the issue. What I wanted to say is…” Saren takes a deep breath, poised to explain.

Hyuk interrupts her again: “Hyung, I think that kid wants a balloon.” He points at one of the orphanage kids, whose standing next to a fish-scooping game but gawking at the bunch of balloons in Hongbin’s hand.

“Oh, okay, I guess I should go.” Hongbin takes a few steps, then doubles back, standing right in front of Saren. “Before that, I just want to say… noona, I’m sad for myself. But I’m glad that you’ve reached an understanding with Seokjin-hyung. It’s good to see you smile.” He rushes off, with both Saren and Hyuk gaping at his wake.

“Well, it looks like all my effort was for nothing,” Hyuk mutters.

She raises an eyebrow at him. “Why did you think it would be a good idea to stop me from telling him anything?”

He shrugs. “I don’t know… he likes you and I didn’t want you telling him that you’re going back to your old love. But he knew after all… He’s not as heartbroken as I thought he’d be–or more like, he didn’t show it to me.”

“You really shouldn’t interfere when people are trying to have a conversation,” Saren scolds, but then she smiles up at him. “But the way you look after your hyung is admirable.”

“Thanks, even if that didn’t work out as planned.” He sighs as he looks at his older brother distributing balloons, then gives her a sidelong glance. “I guess we’ll both have to comfort each other now that the woman we like the most has chosen someone else.”

Understanding dawns in her eyes. “Hyuk…”

He smirks. “Maybe if I had gone after you instead of letting hyung do it, Seokjin-hyung wouldn’t have won this one.”

“Never change, Hyuk,” she chuckles, shaking her head.

“And you noona, be happy from now on. That’s what hyung really wanted, and well–I think you’re prettiest when you smile.” He winks and turns around to follow Hongbin. Saren watches the younger brother help the older brother for a couple of moments, then leaves.


The Brain Scoop:
Clearing and Staining Fishes

Diaphonization – otherwise known as clearing and staining – is by far my favorite method of specimen preparation (you can see photos I’ve shared on our blog here). The process leaves the animal stunningly translucent, vividly colored, and intriguingly detailed. But, how practical is it for research? We talked with Dr. Caleb McMahan, Collections Manager of Fishes and an evolutionary biologist, on how he uses this method to answer questions about the evolution of fish in his research! 

(It might just be one of my favorite episodes. :) )

Fish. (10k x Reader)

“This has got to be the most stupid idea you and trigger happy have ever had.” Murphy grumbles from where he’s made himself comfortable on a felled tree.
10k immediately goes to pick up the nearest solid object and launch it at Murphy’s head but you stop him, reminding him quietly that Warren would happily kick his ass if anything happened to their chance at a cure.
From your spot on the ground next to the raven haired sniper you stick your tongue out in response to Murphy’s comment, earning an eye roll from the blue individual.

Over the course of the last few weeks you and 10k had been gathering as many lengths of rope as you could, whether you found them in abandoned hardware stores or simply lying by the side of the road.
The plan was to try and tie together some kind of net so that when you and 10k went to go fishing for the group’s dinner on the occasion you found a stream you didn’t have to rig up something new every time and waste supplies.
Warren, Addy and Vasquez all agreed that it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try, while Doc and Murphy had taken to placing bets on how quickly you’d fail.

Currently you’re both sat on the slightly damp forest floor a little ways away from a freshwater stream, weaving and knotting pieces of rope that are all different colours, lengths and thicknesses.
It’s been about two hours since you started and you can honestly say you’re quite impressed by how well you work together.
Occasionally 10k’s lightly calloused hands would brush against yours, helping you tie off pieces that proved a little too tricky for you, just as yours would brush against his when something was a bit too fiddly and small for him to quite get the hang of.

Unbeknownst to either of you, the whole group minus Murphy sits observing you both with varying degrees of fondness.
Addy unable to hide her giddiness when you look up from the net and smile at something he says, Warren watching with a somewhat motherly look as Doc nudges her excitedly because “The kid’s got game.”
Even Vasquez cracks a smile, glad to see this weird little family happy for once.

When the net’s finally done you and 10k positively beam at each other, standing and holding it up to the group in much the same way a child might show their parents something they’d made at school. Their smiles match your own and you nudge 10k with your foot, before starting to walk over to the water.
He immediately jumps over to the other side, and with the slightest bit of hesitation you both plunge the net into the fast flowing water and wait.
The others, even Murphy, gather at the edge to watch, and after what seems like twenty seconds of waiting your arms jerk as a fish gets tangled in the net, quickly followed by another.
Nearly vibrating with excitement 10k quickly helps you scoop the fish up with your brilliant masterpiece of mismatched rope, laying it on the ground gently before pulling you into a genuinely happy bonecrushing hug as the group, yes, even Murphy, cheers and laughs.

It’s one of those rare and beautiful moments in which you forget it’s the apocalypse.

ucchuus  asked:

Hey! I just found this blog, and it's super cute! All your writing is so great! I hope you don't mind me requesting? Sorry if I'm bothering you, but could I ask for scenarios/headcanons with Leo, Hinata, Natsume, and Chiaki taking their childish s/o to a Matsuri? Or if you don't know enough about Matsuris then just something cute like watching fireworks or lighting sparklers will do! Thank you! And you don't need to rush on this, since it seems you have alot :v

watch me rush on this anyway lmao i’d better post that while it’s still summer !!! aaah a matsuri request !!!! fortunately I knew enough about it to write these  ! I hope you’ll enjoy them ♥ natsume ended up a tiny bit longer than the others bc he a thot  - mod mademoiselle

Leo :

The summer festival was packed full with people, tonight ! You were hesitantly walking amongst the crowd, reaching on your tiptoes to try and see if your boyfriend was here. Unfortunately, he’s not exactly the tallest, so he doesn’t stand out in crowds… that is, unless he starts shouting.

“Heeeeeyyy ! Over heeeere !” Ah, that was definitely Leo’s voice ! You turned around, and here he was, grinning widely at you. Not paying mind to the people still going about, you rushed in your boyfriend’s arms, giggling happily. He was laughing too, even carrying you to the best of his ability. You were surprised to see he was wearing a yukata, and it suited him really well ! The garment really complimented his skinny frame. He took in your own figure with a wide smile.

“Whoooaa, you’re wearing a yukata too ! It’s so cute !” he exclaimed, and you smiled, a bit relieved to hear he liked it.

“Thanks, yours looks really good too !” He grinned at the compliment, his hand naturally finding yours and squeezing it tight. That’s what you loved about your boyfriend : he tended to act on impulse ! That just made his every action so much more genuine.

