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i think my adventure time shorts are giving me xtra strength xx
stoked about finally getting my own pole so i spent last 2 days practising and documenting moves. i’ll move on to spinning tricks soon bc spinning mode is still my nemesis

oh and i’ll also start posting my pole progress on instagram so if anyone wants to follow : martinaborisova
i’ll follow back my fellow polers : )


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Drunk- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Drunk
Request:  4, 9, and 61 with Peter Pan, please. …
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader
AN: This features a Drunk!Peter because we all need that in our lives haha! Enjoy.

On Neverland, there wasn’t much of anything you could do after having a bad day.
If you tried to go out on your own, someone would follow you.
Lost boys would constantly ask things and comment on everything.
The only thing that seemed to work was alcohol.
One night, Peter Pan had enough of the lost boys.
They kept asking him if they could go shoot bows, go fishing, or talk to his girlfriend Y/N.
He had yelled ‘NO!’ over a dozen times that day.
He grabbed a bottle, and drank it.
Then another, and another, three total.
His girlfriend, Y/N, was in their tent trying to fold some clothes and clean up the tent when he came and found her.
“What are you doing?” Peter asked, his words slurring as he entered the tent.
“Are you drunk?” Y/N asked.
Peter nodded, “Can ya tell love?”
Y/N laughed, “Well come help me clean up anyways.”
“What? No. I’m too sober for this.” Peter responded, plopping down on the bed.
“Hey get off! I was just about to take off those sheets.” Y/N said.
You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” Peter responded.
“Oh my god.” Y/N laughed, “Peter, please leave.”
“Hmm…” Peter said, smirking.
Y/N reached up and pecked his lips, “I love you, but either help or leave.”
“Fine.” Peter responded, getting off the bed and leaving the tent.
He called from outside the tent, “And I love you too! A lot!”

Y/N was in the tent cleaning for about a half hour, humming to herself calmly.
Peter popped back in, “I’m back!”
Welcome back.” Y/N said sarcastically, “Now fucking help me.”
“But I’m tired.” Peter whined.
He got into bed, and watched as Y/N cleaned up.
“Tomorrow you’re going to do all the work in the camp to make up for this.” Y/N said.
“Yes, mom.” Peter chuckled.
“Shut up and get some sleep.” Y/N responded.
Peter laughed again, and laid back in the bed.

A few minutes later, Y/N had noticed Peter stopped talking.
She was finally done cleaning too, and looked over to him.
Peter was completely asleep, his hair a mess and the faint smell of the beer.
Y/N laughed at him, and got in bed beside him, “Idiot. My idiot.”
She fell asleep right beside him, Peter sleepily putting his arm around her as they drifted off to sleep in the night.




So yeah, this time around it’s mostly Mythical anime XD. Sorry guys for not posting. My vision isn’t the best, so i’m rarely on the computer due to eye strain but i’ll be getting some things so it’s easier! ♥ Thank you for those who have stayed following me and thank you to all my new followers!♥

what if Moiraine had been like “Rand, when you meet the Amyrlin seat, its EXTREMELY important that you offer her a fish” and Rand is like what the heck, Moiraine can’t lie I have to go find the Amyrlin Seat a fish it must be some weird aes sedai tradition. And you know, it really isn’t a lie, because its EXTREMELY important to Moiraine that the Dragon Reborn presents Siuan Sanche with a fish so that she can laugh about it for the next ten thousand years.

Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga Sequence

This is a great sequence to do after a long run, workout or on an active rest day.

9 poses that you hold for 5 breaths which is about 50 seconds.

  • Child’s Pose
  • Hero
  • Pigeon
  • Bow
  • Camel
  • Butterfly
  • Legs Up The Wall
  • Fish
  • Reclining Spinal Twist

Try it.

Follow my blog for more yoga poses.

Whovians By Doctor:
  • One fans: "One day I shall come back. yes, one day..", IAN AND BARBARA! SUSAN!
  • Two fans: *plays recorder*, Jamieeeeeee, Jammieee, did I mention Jamie?
  • Three fans: Shoes. *names car Bessie* UNIT! Jo! the Brig!
  • Five fans: ADRIC, math, Cricket, Teagan, Nyssa, Brainy specs!
  • Six fans: Patchwork! RAINBOWS! KITTY CATS! *strangles Peri*
  • Seven fans: RICE PUDDING! ACEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Question marks! Umbrellas! Baseball bats! Genocide.
  • Eight fans: [Amnesia joke], Lucieeeee *cries*, Pocket watch, Audios vs. EDAs, Zagreus, Fitz!
  • Nine fans: Leather Jackets, Time War! Rose! Jack! A Dalek! Ears! BANANA
  • Ten fans: Converse! 3D Glasses, ROSE! "I don't wanna go.." *Donna sass*
  • Eleven fans: Bow ties, Fish Fingers and custard! Mad man in a box, Raggedy man, the Ponds! Stetsons,Top hats, glasses
  • Twelve fans: *Threes coat*, *Middle finger*, [Malcolm Tucker joke]