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Hi, is there any shipping that you do, aside from shipping Rick and Stan?

I’m not sure why I keep getting asks lately for what else I ship? I have always been pretty clear on the fact I have just one boat that I sail and her name is the SS Stanchez! (and if we’re being totally honest there’s also obviously a small orange lifeboat called Ricarlob)

If it’s a canon past relationship for either of the old men, I wouldn’t say it’s my bread n butter or that I specifically “ship” it but I do acknowledge that characters like Carla, Jimmy Snakes (yeah I’m lumping this scrapped from canon character in too cause I’ll occasionally reference him), Rick’s wife, and Unity were around and are significant relationships in each respective character’s lives. They are also all relationships that definitively have endings for their own various reasons of not working out.

I like to think that in some dimensions Beth and Jerry probably have a good healthy marriage. Soos and Melody get married and probably have a bunch of really cute kids (at least one of which is named Stanley). Who doesn’t love Blubs and Durland?

That’s literally all I got. You won’t find anything else hiding under any rugs. What you see here is what you get. It’s what the label on the tin says. I’m a stanchez blog.

Curtis Family headcanon because I can't help myself,

Mrs. Curtis has a box filled with embarrassing and adorable pictures of her boys. Everything from Johnny and Pony cuddling on the couch during a nap, Curly kissing Pony’s knee better, Darry and Paul playing in the yard all muddy, Soda hold Pony for the first time, Mr. Curtis and Darry fishing, Darry teaching Pony to walk, even Soda and Darry wrestling in the living room. But if you get down to the very bottom, buried under tons of pictures, is a small picture of a young Steve with a gap toothed smile bigger than Texas on his face as he played with Ponyboy on the floor, and a look of brotherly love in his eyes as Pony smiled back at him. A sneaky Soda with an equally as big smile on his face stood in the back ground.

You are okay?” he asked. “Not eaten by monsters?”
“Not even a little bit.” I showed him that I still had both arms and both legs, and Tyson clapped happily.
“Yay!” he said. “Now we can eat peanut butter sandwiches and ride fish ponies! We can fight monsters and see Annabeth and make things go BOOM!”
I hoped he didn’t mean all at the same time, but I told him absolutely, we’d have a lot of fun this summer.
—  Rick Riordan, The Battle of the Labyrinth

piptony  asked:

Do you have any oc for fish/shark even pony? If does, then who is it? If you don't have it, then what will be look like? Will be macro? Micro? Male or female?

The closest thing I’ve got is this lady here!  I’ve drawn her a couple times before, but she doesn’t have a name yet or anything.  She’s normally a human-ish size, but that can be affected pretty easily by her diet.

Spring Break Headcanons

Request: Spring break with the gang HC’s please?

a/n- sorry for the wait, I appreciate your request. :)

- the whole gang goes to a cabin at the lake

- prank wars

- bonfires everynight

- Sodapop attempting to get everyone to sing campfire songs, but only Two-Bit sings along

- telling ghost stories and scaring the shit out of each other

- getting up early to go fishing with Pony, Darry, Dallas, and Johnny.

- playing chicken in the lake

- Steve pretending to drown in the water and then grabbing Dally’s ankle causing him to shriek like a little girl

- Two-Bit getting wasted and all of you chasing him with his clothes because he keeps trying to go streaking

- Soda and Steve getting lost in the woods until Darry goes out to find them

- a few drinking games here and there in the spirt of spring break

- good memories

- stargazing

- Ponyboy pointing out constellations, but nobody knows what the fuck he’s pointing at

- Darry letting the boys be boys

- Darry meets a girl at the lake from another cabin and invites her to one of the bonfires

- the boys hootin and hollering when they find Darry smooching her

- midnight conversations and laughter

- it’s nice to see everyone having a good worry free time

Thinking about commissions?

Hello friends, would anyone be interested in little, simple sketches for super cheap? 

Here are some examples

I’m thinking of maybe taking commissions at like:
$2 for a bust
$3 for a full body
+$2 for an additional pony

I may consider some cross-breeds (ex. Mermaids/Sharks/Fish ponies, Lamias…)
I may consider NSFW but I have no practice in it, and I’d like to get decent at it before being paid for it.

Hit me up if you’re interested. I’m just looking to see if there is interest, I’d need to set up things for payments. Thanks all!