“Ruka-tan helped me put it on, since I’m so bad at it !” Leo laughed loudly, prompting a few people to turn and watch him in amusement. He seemed to be in an even better mood than usual ! The colorful and enthusiastic atmosphere of the festival probably had a part in this… but before you had the time to ponder about that, he was already pulling your hand and pointing at a stall in the distance.

“Whoa, not so fast, Leo !” You were struggling to match his pace, but this just made it so much funnier. Leo didn’t slow down anyway, just drawing his tongue at you before going even faster. Your wooden sandals were making it pretty hard to run, at least without stumbling. Leo was excitedly blabbering, visibly not noticing your struggles.

“Hurry hurry, there’s a game I wanna play ! I bet you’ve never tried it, too !” He stopped in front of a stall where children were lining up, eyes twinkling with impatience. To be honest, his enthusiasm was extremely contagious and you found yourself smiling widely too.

When it was finally your turn, Leo rushed to the stand owner to pay for the game. It seemed to be about catching fish with a scoop… Goldfish were swimming calmly in the water, their long fins undulating in the ripples. Leo was focusing already, squatting down to observe the fish at eye-level. His tongue was slightly drawing from his mouth in his concentration, and that sight made you giggle.

“Whaaat ? You making fun of me ? I bet you suck at this though, even more than me !” He tried to scoop one of the goldfish out of the water, but it swam away immediately. With an impatient little groan, he tried again, and once more the fish went to hide at his brusque movements.

“Hey, you’re doing it too fast ! Look, the fish are afraid. Let me try !” You tried to take the scoop out of your boyfriend’s hand, but he wouldn’t let you, eyebrows furrowed.

“Aah, don’t steal my scoop ! It’s mine, I paid for it !” You huffed your cheeks in protest, but he wouldn’t budge and you eventually gave up, groaning. Leo’s triumphant smile was soon washed away by concentration again as he tried scooping out one of the fish, only to fail again.

“I told you, you’re too fast, but you wouldn’t listen.” You were pouting, much to Leo’s dismay.

“Hey, don’t be angry at me ! You’re not angry, right ?” You didn’t answer, looking away. The stand owner laughed, shaking his head, and Leo tried to meet your gaze, to no avail.

“Of course I’m not angry.” You turned a bit towards your boyfriend’s worried face, but your lips were still contorted in a small pout.

“Thank god ! Here, I’ll let you try. I bet you can’t do it anyway !” Leo handed you the scoop, and you grinned at him, kissing his cheek before looking the fish over.

“I think you have to go for it more slowly”, you whispered, gently approaching one of the fish with the scoop. As soon as you were getting close to it, you scooped it out of the water, and Leo’s eyes widened… only for it to fall in the water. The scoop was made of paper, and it softly tore right under the fish you’d managed to catch.

“Ah, that’s not fair ! You were so close !” Leo was pouting, and you smiled, taking your wallet. Once you’d given a few more coins to the stand owner, you had a brand-new scoop and were trying to catch the fish again. That is, until Leo suddenly started flailing about.

“Not that one, not that one !” He’d suddenly screamed way too close to your ear, and you jumped a bit in surprise, causing the fish to swim away quickly.

“Hey, don’t scare me like that, Leo ! See, the fish are afraid again now.” Leo quickly pecked your cheek in apology, then pointed to a bright orange fish with a white tail.

“Try to catch this one ! I want it.”

“Why ? I think the white one is cuter”, you retorted, watching your favorite fish leisurely swim with the others. Leo grinned at you, leaning his head on your shoulder.

“Because it has cute eyes. They remind me of yours !” You just stared blankly at the huge, empty eyes of the fish. Was that supposed to be a compliment… ?

“Uh, thanks, I guess ? But I don’t know, it reminds me of you, actually. It’s the same color as your hair !” Leo gasped at your comment, nodding furiously.

“Ah, you’re right ! Then I’m going to call him Leo the Second !” Well, at least he has an interesting naming sense.

“Wait until I catch him first”, you laughed. You tried to focus on the one fish Leo wanted, when he suddenly grabbed your face with two hands and loudly smooched you. You were left blinking in surprise, cheeks slightly pink.

“It’s a good luck charm ! Now scoop Leo the Second out, I really wanna bring him home !” Leo was smiling widely, the colorful lights from the paper lanterns reflecting in his eyes. He looked absolutely gorgeous, and you suddenly realized you’d been staring at him in awe for a moment. With a sheepish little nod, you got ready to try scooping the fish again. You approached it as slowly as you could, hoping the paper wouldn’t break this time… and you successfully scooped it out of the water, proudly showing it to the owner. Leo laughed brightly, clapping as the owner gently put the fish in a small plastic bag filled with water.

“Be careful, alright ? Treat him well.” You took the bag from the stand owner with a smile, then handed it over to your boyfriend, whose eyes widened slightly in surprise.

“Eh, why are you giving it to me… ? You won it, so it’s yours !” he chirped, giving you the bag again. You shook your head, teasingly pecking Leo’s lips.

“You’re the one who really wanted it. It’s all yours ! Let’s say it’s a gift from me.” Leo stared at you incredulously, not sure if he should believe you. He then shyly took the bag, cheeks tinted pink.

“Thank you… It’s the first time someone ever—” He suddenly stopped, mouth hanging open. You briefly wondered why, but then you heard them. The fireworks. Leo gasped, and you could swear his face had literally lightened up in just a second.

“Aah, it’s the fireworks show ! We can’t miss it !! Come on, hurry up, I wanna get a nice spot !” And he left running, tugging on your hand to get you to move. You laughed, trying your best to match his pace without stumbling.

“Don’t run so fast ! What if you harm the fish ?” He just sent a boyish grin your way as a response, but actually slowed down a bit.

“I won’t, promise ! You gave it to me, after all. It’s kinda like we’re its parents !” You stopped in your tracks, blushing a bit. Parents, huh… ? You couldn’t help but imagine, maybe… you and Leo, older but even happier, with kids of your own…

“Come on, you’re soooo slow ! Hurry or we’re gonna miss it all !!” You had no time to dawdle on these thoughts any longer : as usual, Leo was pulling on your hand and laughing brightly. But there was no way you’d ever get tired of it.

Hinata :

You were nervously fiddling with your yukata’s sash, sitting on a bench. You weren’t usually so nervous, but tonight, the festival was crowded. People were looking at you, and you self-consciously fixed your hair. You just hoped you didn’t look too weird…

Your boyfriend was just a little bit late, but as you suddenly spotted him amongst the crowd you understood why. He was with his twin brother and some of his classmates, joking around. As soon as his eyes met yours, he waved at them and happily trotted to you.

