fish hook necklace

So, I wear a makau necklace, more commonly known as the fish hook necklace. My particular necklace looks like this:

I’ve worn one of these on and off for years. My dad first bought me one when I was fourteen and he visited Oahu for his grandmother’s funeral. It was a more traditionally styled one and I wore it for years before it finally broke on me.

My dad finally bought me a new one for my 25th birthday and I’ve worn it ever since.

And in all the years I’ve worn it, no one has ever known what the necklace was or what it represented before.

But today when I was at lunch, the girl that was taking my order smiled and said, “I really like your necklace. Is it the one from Moana?”

People are starting to recognize it as something from Polynesian culture and the ones who don’t, I now have the opportunity to ask, “have you seen Moana?” so that they have a visual idea of what I’m talking about when I explain it.

And that just makes me really happy.

anonymous asked:

what is ur absoloute fav ziam moment ? have a good day

Hiya anon,

Now if I was being smart then I would say simply ‘the moment they met’ but I’m not  so…well.   1 moment?   Nope, nu-uh, how can I choose between so many amazing moments?   Therefore this post contains outrageous cheating and a very low key final moment.

So the things I’ve discounted are as follows:

10.  The time Liam and Zayn were ridiculously charming and polite with the pregnant lady and then proceeded to name their future children and Zayn’s face as Liam talks about Taylor being the name for his first born and his face is all ‘Yeah we’ll talk about THAT after the interview babe cos NO WAY’  were just so adorable and Louis had to go in there  at 4.42 onwards and join the interview.

9.  Zayn’s reaction to Liam doing the walrus impression.  Have you ever seen anything as adorable?  I mean god, i hate this.   

8.  The first 25 seconds of this interview and Liam’s reaction to Zayn and Louis completely noticing and well agreed Louis.  Ughhhh.

7.   This gif from this gifset  +

And this video  (saved at the right moment)  

Basically - Harry says something to Zayn related to Liam and Zayn gestures at Liam’s arse then Zayn says to Louis what looks like ‘he’s got a wet bottom’ or possibly ‘patch’ and then Louis says something and then Zourry have a laugh and basically it ends up with Zayn going and lifting up the bandana to have a look and Harry and Louis’ reactions are so funny and Zayn’s and then Zayn tells Liam and oh just watch okay.

6.  Ziam at the NRJs

For the top 5 onwards to number 1 we’re going under the cut cos I get really cheaty now.

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anonymous asked:

oh my god i so overlooked that fish hook necklace, bless that person for pointing it out. why does he have to wear that? did liam buy it for him because he's the fish whisperer??? more importantly did liam put it on him??? why are they like this??????

I knowwwwww, nonnie! They’re adorable! That fishing trip must be a very happy memory for them.

And I noticed not long before the SMG video shoot, Zayn turned up with a lot of new jewelry.

It’s my headcanon that Liam bought all of that stuff for Zayn during their Las Vegas trip. Because

is a very special place to them. Everything changed in Vegas. And spoiling Zayn is how Liam rolls. 

It all fits. It makes sense to me. Accept my headcanon!