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Can’t decide what I want to do with the 20 long. Still thinking of a pair of Apistogrammas, but now I’m thinking of doing a nano community. I would like a busier tank and I can’t keep anything with the angels.

Opinions on this stocking? There’s a lfs near me willing to special order fish, so availability shouldn’t be a problem. Only one I’m not too certain of having are the Ember Tetras, the rest I think would look great together (and be greatly compatible). Brain is thinking black sand or potting soil with vals, crypts, and wisteria if I can ever get it to grow.

Tagging @jayce-space if you would like to answer, please don’t feel obligated to.

So I found a single Planaria in my goldfish tank while cleaning today.

My second filter has been malfunctioning lately so it hasn’t been running, so my GPH right now is only 300 (it is normally 800; it’s a 60 gallon tank with 3 medium-sized fancies). I haven’t been feeding them as much while trying to find time to fix the larger filter, but now I’m stressed because these worms feed on waste and excess food.

I did an 80% water change today and am planning on fasting the fish for a few days to hopefully starve any potential worms out, but so far I’ve only seen one (the tank is bare-bottom).

I haven’t tested the water but I normally do a 75% change every 5-7 days. We also just moved so the cycle has been a bit wonky, especially lacking the extra filtration.

Should I be doing something else? I have PraziPro and Melafix but I wanna avoid treating the tank if it isn’t necessary.

Any insight? @scalestails I feel like you’d know best?!

Please don’t take your pets for granted. Even if you’re frustrated that your dog has been barking all day or your bird has been screaming for attention, remember you are all they have in this world. Give your fish that extra water change. Give your dog or cat that tummy rub they’ve been begging for. Chop up some fresh fruit as a treat for your rodents or reptiles. Just spend some time with them. Be compassionate to your animals. They are living creatures that are alive simply because you wish them to be. They may only be a small part in your life, but to them, you are their everything.


You see this aquarium right here?

It goes by many names and comes in several different sizes, from 2 gallon to 3.5 gallon. There are many different brands of this kind of aquarium, and judging by the positive reviews most of them aren’t too bad.

HOWEVER one of these brands can and will kill your fish. A month ago, I bought an Aquaculture 11.4 litres (3 gallons) 360′ View Aquarium with multicolored LED lights as shown above. It was $40 and looked pretty cool, plus it was the perfect size for a betta, so why the hell not?

After I got it set up (following the instructions to a T), the first betta I put in it died within hours. The next two also died fairly quickly. I tested my parameters and besides one of the bettas (either the 2nd or 3rd) “vomiting” a lot which resulted in a nitrite spike, there was nothing at all that could have harmed them- no ammonia, no nitrates, nothing. The pH and hardness were where they needed to be, I had a small heater and a thermometer to measure temperature, everything was rinsed before use, and I conditioned the water. I took a sample to PetSmart to be tested and they could find nothing wrong.

It was only after I (stupidly) put a fourth betta in it that a strong chemical smell started coming from the tank. I’m talking, like, the smell of bleach. I couldn’t breathe. I quickly rehomed the betta in question (he made a full recovery) and returned the tank to the store. They replaced it with an identical one and I, hoping I just got a “bad batch”, set this one up and rehomed the betta again.

Nope. This tank, too, leached chemicals into the water. Please take note of this brand and as cute of a tank as it is for a decent price, do NOT waste your money on it. It caused me so much heartache and a few great fish.

Avoid this tank at all costs. Probably the entire brand.

Aquarium visitors give shark a ‘nervous breakdown’

According to a report in The Moscow Times, the reef shark at Kaliningrad Zoo suffered a “nervous breakdown” after guests repeatedly banged the glass with their fists, despite requests not to do so.

The shark became so stressed that she started to charge around the tank in fright, resulting in damage to her nose and eye.

“Our shark was not ready for such attention from the visitors and the persistent tapping of the aquarium glass,” the zoo’s press secretary Ekaterina Mikhailova told RIA Novosti. “By flopping in panic onto the glass walls of the aquarium, she first hit her nose and then one eye.”

Despite treatment with antibiotics and sedatives, the wounds refused to heal while the shark’s enclosure was still open to the public, so it has now been closed to visitors until she fully recovers.

(source) Practical Fishkeeping   |||   Photo credit: shutterstock

When I see healthy, well-cared for fish

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A quick PSA

DO NOT BUY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC AQUARIUM PLANTS. there are metal wires in the plants that will rust. i found this out because there was a sharp bit that was tearing one of my bettas fins. so i pulled the sharp thing off revealing a rusting wire. thats why my water was tinted and odd yellow! i ended up tearing whatever cycle i had going apart to get the rust color out of my aquarium.(i dont have a filter yet so please dont hate me) 

heres a link to the plant: