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Manila Luzon has the best outfits from any rpdr contestant tbh



a fucking ding dong dress

a fucking mcdonalds outfit WITH HAMBURGER EARRINGS 


a DRESS SHE MADE OUT OF WIG HAIR TO BE A BEE in a season 3 challenge


a cookie monster dress



In honour of Black History Month coming up (October in the UK) I wanted to do a sorting of my favourite characters from TV, film and comic books. Representation matters. Diversity matters. I’m barely scratching the surface here, but these are some of my favourites.

You’re under arrest!

You have the right to remain silent and everything you will say will be held against you.

Now… Everyone get in the car.

A little break from working on my finals. XD
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Haru || Makoto || Nagisa || Rei 

If you thought Vanilla Ice was bad, Remember that to an actual Italian, Almost everyone in Part5 is named after food

Who could forget the Battle between Cookie and Fish, who wanted to avenge his brother:Ham or the time Lion Lambmeat was killed by Double Vinegar


Tom Holland x reader.

‘’Heyy! I wanted to know if requests are open? If so, I would like a Tom Holland x Reader or the reader is the daughter of Robert Downey Jr. She is a young actress and she is in love with Tom but she is jealous of Tom’s relationship with Zendaya, then during a dispute between the reader and Tom, she accidentally says it’s feelings for him, then fluff at the end? Please? Thank you, and I looove your blog! ♥️♥️’’ Welp here you go i dont know if this is what you wanted but ahhh here ya go anon.

:) i do have requests open

“Hey, kiddo what’s up?” your dad asked as he walked in the kitchen where you were currently where, ‘’Whatcha making? Cause i sure do hope those are chocolate chip cookies.”

“Dad,’’ you said looking up from the mixing bowl as you cracked in two more eggs.

“(Y/N),’’ he replied with an innocent smirk.

“Robert downey Jr. you are supposed to be on a diet for the next avenger movie, we can’t have a chubby iron man, now can we?’’ you asked him, throwing an innocent glance his way. You knew how much your dad hated going on diets to get in shape for the movies, but you also knew how much he loved your chocolate chip cookies which was why around the time of his diet you baked more often, but your dad’s natural response was to tease your right back with your crush on the newest spider-man.

He looked at you with a grumpy expression and smugly said, ‘’Well if i can’t have them, i do think a certain underoos would love to have some freshly homemade chocolate chip cookies, and maybe that blonde guy to.’’

Red washed over your cheeks as you looked up to see your father grinning smugly at you turning around to but the cookies in the oven you replied, ‘’Maybe he will in, fact thank you for the idea dad, i think i might even head over to their apartment right after they pop out of the oven. Thank’s for the idea.” You saw your dad’s face fall, knowing that wasn’t the response your da was hoping for, you quickly set the timer for fifteen minutes and quietly made your way out of the kitchen to go grab a change of cloths.

“Now young lady that is not what i meant, why i would never! (Y/N) you better save me some cookies!” you could hear your dad in the background grumbling.

Walking out of your room with a fresh pair of dark skinny jeans, a simple lose maroon top, and a pair of hightop van’s, you wrapped the fished and cooled cookies on a plate in plastic wrap. Leaving a plate full of them on the counter for you and your dad to indulge in later during your movie night. You grabbed your keys and made your way up a flight of stairs to their apartment.

Tom, Harrison and you became fast friends when you were casted as iron man’s daughter and spider man’s love interest. People loved the fact that iron man had a daughter and that in real life you were father and daughter already. News articles created story after story after it was leaked that you played spider man’s love interest, trying to gain insight if there was a relationship offset too.  You wished there was a realation ship of set. You didnt know when you gained a major crush on Tom, but you did. You loved when you had to fix his hair before filming because he couldn’t ever do it himself and he would hold you by the waist or the way you both could be childish around each other but how ever you managed to fall in love with him you were no match for Zendaya and the relationship she and Tom had. There had been stories after stories that where sent your way about her and Tom dating, and you couldn’t blame them, Zendaya was a queen and Tom wasn’t to short of being a king, but still every time you had Harrison reassure you that they weren’t dating you couldn’t help but be jealous of the relationship they had. How effortlessly she was around him and how he never failed to smile when she was around.

The short walk to their apartment from yours wasn’t enough time for you to get your thoughts together as you silently cursed Marvel for getting everyone apartments in the same building.

Before you could knock on the door it swung open to a surprised Tom. “Oh hey, (Y/N) i didn’t know you were coming over, i was about to head out to see Z. You wanna come?” he asked you.

You couldn’t speak, Tom looked absolutely adorable with his little smile and a button down shirt with his styled hair. He styled his hair for once and it wasn’t for you for or for a bit it was for Z.

