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Superbat aside, is it me or was there more Aquabat than any other ship? The scene where they’re talking and Arthur is casually taking his clothes off before going in the water. Bruce being a curious lil babe, really wanting to know if he could talk to fishes, during the lasso scene where Bruce’s face has that “have mercy on him Diana expression”, the banter… I just 😍😍😍

I mean, Superbat is my OTP but damn, Aquabat is hell of a hot ship.

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its so funny to watch the pops scene in 1x01 because obviously Archie is fascinated by Ronnie and she stares too, bu like, they had no ideia they were going ti fall this hard for each other you know?


You watch Archie being flabbergasted and you’re just like, “you two idiots have no idea yet.” Lol 

the script literally described it as romeo + juliet fish tank scene <3 and I get that vibe more so from Archie since he was the one who was … stunned, meanwhile Veronica just looked confident. (but I do get the same vibe when she pulled down her hood). And it’s cute and adorable, and you’re just like you two have NO IDEA how whipped you both are gonna be .

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teru meeting fishmob: "what the fu-"

this images name in my drive is Im Sorry and I do think its very accurate

Don’t you think there was something fishy (bat tum tiss) about the new episode of Samurai Jack? (XCIX) SPOILERS!!

Jack eats this weird shrimp and turns into a fish. He’s still a fish when he and Ashi are boarding the camel. He says, “I don’t feel so good.”

There’s a purple flash before they board and Jack’s human again. The episode starts off normal but after this scene it all feels off and everything feels out of character. It doesn’t fit the writing or flow of the show or Genndy. And I think that’s the point. I feel like there has to be a purpose for the fish scene and the writers are up to something. Something about the transition. Something about Jack and Ashi’s behavior. There were a lot of aspects of this episode that didn’t fit the series. It was a weird episode but I think that was the intention.

Didn’t the pacing feel weird? The transitions? The fact they extended that kiss for a reeeaaallllyyyyy long time? Doesn’t it feel like they’re planning something? Why isn’t Ashi in the preview for the next episode?

Magic Brian Voice Compilation

whats up i’ve been working on this for like five days and i’m Tired of listening to it

there’s a lot of taako in here bc i love their interactions and a bit of other characters for context shit

yeah its like six minutes long i had issues picking favorites

Title: Armor Crafted by My Own Hand

Pairing: Prince Sidon / Link

Rating: General 

Tags: biting, kissing, fluff, confession scene, fish person loving a blondie, sweetness with a bit of bite

Summary: On a rainy, cold day, Sidon confesses his love to Link

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Lounging atop one of the watchtowers that sat at the end of the Inogo Bridge, Sidon gazed glumly at the rocky path that led away from the bridge and up into the mountains. Overhead, the sky was as grey as his mood. From that veil of grey, a heavy rain fell, turning the world into a blurred wash of blues and greens. The air was chilly but nothing his thick skin couldn’t handle. Though to anyone without tough Zora skin, it was a probably bundle yourself up and stay inside kind of temperature.

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