“Sorry I’m late ! Yuta-kun had some trouble with his yukata, and I couldn’t leave him looking ridiculous, you know ?” He winked at you, then gently helped you get up. Only then did he fully take in the view, and he grinned, blushing a bit.

“Ah, you’re wearing a yukata too ! It looks really nice on you~” He regretfully took his eyes away from you, but took your hand with a mischievous grin. You looked around a bit and saw some other couples holding hands, so you decided to throw your embarrassment by the window and intertwine your fingers together.

“Is it fine that you’re with me rather than with your friends ?” you asked, and he fervently nodded, squeezing your fingers briefly.

“It’s a date, so of course yes ! I don’t wanna be with anyone else tonight, you know~” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, making you giggle. Hinata looked positively delighted at the sound.

“Well that’s good, because I didn’t plan to give you away to anyone else”, you airily answered, prompting your boyfriend to smile. That was obviously the answer he’d been expecting.

You looked around a bit, unfamiliar with the stalls and games of the festival. Hinata was quick to catch on, smirking teasingly.

“You’ve never come here before, right ?” he asked, and you nodded. “Then, does it make tonight your ‘first time’ ?” He sent a pointed look your way, eyes twinkling with amusement. You drew your tongue at him, making him chuckle.

“It’s just a joke, a joke~ Well anyway, hope you’re hungry, because tonight’s schedule revolves around sweets !” He looked so happy at that prospect, and you found his excited smile to be contagious.

“Sounds good ! What’s first ?” He just pointed at an endless line of food stalls with a huge grin. Before you knew it, you were queueing alongside him, while he happily ordered a bit of everything, from most of the stalls. Did he… intend to eat all of that ?

Soon enough, you were seated at a table near the main street, lit up by paper lanterns. Hinata went to get paper napkins and gave half of them to you with a little smile. “Believe me, you’re gonna get cream or chocolate all over your chin at some point.” You could only stare at the impressive number of plates and cups filled with various desserts, your stomach grumbling in hunger.

“Yeah, looks that way… Ah, can I try that ?” you asked, pointing towards what looked like a fish-shaped waffle. Taiyaki, right ? Hinata nodded happily, handing you the treat.

“Just eat whatever you want ! There’s more than enough for two~” And he was right : even after sampling a bit of everything, there was still a lot more. But Hinata was certainly not planning to stop there.

“Come on, aaah~” You happily opened your mouth when he prompted you to, letting him spoon-feed you ice cream. It was delicious, too ! Hinata looked pleased you liked it, taking a spoonful of it to try it too.

“Ah, wait”, you interrupted, “I have to spoon-feed you too, right~ ?” He grinned, handing you the spoon and exaggeratedly opening his mouth, prompting you to giggle. He didn’t look like he liked the icream though, and you curiously titled your head sideways.

“I thought it was amazing, but you don’t seem to… ?” He shook your head at your question, even grimacing a bit.

“Nah, actually I think it’s not sweet enough.” But it was just perfect to you ? He grinned devilishly as he added : “But I know something that will make it much, much sweeter.” Before you had the time to answer anything, he leaned a bit and gently kissed your still-parted lips. You could only close your eyes and melt into the kiss as he deepened it, his hands finding your own. His lips were warm and tasted of strawberry ice cream… You were surprised when he suddenly pulled back, cheeks pink but smiling.

“There, much better, right ?” You just blinked, still dazed from the kiss, and he laughed, adding : “Man, I’ve always wanted to do that ! Sorry if it was cheesy.” He winked, prompting you to smile.

“I wouldn’t mind if you did stuff like that more often, though !” You stood up, throwing away the napkins and empty containers with your boyfriend’s help, before he gently guided you amongst the crowd again. His hand was softly squeezing yours again, and it felt so nice to be connected to him…

“I have something else in store for you~ I hope you’re not afraid of fire ?” You answered his question with a small frown. You hoped he wasn’t planning anything dangerous…

“It depends, I guess ? Why ? Don’t tell me—” He cut you off with a laugh, gently stroking the back of your hand with his thumb in a soothing motion.

“Hey, do you really think of me as someone so dangerous ? Naah, it’s nothing like that !” He stopped in front of a stall, which seemed to sell…

“Sparklers ?” you asked, and he nodded happily. He definitely seemed to know a lot about them, asking for specific ones and happily going through the bag once he was done with his purchase.

“Yep ! I’ve been playing with them a lot~ I remember, when I was little, Yuta-kun was really afraid of them for some reason ! I’d chase after him with sparklers and say ‘Yuta-kun, I’m going to burn you alive’… ! Ah, fun times.” Well, at least he was having fun…

“You know, Hinata, I think I’m starting to grasp why Yuta always runs away from you.” You smiled at your boyfriend, who laughed loudly before playfully elbowing you.

“Don’t say that ! It’s just that he’s shy about showing his love for me~ Anyway, help me find a nice, secluded little corner please ! Wouldn’t want to accidentally burn anyone alive, for real this time~” You giggled and started looking for a quiet place where you could go with him, and eventually you found a perfect spot.

As you were holding the bag open and examining its contents carefully, Hinata took one of the sparklers and expertly lit it up. You reflexively took a few steps back, but he was laughing, waving the colored light around.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s not dangerous or anything ! Look, it’s so pretty.” He lit up another one and was forming intricate shapes and patterns by moving them fast. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from him.

“You’re right ! It’s really beautiful”, you whispered. He grinned before gently handing you one of his sparklers. You hesitantly took it, but soon got used to it and started to play around with it just like Hinata did. Whenever one of the sparklers would go off, Hinata would light up a new one. Some of them sent bright sparkles flying about, while some were best to move around fast, and your boyfriend knew what every single one of them was just perfect for !

“Hey, hey, look !” Hinata called out, and you turned your head his way. He was forming a heart out of bright light, grinning happily. You smiled, trying it out too to see if you could do it.

“I can do it too ! I really wish I could take some pictures though…” Hinata shook his head at your comment, which surprised you for a moment.

“No need for pictures ! Just carve tonight into your memories~ Y’know, I’m going to remember you for my entire life !” Maybe he was just joking around, as he usually was, but for some reason you profusely blushed at that thought. If he was serious… then it would be one of the prettiest things you were ever told. Not noticing your sudden shyness, Hinata was still playing around with the sparklers.

“Look, look, I’m writing your name ! And mine too ! H…. I…. N… Oh wait, we should totally carve them in a tree somewhere !” He suddenly stopped moving his sparklers around, looking for a suitable tree nearby.