You stuck out the cookie plate not knowing really what to say to him, ‘’I-I made cookies.’’

“That’s awesome (Y/N), come on in Harrison’s here if you want to hang out till i can get back.’’ He said holding open the door for you. You walked in placing the cookies on the kitchen counter. ‘’Well look I’ve got to go.’’

“Um ya, that’s great Tom.’’ you heard the door shut as Harrison walked into the kitchen.

“Oh (Y/N), hey you made cookies.’’

“Hey Haz.’’ you said as a tear fell from your face. Haz’s face fell immediately as he came to hug, cooing you as you cried into his shoulder.

“(Y/N) he’s not worth all of this, okay. Please just tell him.’’ Haz cooed. You heard the door shut and Tom’s voice coming from the other room.

“Hey guy’s i forgot my keys!” Tom yelled as he walked into the kitchen, he was greeted with one his best friends crying into his best mate. “(Y/N), why are you crying.”

Haz looked down at you letting you go, he gave you a small nod telling you to talk to him. HE walked out of the room grabbing a few cookies as he left.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong.’’ Tom asked coming closer to you.

‘’I-,’’ You were gonna tell him but you couldn’t you didn’t want to, you where the one keeping him from going to Z’s. ‘’It’s nothing Tom you should get going to Z’s.’’

Toms face fell right after you said that, ‘’ This is about Z isn’t it? Why don’t you come with me Z loves you.’’

“This isn’t about Z, Tom-’’ you started.’’It’ about me and my stupid crush on you and you don’t even know, in fact your probably with Z anyway.’’

Tom paused, ‘’ You like me?” he asked, ‘’ cause I like you.”

“But what about Z?” you asked, forgetting the part of where he said he liked you.

“I needed her help trying to figure out a way to ask you out.” he said coming towards you, bringing you into  hug, ‘’Because i like you, not her.’’ he said kissing you forehead, holding you close.

‘’About bloody time!’’ Haz yelled from the other room.

Scott Ryder headcanons

To honor Ryder Appreciation Week I decided to write up some headcanons about my Scott:

  • White is his favorite color and yes, he knows it’s not very practical, but he will wear it regardless, try and stop him.
  • Both he and Sara are biotics, but their level of power is different. As kids, Sara was better at using her abilities and teased Scott mercilessly. Now things are different. Sara is an okay biotic, but prefers to use guns in combat. Scott on the other hand, is an incredibly powerful biotic, easily on the level of asari commandos. Using biotics is as natural to him as breathing, so he hardly ever needs to fire a gun to deal with any threat. Also biotics are great when he’s too lazy to go and fetch something.
  • Scott is very sensitive and as a child was a bit of a crybaby. It was very easy to make him cry (“You’re a crybaby!” “No, I’m not!” *waterfall*). Even now he finds it hard to keep it together when someone yells at him.  
  • When he was little, Ellen gave him for his birthday a lion plushie in a pink shirt with the caption “I love you” printed on it. It became Scott’s favorite toy and a huge source of comfort. He loved it so much that Ellen started to call him “her precious Lionheart” and Scott was just so happy. He brought the plushie with him to Andromeda in secret. When things are especially awful and Reyes is not there to comfort him, Scott sleeps with the cuddly, worn out lion and feels a little better.
  • Being so sensitive, he grew more attached to his mother, whereas Sara had a better connection with their father.  Scott resented Alec for never being around when the family needed him. They clashed a lot and Scott was convinced that it was at least partly because Alec couldn’t accept his sexuality. Alec had never been overtly homophobic, but Scott just knew, he could feel the disappointment. The fact that Alec sacrificed himself to save his life, giving the ultimate proof of love, makes Scott think that maybe he had misjudged his father and he wishes they had been closer.
  • Scott calls Reyes and Sara (if she’s away from the Tempest) every day to stay in touch. He doesn’t want to lose contact with people he loves and needs to know if they’re okay.
  • He and Sara are very close and they can talk about absolutely everything, there are no taboos between them. As a teen, Scott got a very detailed description of how it felt to be on your period and he repaid in kind with a tale of awkward boners during classes. Reyes overheard once how Sara recounted to her twin a case of particularly awful diarrhea after eating a mysterious plant on Havarl  and he still isn’t sure if he admires or is concerned about that level of honesty between the Ryders.
  • Scott dated a few guys in the Milky Way, but Reyes is his first serious partner. Sometimes he feels as if he’s fumbling about in the dark, not knowing what to do, and he’s still in awe how the hell did he manage to start a relationship with a literal shadowy king of a planet, but he’s not complaining. He truly feels happy with Reyes, even if they can’t meet as often as he’d like. But when they do… well, sex is amazing. Reyes is an experienced and attentive lover, always giving Scott what he needs and wants. Scott finds himself falling harder and harder for that smooth bastard with every day that passes.
  • At first Scott was weirded out by the constant presence of SAM in his mind, but he eventually got used to it. Right now he thinks of SAM almost like his younger brother, wanting to help him learn and grow. It’s nice not to be the youngest sibling for a change.  
  • Once he found out that Reyes has a very good singing voice, he convinced his lover to record a few songs for him. He has them on his omni-tool and asks SAM to play them for him before falling asleep. He loves sappy, romantic music, he can’t help it. Luckily for him, Reyes shares that vice so they both can be disgustingly mushy.
  • As a kid Scott LOVED Firefly-like show about a bunch of smuggler misfits of questionable morals who were flying across the galaxy having tons of adventures. He loved the excitement of seeing new places and how the characters of different races and backgrounds created a family of sorts. And he had a giant crush on the captain of the ship. He looked a little bit like Reyes.
  • Scott loves to eat and is hungry all the time, probably because his biotic abilities require tons of energy. His stomach is like a garbage can – he can eat absolutely anything without any problems later on. Stale pizza from three days ago? Sure! Moldy cake? You got it! A suspicious cookie fished out from under the couch? Yum! Lexi is having a mini heart attack every time she sees Scott munching on something.
  • Scott doesn’t believe in any supernatural stuff. He laughs at ghost stories and thinks that superstitions are ridiculous. Sara on the other hand is terrified of ghosts, so he likes to scare her sometimes.
  • Scott uses humor and snark as a coping mechanism. People may think that he can’t treat anything seriously, but that is not true. He simply makes jokes when he’s stressed and recently he’s been stressed all the time.He needs rest.
Taste of Hell

