fish man arc

One of the main reasons why I love One Piece so much is that it’s able to capture emotion better than any shounen I’ve watched or tried to watch and, frankly, better than any anime I’ve ever watched.

Also, the way they navigate through their narratives and build their characters, whether major or minor, is top notch.

Not sure where they are in the manga (and I don’t want to know), but the Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime flashback was incredible. One Piece has always managed to  lay down foundations for its big arcs tremendously well, and it’s no exception with the current one. The themes used in this Fish-Man arc are so deep; maybe deeper than any other arc so far. Just very good stuff.

fwips  asked:

Yo is Pudding that unnamed 3rd eye girl??? She looks a hell of a lot like her but has bangs over the middle of her forhead, or is this just Oda's 'Can Only Draw Like 4 Different Looking Types of Females"

Anonymous said:
Purin is the three eyed girl that we saw around the fish man island arc right??

Anonymous said:
If I remembered correctly, the panel Pudding was introduced showed her being kinda tired of BM’s candy nonsense. So I don’t think she’s evil or at least not fully behind BM. However, that does leave the option of her being a damsel in distress frighteningly probable, especially w/ Sanji heart eye bullshit returning.

Yep, Pudding/Purin is almost definitely 3 eyes girl 

If they are not the same person, then Oda has hit a new low in same-facing (well, tbh it’s hard to beat Rebecca being essentially Nami with slightly different hair). Although, this could be a case of “they are actually 2 different people but they look the same b/c they are siblings or even twins.” But it’s probably the same person. 

And yeah, Pudding (assuming it’s her) did look rather unhappy with Big Mom literally eating her subordinates

but she didn’t look mad or upset about it. She looked more sad and resigned at worst, or bored at best. Unfortunately it does seem to suggest another kind of “woman needs man to save her” kind of situation is on its way, since it’s kind of hard to picture Pudding as being an avid supporter of her mother based solely on this scene. Hopefully that won’t happen, but Oda has thoroughly proven during Dressrosa that he can and will write stories like this, despite so many fans’ confidence of things like “Of course Robin is going to get a fight this arc!” and “Rebecca is definitely going to do something amazing just wait!” Or maybe the 5 different damsels in distress on Dressrosa were enough to satisfy Oda for a while and now he’s ready to do something different. So yeah, same as always, I’m simply cautiously hopeful. 

Anonymous said:
I’m probably the only one bitter here, since it was a pretty great chapter. But I feel like Sanji’s speech about friendship and cutting ties and being a cook was one big practical joke with the punchline of him being instantly smitten by Purin, implying that he might throw all of the above away for a pretty girl. Obviously, we all know he’s not gonna do that, but the comedic set up just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Am I reading too much into this?

I was going to answer this ask on its own, but given the direction I took the above asks I figured I’d tack this on here too. During the two years that Dressrosa was running for, I got tired of telling fans that they shouldn’t be disappointed by things, even if they are comparatively minor. Everyone is allowed to have their opinion on things, and there is no rule that your opinion has to constantly be positive just because you’re a fan of something. 

And yeah, I’m on the same page as you. Of COURSE Sanji reacted this way to Pudding. Did anyone ever actually doubt that he would go all heart-eyes and stupid-faced if Pudding turned out to be beautiful? And of course, we also all know that he’s not seriously going to for real marry her. So this part of it all just feels shallow to me, and to many others I’m sure. IMO this will all only actually be worth jack squat in terms of character development for Sanji depending on what Pudding is like and what things he is forced to do in order to get out of the wedding. Is Sanji actually going to have to confront his sexist and condescending ideas about women needing to be protected from men at all times even when they’re strong as shit and fucking evil? Is Sanji going to get called out on having done some seriously gross and disrespectful things to women and realize that despite his idea of himself as a gentleman who loves women he actually frequently treats them nothing like how they want to (and deserve to) be treated? Or is this just going to be some thing of “neither Sanji nor Pudding want the wedding but Sanji is so cool and brave in saving her from it that she develops feelings for him and doesn’t mind his drooling/nose-bleeding/gross whatevering and nothing about Sanji’s interactions with women changes in any real way”? I’m sure we’ll get some character development for Sanji in relation to his past with his blood family. I’m confident about that at least. But any character development regarding Sanji and how he views and treats women? That’s a lot harder to be optimistic about.