“I don’t have anything you could use for that though”, you answered. Hinata nodded dejectedly, visibly disappointed at the thought he wouldn’t get to carve your initials here for everyone to see.

“Maybe that’s better for the trees anyway… Well, sometimes I want everyone to know about us, but I probably don’t need to~” You thought his face looked just a bit more serious for a moment, but maybe it was just the weak lighting of the sparklers…

He lit up another sparkler, and you could briefly distinguish his face in more detail. He was looking at you, a small smile on his lips, so uncharacteristically different of his usual grin.

“I mean”, he added, “why should I need everyone knowing ? As long as you do, I’m happy.”

You smiled bashfully at his words, watching your last sparkler go off. Hinata’s went off too, and suddenly it was just the two of you, holding hands and kissing, with just the stars knowing. But it was more than enough.

Chiaki :

Everyone was so fired up tonight ! It made you smile, your heart thumping loudly in your chest. You loved festivals, and you were so happy your boyfriend invited you to a date there ! Besides, it seemed like he’d love the festival too.

… Right. It seemed. You couldn’t find him anywhere, and even though you tried to call him, he never picked up his phone. Well, knowing him, he must have gotten pulled into something and you’d run into him soon enough. You took your time strolling peacefully in the festival, stopping by at stalls for a moment, buying delicious-looking food and enjoying it quietly. While it wasn’t bad to relax once in a while, you kind of missed the boisterous excitement your boyfriend would bring anywhere just by being there.

As you thought, it’s a lot less funny without Chiaki, right… ?

You were contemplating buying some apple candy when something else that was bright red suddenly caught your attention. On the next stall were displayed a variety of masks to be worn with a yukata. You smiled as you looked one of them over. It was a tokusatsu hero’s mask, red and all ! Once more, you were reminded of your boyfriend. You didn’t hesitate one second and bought it, thinking you’d give it to Chiaki once you’d find him.

As you were strolling down the endless line of stalls, you suddenly heard the distant sound of singing and drums. The people who were walking about as you were had stopped, lining up along the stalls. Was there a procession of some sort over there ? You tried to stand on tip-toe, but you couldn’t see much. The crowd seemed enthusiastic though, whispering happily as the sound drew closer and closer.

Eventually, the procession came by. It was preceded by singing women in traditional attire, and you watched them pass by with wide eyes. The sight was so impressive ! Then came men carrying a mikoshi, those portable shrines. They were chanting proudly, even though they looked exhausted. That shrine certainly looked heavy… And then came the taiko drummers, led by… none other than Chiaki ?

Wait, was that Chiaki ? Yeah, actually, no doubt about that ! He was leading up the drummers proudly, joining in the chants once in a while. When his eyes met yours, he gave you a bright smile, full of enthusiasm and energy, before he went away with the rest of the procession.

As soon as the procession had ended, he immediately rushed to you. Before you could say anything, he swooped you in a rib-crushing bear hug, even spinning you around.

“Chiaki ! I’m so happy you’re here !” You hugged him tight too, secretly relieved he didn’t just forget your date.

“About that… I’m awfully sorry ! I’m so late, this is unforgivable… ! I was held back by the procession, as you can see… They were missing a drummer, and I couldn’t just leave them be !” He gave you an apologetic smile, to which you answered with one of your own.

“It’s fine ! I’m just really, really glad you’re here…” He gently stroked your hair, a small frown on his lips, seemingly not reassured by your comment.

“But still, I made you wait… I shall be all yours from now on ! You can make me do whatever you please— what is that ?” You were handing him a paper bag, inside of which was the mask you’d bought for him earlier. Your mischievous smile made him grin happily in his turn, and before you knew it, he’d opened it.

“It’s a gift I bought for you ! Do you like it ?” He was admiring the mask reverently, touching it with the utmost care, as if he were afraid to break it.

“It’s… absolutely perfect ! Well, anything from you is perfect anyway, but ! This is… !” He stopped a moment, clearly at a loss for words, then he put it on the side of his head with a smile. He was trying his best to look composed, but his fingers were slightly trembling. You even had to help him, your fingers brushing against him and making him smile even more. Once it was on, he leaned down to gently peck at your lips. It lasted only a few seconds, but his cheeks were already red.

“T-The fireworks should start shortly, so I suggest we go and try to find a nice spot to watch them !” You nodded, and he looked a bit relieved. He didn’t even tense up too much when you took his hand, instead stealing a glance at you and starting to smile uncontrollably when he noticed how happy you looked.

The locals seemed to know Chiaki, as a lot of people would smile to him or wave as he passed them by, and it made you acutely aware of how much people were looking at you too. They were mostly smiling, their eyes falling on your jointed hands. Chiaki was still blushing, but bravely smiled back, even squeezing your fingers tighter. How cute…

You stopped on the way to buy some sweets, and as you were done, a sound suddenly caught your attention. Was that… crying ? More accurately, a child was crying. He looked like he was about three or four years old, sobbing uncontrollably between two stalls. Chiaki immediately spotted him and rushed to him, kneeling in front of him.

“Are you okay ? Did you get lost… ?” The child nodded, sniffing loudly. You quickly looked for a tissue, and helped the poor little boy wipe away his tears. Chiaki sent you a worried gaze, then looked back to the child. He was visibly conflicted. Finally, he took a shaky breath.

“Do you mind if…” You interrupted him, smiling gently.

“Of course not ! Let’s help him find his parents.” Chiaki looked immensely relieved, and smiled shakily at you before he gently swooped up the boy in his arms. He seemed like he was used to it !

“Don’t cry, young boy ! We will help you find your parents again ! I’m a hero, you know, so it’s nothing unusual for me !” The boy had calmed down a bit, and was staring at your boyfriend with wide eyes.

“You’re a… real hero ?” Chiaki nodded fervently, before shooting you a meaningful look and adding in a booming voice :

“We’re both heroes, actually !”

“That’s true !” you chirped, nodding proudly. The child looked half-impressed, half-overjoyed at the thought of meeting heroes, and Chiaki skillfully kept going, captivating his single-member audience fully.

“So you shouldn’t worry, alright ? We will definitely find your parents !” He kept reassuring the boy, adding in funny stories of his past hardships as a hero and soon enough, the child was laughing in his arms, having completely forgotten about his parents. You just looked at him with a happy smile. Chiaki seemed to be having a lot of fun too…

A sudden noise made you jump in surprise. That’s right, the fireworks… ! Chiaki immediately turned your way, panicked.

