fish dream


“We were born of nightmares…To take over this world, we made the Wind Fish sleep endlessly! If the Wind Fish doesn’t wake up, this island will never disappear! We would have been the masters of this place… But you had to come here and disrupt our plans! Heh heh! You can never defeat us!!!”

-Shadow Nightmares/Dethl, “Link’s Awakening”

Fish Kite
Something I saw in a dream. This kite turns up in this village once a year and flies low over the houses. It’s a different night every year, and no one knows why it happens.The kite seems to have a vague will to move forwards, and over the course of the night it gets snagged on bushes and aerials. It’s often found in the morning, draped over someone’s house, lifeless, and with the string snapped.

I love the idea that something so ceremonious could happen without any desire to let itself be known. It’s not there for anyone’s attention, and if you happen to catch sight of it, it’d be pretty special.