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So, because I have 0.00 chill, I took @percyyoulittleshit ‘s idea for Jason Momoa as Hawaiian Poseidon and a young Momoa as Percy Jackson, did my research for accurate Hawaiian and Polynesian tattoos and I made ^THIS^; Percy Jackson the Hawaiian. 

Geckos are a symbol of divinity, as gods often take the form of geckos to speak to mortals. The dolphin is a common symbol of Poseidon. The shark-tooth motif symbolizes protection, guidance, and adaptability. The spear motif symbolizes warriors. The braid motif represents connections to the past through ancestry. The fish-scale motif is particular to Hawaii and represents protection. 

Do you know how hard it is to find a GOOD resource for non-Western symbolism? 

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It is a tradition for families in Slovakia to eat carp on Christmas Eve, but before the fish can be prepared it has to swim in the family bathtub for a day or two. After the meal, everyone collects scales from the carp to bring them luck and prosperity, and they carry them in their wallets until the next Christmas Eve.

Variations of this tradition are also popular in nearby European countries, including Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany.



Fish Scales Nail Art (by pixiepolish)

Excellent video tutorial! Even includes adding little glitter scales!