“I forgot, but we were supposed to go see the fire—”

“Hey, it’s alright ! I really don’t mind. Shouldn’t we move away from them actually ? Isn’t the boy afraid of them ?” You and Chiaki looked over to the child, still cozily snug in Chiaki’s arms… and he was peacefully asleep against his chest, even drooling a bit over him. You smiled at the sight, and Chiaki got a bit closer to your ear to whisper :

“Then let’s just stay here and watch ! We can still see them from here, look !” He was right : it was pretty crowded here, but at least you had a nice view of the night sky. The fireworks were gorgeous… You were so absorbed in your contemplation that you were surprised when Chiaki shyly put his free arm around your waist, and you leaned your head against his shoulder. The night was so calm and peaceful…

“Oh my, isn’t your little boy a darling ?” A kind-looking old lady standing near you smiled at you, and Chiaki sent you an embarrassed little smile. You felt your cheeks heat up a bit and shakily raised your voice.

“Oh, actually, this is—”

“He is, isn’t he ?” Chiaki had suddenly cut you off, and for a moment, you completely lost track of your thoughts. Did he just… agree with her ? His cheeks were getting increasingly redder, but he was smiling happily at the child snuggled up in his arms, like a father would.

“How nice, to be young and in love !” The old lady laughed and raised her head to admire the night sky again. You sneaked a glance at your boyfriend, who did exactly the same thing, and the two of you just exchanged a happy, if flustered smile.

Sure, you’d find the boy’s parents soon enough but… maybe you could enjoy your evening for just a little bit longer, beforehand. It’s okay to be a little bit selfish sometimes, right… ?

Natsume :

You were absorbed in your contemplation of the colorful paper lanterns lighting up the streets, not really paying attention to the people going about. It was a warm and pleasant summer evening, buzzing with excitement. Children were running about and laughing, people were chatting… but Natsume looked strangely serene, when you ran up to him.

“Natsume !” You jumped in his arms, hugging him tight. He chuckled and held you briefly, eyes twinkling with amusement.

“Did you really miss me that much ? I’m touched, little kitten.” You couldn’t help but smile when you noticed he really had a dissonant air of calm about him, almost as if the overexcited atmosphere wasn’t contagious to him. He casually slipped an arm around your waist, strolling lazily between the stalls and examining your every reaction. If you knew him any less than you did, you’d think he was used to festivals or just very casual about them…

… but Natsume’s probably the one person you know best. His eyes were constantly darting all over the place, and his eyebrows were just a tiny bit furrowed. He never came here. It’s his first time, and as much as he was trying to guide you in the stall-lined streets, he just ended up following the other people strolling about. You couldn’t help but feel like teasing him…

“Feels weird to finally get out of your room, huh ? How’s the outside world ?” He smirked in response, bringing you a bit closer to him.

“I can still go back home, you know.” He said that in a light, teasing tone, but you wondered if he wasn’t half-serious… You couldn’t help but sneak a glance at him, when he was not looking. He did wear a yukata and was carrying a folding fan in his free hand, but he looked over-cautious. To you, it was painfully obvious he wasn’t feeling at ease here. Maybe he’s really the indoor-type…

His eyes widened subtly for just a second when you gently took his hand, softly removing it from your waist to hold it in yours instead. The pressure of your fingers against his was warm and gentle, just enough to remind him you were there, with him.

“It’s all good, Natsume, I’m here”, you smiled to him. He immediately answered back with a smirk of his own, but you did sense his confusion just moments ago.

“I do hope it is. I came here for you, you know.” His golden eyes reflected the colorful lights from the paper lanterns, and for a moment you were lost deep inside them. They didn’t look nearly as teasing as they usually did and were instead much softer… Was that gratitude ?

Too soon, the usual Natsume was back though, whispering snarky comments to make you laugh. You didn’t exactly dislike this Natsume, but… you also were curious about the one you caught glimpses of, sometimes. The quieter, more emotional Natsume that hid behind his usual witty façade. Today, you faintly felt his presence, as your boyfriend gently squeezed your fingers in his from time to time. A particularly insistent squeeze brought you back to the real world, as he nodded towards a stall.

“If it isn’t that one plushie you really wanted last time…” You gasped, suddenly remembering it. This small cat plushie ! You’d seen it in a crane game last week ! Neither you nor Natsume could win it though, so you had to give it up…

“Ah, you’re right ! I still want it though ! Come on, Natsume, win it for me… !” You were practically bouncing in excitement, gripping your boyfriend’s hand tighter, and he chuckled. He did love your childish side…

“Aren’t you a lucky one, kitten. Shooting games are one of my specialties.” You laughed at his comment, as he was getting his wallet and paying the stand owner.

“What isn’t ? You’re always so good at everything you try”, you retorted teasingly. He smiled in response, but it lacked the usual slyness he had most of the time.

“I wish, kitten.” Another glimpse of his hidden self, but it disappeared with just a blink. The usual, smirking Natsume was back, studying attentively the display with his air gun in hand.

“You’d better focus real hard, Natsume ! I really want this plushie, you know ?” He chuckled in response, already aiming. His eyes were calmly roaming about, catching every detail, and he looked so focused already…

“You can count on me. I’m not going to let it slip me right by another time.” And with that, he shot. You gasped loudly : he really was good ! The targets fell one after the other, and he only missed one, although you could tell he was pretty annoyed at it. Once he was done, he gave the gun back to the owner with a smirk while you rushed to hug him tight.

“Hey, you’re so good ! I thought it was just a bluff !” He shook his head at your comment, amused.

“I don’t make it a habit to back down when it’s for you, you know.” Your attention was quickly caught by the stand owner, who was smiling at you.

“You definitely earned one of the prizes from here ! Which one do you want ?” Ah, he was showing the display in which the plushie you wanted was ! You pointed at it immediately.

“This kitty here, please !” The owner took it from the display and handed it to you, and you couldn’t refrain a happy little laugh. Natsume chuckled when you jumped in his arms, hugging him so tight you might leave bruises.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyou ! You really did it ! Aaah, I’m so happy !” Natsume was about to tease you for being so childish, but you kissed him right then and there, effectively making him shut up for the first time since you started dating him. He quickly got a hang of himself though, and broke the kiss soon enough.

“People are waiting, kitten. If you want to do that sort of things, you’d better find a quiet place before.” You could tell he was serious though, so you quickly gripped his hand with a blush. Right now, there was nothing you wanted more than being alone with your boyfriend…

Soon enough, you and Natsume had found a quiet little corner, not far from the nearby river. You were out of breath from all the kissing, but he wouldn’t stop, gently pushing you against a tree and nibbling at your neck. He looked unusually serious today… There was no teasing, no smirks and no chuckles. He was just quietly longing for your warmth, eyes half-lidded as he kissed you over and over again. That is, until he noticed you were looking pointedly away.

