fish market restaurant


a restaurant in fish market by kazu saito

Pets @Kisumi-shigiwoah

As the kitten nosed through some of the old trash from behind the fish market and other restaurants he quickly lost interest. He’s surely get sick if he ate that garbage, but he was starving. He starting walking in front of the markets, hoping for a spare piece of anything to fall and he’d have a snack. He could almost reach one of the mackerel hanging from the side if he stretched. It was then that a tall man with green eyes noticed the hungry cat.

Haru was too busy trying to get the fish when the man picked it up and held it out in front of him, having just paid for it. “Here you go little guy. You must be hungry.”

The kitten eagerly finished up his meal, following after Makoto meowing. The man couldn’t just leave him here, if anything he’d take him home to give him a good meal. Quickly picking him up he smiled “Okay, okay, but just for a little while.” Haru felt content and extremely grateful to this human.

Makoto walked into his apartment and placed the kitten he’d named ‘Haru’ on the way here down on the floor. Grabbing a spare dish and grabbing some fish for his hungry houseguest who accepted it gratefully.