fish hook pendant

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Do you think zayn and Liam buy eac other gifts all the time ? I love the idea of that 😍

sorry i got to this so late!

anyway, you bet your ass they shower each other with gifts. this is a fact. trust me on this. 

baby liam already at it

and this shirt really isn’t liam’s typical style


it is someone else’s;)

and remember the fishing date 

liam called zayn the fish whisperer… i think that was a special day for them (they watched the sunset together cry with me!)

and then

guess who showed up wearing a fish hook pendant not long after 

no doubt who got that for him ;)

oh and who’s signature look is expensive watches, specifically the hublot brand?

and then who’s seen wearing a hublot watch out of nowhere (when he usually doesn’t wear them) at one of his first public appearances

what’s even better is liam was seen visiting a hublot store a few days prior to zayn wearing the watch (they were both in LA at the time)

so yeah they totally spoil each other and i love it :)