“Could it be that you’re not satisfied yet, kitten ? You’re distracted.” You blushed a bit but drew your tongue at him in response, prompting him to kiss you a bit more roughly this time.

“No, actually, I was looking at the river… It’s really pretty, with all those lanterns.” Intrigued, he shot a look at the river and his eyes widened a bit at the sight. Square lanterns were drifting on the water, lit up by candles. It seemed like people were lighting them up further away before putting them on the water… Your boyfriend’s lips parted for a moment, but quickly closed.

“It is.” It was all he could eventually say, surprising you a little. Was he moved by the beauty of the sight ? That thought made you smile lovingly, and suddenly, you had an idea.

“Do you want to go and light up a lantern too ? These people must be getting them from somewhere”, you remarked, and he looked a bit surprised but nodded slowly.

“If you wouldn’t mind, then… By all means.” When you took his hand to guide him to the riverbank, it was gripping yours almost shyly, prompting you to giggle. It’s like you caught another glimpse of the quieter and shier Natsume…

You and your boyfriend got each a lantern, and you were kneeling on the grass bed before the river, a sharpie in hand. “Looks like we have to write a wish inside before we light them up”, you commented, lost in your thoughts.

What could you write… ? It’s pretty hard to come with a wish on the spot. Natsume looked just as deep in thoughts as you were, then slowly started to write. You tried to sneak a glance, but he protectively hid his lantern under his arms. When he realized it, he smirked lightly, leaving you to chuckle. Secretive, isn’t he ?

Once you were done with your own lantern, you lit up the candle inside. Natsume soon did the same, and the two of you gently placed the lanterns on the rippling water. You were worried it would just sink, but it floated instead, softly illuminating the river as it went further away. You just sat there, watching as the lanterns drifted away, carried by the water. Your boyfriend looked so absorbed in his thoughts that you had to gently squeeze his hand for him to get back on earth.

“Come on, Natsume, our clothes are going to get dirty. Let’s move !” He nodded, helping you up. He did try to make a few sarcastic comments, as you were going back to the colorful and enthusiastic atmosphere of the festival, but you faintly felt he was feeling contemplative tonight. He looked a bit more withdrawn than usual, too… Which is why you were surprised when he suddenly hugged you from behind, just before you got back to the main area of the festival.

“Can I ask what you wished for ?” He whispered near your ear, making you shiver. You tried looking at him, but he hid his face in your neck, gently biting it as an excuse. Oh, but he wouldn’t fool you…

“It’s a secret ! If I tell you, it won’t get true, you know~” You felt his lips curl into a small smile against your skin, but he didn’t insist. He seemed to be taking this whole wish thing very seriously, which was uncharacteristic of him… “Well, I can tell you it’s something related to you though”, you added as an afterthought. You didn’t really say what exactly you wished for, so it shouldn’t count, right ?

Natsume just stayed silent a moment, arms unmoving around your shoulders. You closed your eyes, letting yourself be swept by the moment. When your boyfriend finally answered, his voice was quieter than usual.

“I’m glad.” He kissed your neck one last time, then your cheek, and finally the corners of your mouth. You turned your head sideway, trying to kiss him too, but he denied you with a little chuckle. Now that you could see his face, his eyes were brighter than usual and looked so much softer…

Before you could look at him for much longer, he suddenly kissed you. Usually, he’s all teeth and tongue, but today he was oh so gentle. His hand even slowly cupped your cheek, stroking it softly with his thumb. You closed your eyes and melted into the kiss, losing track of time. It felt just right… Warm, safe and right.

When Natsume softly broke the kiss, you hugged him tight. You could faintly hear his heartbeat under his skin… and in the absolute silence surrounding you, the words he whispered in your ear sounded so much louder.

“I don’t really believe in wishes, but I think mine just came true.”

Fishing vocabulary in Finnish

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Kala - fish
Kalastus - fishing
Kalastaa - to fish
Kalastaja - fisher
Kalastuslupa - fishing permit, fishing licence
Pilkkiminen - ice-hole fishing
Pilkkiä - to ice-hole fish
Vene - boat 
Kalastusalus - fishing vessel
Haavi - hand net, scoop net, dip net
Onki - fishing rod
Vapa - stick, pole
Siima - line
Koho - float
Paino - sinker
Koukku - hook
Syötti - bait
Mato - worm
Perho - fly (in fly fishing)  
Virveli - fishing rod with a reel
Kela - reel
Uistin - lure
Katiska - fish trap
Verkko - net
Atrain - trident
Harppuuna - harpoon
Trooli - trawler
Nuotta - seine, dragnet
Ankerias - eel
Ahven - perch
Hauki - pike
Harjus - grayling
Kiiski - ruffe
Kirjolohi - rainbow trout
Karppi - carp
Kampela - flounder
Kuha - zander
Lahna - bream
Lohi - salmon
Muikku - vendace
Makrilli - mackerel
Made - burbot
Monni - catfish
Nahkiainen - river lamprey
Pallokala - pufferfish
Rausku - ray
Särki - roach
Sardiini - pilchard
Siika - whitefish
Seiti - saithe
Silakka - baltic herring
Silli - atlantic herring
Taimen - trout
Tonnikala - tuna
Turska - cod
Perata - to gut (a fish)
Suomu - scale
Kidukset - gill
Ruoto - fish bone
Evä - fin
Pyrstö - tail
Mäti - roe
Joki - river
Lampi - pond
Järvi - lake
Meri - sea, ocean

Summer Storm

Inspired this post by @dirkwould


Todd groaned as the Ridgely shook, ignoring the spike of his heart rate before he identified the echoing noise as thunder. His arm throbbed where he’d once broken it, and the grey light leaking into his room wasn’t nearly enough to see by. With his first deep sigh of the day, Todd leaned over to fumble with a lamp, swearing when the apartment remained dark. He’d had his electricity cut off. Again.

Rubbing his face, Todd pulled his robe on and hopped to the window, hissing as his feet hit the cold floor. He stared bleakly through the cracked panel of glass, watching a drip from a reminder of the Rowdy 3.

The steady patter of rain distorted his view, turning the trees into blurry colors, the lamppost twisting, his road a murky river…with a blotch of yellow in the middle.  

Todd blinked and rubbed his eyes, wondering if the events of the past few days had finally cracked him. The yellow blob bobbed around, and Todd’s curiosity won out as he pushed his window open.

