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Curtis Family headcanon because I can't help myself,

Mrs. Curtis has a box filled with embarrassing and adorable pictures of her boys. Everything from Johnny and Pony cuddling on the couch during a nap, Curly kissing Pony’s knee better, Darry and Paul playing in the yard all muddy, Soda hold Pony for the first time, Mr. Curtis and Darry fishing, Darry teaching Pony to walk, even Soda and Darry wrestling in the living room. But if you get down to the very bottom, buried under tons of pictures, is a small picture of a young Steve with a gap toothed smile bigger than Texas on his face as he played with Ponyboy on the floor, and a look of brotherly love in his eyes as Pony smiled back at him. A sneaky Soda with an equally as big smile on his face stood in the back ground.


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