fish royalty

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What happens tho? Do the pens have to go searching for a way to keep sid on land? Do they have to fight the kingdom? Does geno have to fight his betrothed? Does the media find out? Are the rookies now terrified? Is everyone freaking out? How do they fix it? Does it happen the Conor is actually also a mermaid who did the same as sid but he's not royal but he's knows who sid is? Does Conor know some magical way to keep sid or does he offer something like finding true happiness or love? Ily x

“You’re a mermaid?” Tanger is shouting. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

“I’m a Mer,” Sidney shoots back, wincing when Geno puts the hair blow dryer a little too close. Geno whispers an apology, but he doesn’t look away from Sidney’s tail. “And I’m male. I’m not a mermaid.”

“Not my fucking point! This is—this is huge. Why did you keep this from us?”

“What am I supposed to say, Tanger?” Sidney yells. “That I have a fish tail? Your kind doesn’t believe in the Mer. You’d think I was crazy.”

“This whole thing is crazy!” He puts two fingers to his temple, then breathes deeply. “Fuck. I’m sorry. Look, I think we can all agree that you’re still our captain, even if you’re…you’re a mermaid—“

“Mer,” Conor cuts in, very quietly. “We’re called Mer.”

Tanger whips around, as do the rest of the team who are trying to avoid staring directly at Sidney’s tail. “Excuse me?”

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The exalted fall of
a dead writer
a hanged fish
chaos, oil, royalty
I wouldn’t die to save anybody
I’m a man and a woman
a sister and a brother
a child and a parent
aeons of daylight smoking a cigarette
drinking coffee, a bottle of Perrier
severe, with an international reputation
for putting out my hand
and being unforgiving.