The rain was much louder out here, his entry ladder slick. Todd sighed as the blob came into focus, at the same moment his psychic-not psychic-friend noticed him.

“Todd! Come down; this is magnificent!” The self-appointed detective was practically bouncing on the sidewalk, his enthusiastic voice easily heard above the storm.

Todd winced as rain trickled down his head and under the collar of his robe. “Dirk, what are you doing?” He yelled down, eyeing the dirty water along his window critically.

Dirk’s hair was plastered to his forehead, the normal reddish-brown almost as dark as Todd’s in the rain.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Dirk retorted, sounding indignant. “The Universe has given us a summer rain and you’re inside!”

“Because I don’t have a death wish,” Todd said, pulling his robe closer.

“A death wish?”  Dirk scoffed. “Isn’t that a tad melodramatic, Todd?”

“Yeah, well, after this week I’m not taking any chances,” he answered wearily.

Dirk gave a loud huff-a whole body affair-and rolled his eyes. “I’ve got a good feeling about this rain,” he informed. “Perhaps the excess moisture will lure Lydia or Rapunzel-the Corgi, that is,- or the puddles-” here he leapt into one, submerging his already soaked shoes- “-they might give have things inside them, and not to mention-”

“What about Paws?” Todd interrupted, thinking uneasily of the kitten-shark that was curled onto his couch. “What if the thunder sets her off?”

Dirk frowned. “Well, if it bothers you that much-”

“Will you two shut up?” A voice howled from a window below Todd’s. Dirk pulled an expressive look of shock while Todd winced as the slam of the window reached him.

“That’s the fifth time this week…” he groaned, thinking of all the neighbors who’d dragged Dirk to Todd’s door, a mixture of fear and exhaustion in their eyes as the holistic detective prattled on to them, oblivious that his comments on unfaithful lovers and deteriorating social lives went unappreciated.

“As I was saying,” Dirk continued, “if a Paws attack bothers you so much, you really ought to come down and join me!” He beamed, fully confident he’d solved the problem.

Todd glanced at the sky, then back to the kitten before a thought struck him. “Wait, is this another Universe thing? Do you know if she’s going to wreck my already-destroyed apartment?”

Dirk waved his hand. “I don’t know anything, Todd. But it’ll be worth it!” He gave his assis-friend a grin. “Call it a hunch.”


The window below shot open once again.

“Give me a minute,” he called over the resident’s screams.


Todd’s complete lack of ‘rainy day’ funds also included a lack of proper rain gear, so one of his least-ratty sweatshirts would have to do. He pulled the hood up as he stepped into the Seattle rain, almost running into Dirk, who bounced eagerly as he saw Todd.

“Well it’s about time, I’ve been waiting for ages-”

“It’s been three minutes, Dirk.”

“Who’s to say that isn’t ages?” Dirk said, looking his assis-friend over. The rain was already soaking Todd’s cotton clothing, and Dirk knew that unless something good happened, Todd wouldn’t be in a good mood. He pushed Todd over to the edge of a puddle before squatting down. With a sigh, Todd copied him.

“What are we doing?” Todd asked after the appropriate amount of time.

“There's’ a lot of animals in this case, Todd,” Dirk began, not taking his eyes off the two inch puddle. “And I was thinking: What do dogs, cats, and sharks have in comment?”


“Exactly! They all like to eat fish!” Dirk flapped his hands excitedly. “So in order to both subdue Paws and attract the Corgi, we need fish!”

“And we’re going to find them in a rain puddle?” Todd asked, realization on his face.

Dirk cocked his head to the side, thoughts jumbling around. “Seattle is surrounded by water,” he exclaimed. “So why, in the event of a rain storm, wouldn’t some wash out and into the streets?”

Todd opened his mouth to contradict Dirk, but the usual spiral of the detectives’ logic stopped him. “I-I mean…I’ve never seen it happen, but maybe closer to the waterfront-”

“-precisely!” Dirk smiled, and for a moment Todd forgot about the rain drenching his sweatshirt. “If we gather some from the ocean as well, perhaps Paws will lead us to the bad people, and then of course-”

The detective prattled on as he sprinted towards the car, practically dragging Todd behind him.


“I’m going to catch pneumonia.”

“It’s August, Dirk. And it’s your own fault.”

“Ridiculous,” Dirk stated. “Falling into Lake Washington-”

“Falling? You pushed me!”

“I thought I saw an orange fish! ” Dirk protested, watching Todd huddle closer to the car’s heater. “And hey, it was perhaps a different variation of orange, but we found the coho salmon nevertheless, which I am certain Paws will adore, not to mention the small sampling of trout-”

Todd glanced into the backseat, where the ‘small sampling’ lay in 16 separate bags that were currently stinking up the Corvet. Somehow, Dirk had managed to confuse a local ‘fish man’, (-”he brought a new shipment just as Patrick Spring was walking to the hotel, so naturally his goods are already connected to everything”-) into giving them his fish. Apparently, however, they’d taken too much and they’d been forced to flee to the car with their load while the man screamed and waved a giant bass at them.

“-and the best thing is that she might prefer them raw, which is good for us because I was actually banned from using kitchen appliances in my last flat after the Snowman incident-”

Eyes on the road!” Todd yelled suddenly, lunging across Dirk to jerk the car away from a mailbox. Dirk yelped and held himself back as the car swerved around trees and other living obstacles.

It was in this same violent manner that they ended up back at the Ridgely, just as the rain began to increase. Dirk grabbed a few bags of fish and leapt out of the car, staring straight into the sky with a smile seemingly permanently etched onto his face. Todd rolled his eyes, grabbed some fish and sprinted for the Ridgely, pausing to watch Dirk, who was still staring in awe at the sky.

“Dirk! Come on, it’s getting worse!” He called, trying to ignore the fishy smell in his arms.

Dirk blinked and stared around before reluctantly following Todd, casting one more mournful glance at the rain bouncing off the sidewalk.

As they began the trek up to Todd’s apartment, he eyed the holistic detective curiously, as the man examined a fish.

“What was this really about?” Todd asked, his arms beginning to strain under 40 pounds of fish.

Dirk tilted his head, an almost comical confused look on his face. “What do you mean?” He said, quirking an eyebrow. “We needed fish for the case!”

“Yeah…I hope you know you’re gonna have to store some of this,” Todd said, thinking of his own dented freezer. Before Dirk could launch into an inevitable rant on the Universe accommodating his own storage space, he added, “but I mean, why today? And don’t give me that ‘hunch’ crap. We could have just bought this fish.”

Dirk was, remarkably, silent for a moment. He bit his lower lip as they climbed the stairs, traipsing through the narrow hallways with ease.