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A/N: Servamp (Mahiru/Kuro, lee Kuro) -  16. “What the hell is that/this?!” - lol I had no idea what to write and let myself be inspired by the available GIFs. Result: this super badly written fic yooo x”D.

Summary: Mahiru asks Kuro to taste some cookies, which escalates. 

Word Count: 1118

“KUROoooo!” Kuro stirred a little in his sleep and uncurled from his comfy position on Mahiru’s bed. Now what

Mahiru yelling at him had become a regular thing, so he already started to wonder if he had dirtied the room again, broken something or if this wasn’t a time to be allowed to take a nap on Mahiru’s bed (his Eve was a talent at making up his mind, like, not). 

Instead, Mahiru’s yell was followed by the thump thump thump sounds of his foot steps before the door opened wildly, and the sweet scent of cookies entered the room. Kuro’s nose was as if it suddenly took control over his whole body, because now he was suddenly sitting up straight on his knees, sniffing with his eyes still closed.

“Kuro!” Mahiru stomped towards the bed and landed a big plate of cookies on it. Kuro had now his eyes open and rubbed the sleep out of them while he gazed at the cookies.

“Taste these. It’s for a school project,” Mahiru ordered, and looking at the cookies Kuro shrugged since they just looked like plain cookies.

“Fine,” he sighed, picking one of them and taking a bite. He then gulped and held the half that remained in his hand apart so he could look at the contents of the cookie: a green liquid dripped out of it and he suddenly clamped a hand over his mouth.

“What the hell is this?!” were the muffled words he could force out, and he spit out as much as he could and coughed. Mahiru laughed proudly and threw his head back while jabbing a finger at poor Kuro.

“It worked! You fell for it. You see, I’m making Taste-of-hell cookies for our school festival’s cosplay prank café! This one was wasabi by the way.” Kuro grabbed his throat and coughed. That cookie was absolutely disgusting.

“I’ve got other ones too, try these,” Mahiru pushed the other cookies towards him, but Kuro immediately gulped and backed away on the bed until his back hit the wall.

“No thanks,” he said, still suffering from the after effects of Mahiru’s monster cookie, but Mahiru smirked and followed him down onto the bed, shoving the cookies towards him.

“Yes Kurooo. You always eat anything you like in this household don’t you? This, you’re not gonna refuse either,” Mahiru said, wiggling his eyebrows. Kuro responded by heavily shaking his head.

“Come on Kuro. Say ahhhh~” One of the cookies that looked just like innocent as the previous one got lifted from the plate and Mahiru pressed it against Kuro’s lips, but the vampire kept his lips squeezed together.

“Hmmmmr!” Kuro shook his head in protest.

“Open that mouth of yours,” Mahiru ordered playfully and teasingly, and just when Kuro wanted to shake his head again he suddenly felt Mahiru’s free hand slip towards his side and sneak in a few squeezes. He jolted and his mouth opened wide, accompanied by loud laughter.

“HAha-fffhf!” The cookie was forced into his mouth and Kuro automatically bit down on it. He didn’t even know what he was tasting, but hell it was gross.

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