“I just thought…it would be nice to be out in the rain,” he eventually worked out, keeping his eyes fixed to the floor. “I didn’t get to see much of the…outside…when I was…well, you know,” he shrugged, an awkward motion with three bags of trout. “It’s nice to just….enjoy it.”

Todd blinked, his mind racing back to Dirk’s equally awkward confession on the basics of Blackwing as they’d driven back from digging up Patrick Spring’s machine. He pictured Dirk stuck in a cell deep below the Earth and shuddered.

“Well, it rains plenty here, so you’ll have lots of chances,” he offered as they came down Todd’s hallway. “And hey, maybe next time we can try Union-what the hell?”

“‘Union what-the-hell?’ Is that another lake?” Dirk asked, mistaking Todd’s shout.

Todd’s already damaged door had a new dent right down the middle, along with a piece of paper stuck to the door with a steak knife.

“Is it a ransom? Do the Bad People know we have Paws? Is it Lydia? Is it-”

Todd gave a long sigh as he shifted through the profanity in the note. “It’s the people downstairs. Something about an…” he squinted, “…’apple pipe?’”

“Ah, yes,” Dirk answered, squirming a bit. “I told them the reason for their clogged pipes might relate to their Black Market of rare apples?”

“An Apple Black Market? I-never mind.” He crumpled the note and went to push the door open. “At least  I didn’t have to deal with that…” he froze and stared at Dirk. “Wait, is that why you told me to come-”

“Come on Todd! We need to get the kitten-shark’s approval!” Dirk pushed the door open, Todd following behind, glad to see Paws pacing the kitchen counter and with no new bloodstains on the wall.

Dirk dropped the fish and immediately scooped the kitten up, cooing at the murder weapon. Paws mewled and batted Dirk’s face, causing the detective’s face to light up. “I knew you liked me!” He beamed.

“You wanna pick a fish for her?” Todd asked, pulling off his soaked sweatshirt. “And a towel, maybe?”

“A towel I don’t think she needs-”

“For you, Dirk. You’re dripping lake water onto my floor.”

The detective stared down at the puddle surrounding his shoes and shrugged. “It’s not the worst that’s happened to it…”

“Call it damage control,” Todd quipped, grabbing two towels.

“You can pick the fish,” Dirk said, scratching the kitten-shark under the chin.

“You sure?” Todd asked, surprised.

Dirk nodded. “I have complete faith in your fish-choosing abilities.”

Todd opened the nearest bag, scanning the contents through Dirk’s eyes. After a moment, he grabbed the bright pink fish, sensing the other man’s smile at the selection.

A few minutes later, both men had (mostly) dried off, Todd having to convince Dirk to let him hang his jacket up to dry, and the Brit wore the towel as a cape to compensate. Todd carefully cut the salmon up, Paws winding her way around his ankles. Dirk was practically bouncing in excitement, snatching the plastic plate from Todd and presenting it to the kitten-shark with a loud, “Ta-da!”

The kitten somehow managed to look unimpressed as she circled the plate, before she eventually took a piece, her white teeth gleaming. Both men held their breath as she swallowed, gave a small ‘mew’, and settled down to finish the fish. Dirk silently punched the air as Todd allowed himself a small smile.

“I told you it was worth it,” Dirk said smugly.

“Worth Lake Washington?”

Dirk considered the gentle weight of Todd’s towel around his shoulders, the dark warmth of the apartment, the kitten happily snacking on the ill-gotten fish. 

“I’d say so,” the detective concluded. “What do you think?”

Todd looked at Dirk’s small smile, and felt the last of the rain’s chill leave him.


Mini Trivia for Midorima

You guys want Midorima so here he is!

  1. Midorima has a little sister. There was one time in the Drama CD where he wanted to get a lucky item which was in the crane game. He couldn’t get the one he wanted so he went to the arcade keeper and ask for the exchange with this trick: “I told them that my younger sister really wants one of these, but she’s leaving to study abroad in America, and we won’t be able to see each other for several years. So before she leaves, I want to give her one as a present, no matter what”. Good one Midorima.
  2. He could play piano! He loves listening to classical music. Very classy~ He also likes to play shogi and chess. Akashi plays with him (and Midorima never wins)
  3. He’s very rich. Like VERY. He spend 50,000 yen on a lucky item meant for Takao (MidoTaka fans please rejoice he just spend almost $500 for Takao and it only works for one day). By the way, he also gave lucky item to Takao on some occasion in DS game too.
  4. He hates cats (like how Kagami hates dogs lol) because he got scratched by them once. Someone put a cat in Shutoku team please I wanna see his reaction.
  5. He was born on 7th of July (7) and he’s a Cancer. 777. That kinda explained his obsession with luck. Someone please drag him to casino.
  6. At first, Fujikami planned for his first name to be Ryouhei instead of Shintarou. (Funny because Kise’s VA name is Kimura Ryouhei haha).
  7. He’s VERY VERY bad at cooking. There is a special drama CD for the Okonomiyaki scene in season one. He had this very LONG speech about how to cook a perfect Okonomiyaki and messed everything up. Kuroko and Kise were very amused by it before Kagami fixed everything up. (Both Kise and Kuroko also messed up their Okonomiyaki. Without Kagami I don’t think they could eat in that ep haha). 
  8. Apparently he’s very good at some festival games and arcade games. He often went to festivals and played games at the stalls to collect lucky items. Very very good at scooping fish with that paper spoon (I couldn’t even get one ;__;)
  9. In the character bible, he said he get along well with Akashi the most. BUT Kuroko, Aomine, Kise AND Kagami (which was like 4 out of 6 people in the interview) said they couldn’t get along with Midorima. (oh Midorima poor you XD). 
  10. His eyesight is VERY VERY BAD. There was one time in the game when Akashi was talking to him at the pool (he took off his glass) and Midorima replied, he was turning his head to Kise’s direction because he thought Kise is Akashi (ARE YOU COLOUR BLIND?!?!?!). Kise went “Midorimacchi why are you talking to me?”. Akashi said that he was worried about Midorima since he walk around without glasses. Never take off your glasses Midorima.

Okayyyy Momoi next :)


Sucky Fish & Relationship Advice from Ants | Natural News from The Field Museum | Ep. 3

Hey yo hey yo let’s break it down this episode is about: 

  • invasive species in the freshwater aquarium trade
  • prospecting for new species of dinosaurs in Utah’s deserts 
  • symbiotic relationships between ants and acacia trees - also testing the widely-known ‘Red Queen Hypothesis’ 

Get y0 natural history science news on!